summer research

  1. S

    NIDDK 2023 summer program

    Didn't see a thread and thought I'd start one! anyone hear back?
  2. O

    Vanderbilt Summer Anesthesiology Program

    Anyone have experience with the Vanderbilt summer anesthesiology program? I recently got accepted, but I'm not too sure if this is a funded program and/or if it is worth going to. I was thinking I would do research at my home institution and continue projects longitudinally - I'm also not too...
  3. J

    2023 MSK Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship I heard this is the week that we hear back for this program. It seems really competitive and I’m pretty nervous but it would be a dream for me. Wanted to see if there’s any other applicants out there wondering 👀😅🥶
  4. M

    MSKCC Summer Fellowship 2022

    I didn’t see a thread for this year’s application cycle so thought I would create one. Has anyone heard back yet?
  5. B

    Potential Summer Research Program: Penn State Summer Translational Cardiovascular Science Institute

    Who is this program open to? This program, sponsored by the American Heart Association, is available to undergraduate students with a demonstrated interest in cardiovascular science who have completed more than 60 credits and have a grade point average of 3.25 or greater. Priority selection...
  6. N

    Summer research apps

    I am applying for some summer research programs at my university but I have no research experience. What kinds of activities do you think will strengthen my application? Since I don’t have any research experience would activities like volunteering be good?
  7. N

    Should I apply to summer research programs?

    I am a rising sophomore and I have been looking into applying for summer research internships. There is one at my school and I am going to be emailing professors at my school. I just dont want to put all of my eggs in one basket and end up disappointed. I am an URM and was planning to apply to...
  8. K

    Research: Does Clinical vs. Bench matter?

    So I'm currently doing my masters and have the opportunity to do some research this summer. There are two programs that I'm interested in. One is a clinical / rural & community health research program working on Telemedicine and the other is bench research working with Pediatric Oncology. I'm...
  9. N

    need suggestions for M1 summer

    Hi guys, was wondering if you can help to offer some advice for the upcoming M1 summer year. I am not sure what sort of commitment I should put into this brief 2 months period. I think our schools offer a good variety choices for summer but the degree of research is limited and a good number of...
  10. doctorstrangerthingz

    Best advice for finding a research mentor

    I'm in the process of finding a research mentor and I'd appreciate some wisdom from those who went through the process. What's the best advice you can give? Also, I am currently interested in a field, but if I don't find a suitable mentor from that field, how would joining research in another...
  11. SosoLovesChi

    PhD/PsyD Research interest has drastically changed

    I'm an undergard junior in the MARC U program and right now I'm getting my application together so that I can apply for summer research at another university. My problem is that my research interest has changed and I understand that's not really a huge problem given how early in my education I...
  12. P

    International student fully funded winter/summer research

    Hi, I've read and browsed this site for some time but can't seem to find information on fully funded research positions for undergrads outside the U.S. I've completed some work(resulted in no publication and was really half-way),does someone know of any opportunity?
  13. J

    Choosing Summer Research

  14. K

    Research PI stopped responding

    Hey, I was looking for advice for a situation I am in. I reached out to a PI in person (we happened to be at the same social gathering, he initiated conversation). I asked about research in general and then in his field, because it is totally something I am interested in. I even took a class...
  15. B

    REU Personal Statement Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm a freshman in college that has had some research experience in the past and need some help with my REU and other MD/PhD summer program personal statements. Please let me know if you can help me out and give me constructive criticism/editing advice because I'm around 300 words...
  16. cdf95cro

    Recruitment for Summer Rad Onc Research at MDACC (Head and neck imaging/informatics lab)

    Dear SDN Peeps- Though winter is in the air, summer approaches in the blink of an all the better to think forward to what you might be doing in Texas next June in 100-degree heat and 100% humidity- chilling *inside* doing research! If you are looking for an exciting, valuable...
  17. RunawayGrape

    Summer Research Project

    I'm an MS1 looking for a summer research project right now in a competitive specialty that I'm interested in, and I've been reaching out to some professors for opportunities. One of the professors who got back to me is the chairman of my home department, and he said he has an idea for a...
  18. R

    Research at home institution or summer program?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on my situation. I really love the lab I've been volunteering at for over a year now. I was even able to get a stipend and work there last summer. Also, I'll probably be able to submit a paper for publication after completing another...
  19. A

    Summer Semester - Research and a Class

    What are all of your thoughts on summer semester course loads? I am planning to start biomedical research this summer (the agreement is for 16-20 hours a week) and Physics 1. Taking a class is pretty important for me considering I dropped a class last semester, but is it doable/advisable with...
  20. auferstehen92

    Medical Student Summer Research

    I'm considering joining a summer research project before I start medical school in July, but I'm unsure whether or not this would be the best use of my time. What do you all think? Is it better to wait until M2 summer to join a project, especially if the research is not in an area that you want...
  21. K

    advice on summer programs - GSK SURP and UPenn REU

    Hi everyone, I'm a freshman at JHU studying biomedical engineering. I'm looking to do a MD/PHD in the future (but still unsure, I know I want to do something in the medical industry but I'm exploring my options) and I have been accepted into 2 summer programs which I'm having a hard time...
  22. YaleBound

    NIDDK Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes or Vanderbilt SRTP 2017

    Anyone here waiting to hear back from the NIDDK Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes or Vanderbilt SRTP?
  23. S

    NIH-NIDDK Summer Research for Medical Students

    Hey everyone, Has anyone heard back from NIDDK for the summer of 2017? I know the application said we would hear back in mid-March, but it seems like last year, applicants started finding out in February.
  24. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Value of various types of research opportunities & What to do in Summer

    1.) Are organized summer opportunities ( ) more or less valuable than research throughout the school year with a professor? ( ) I feel the latter would be a better opportunity to have long-term involvement...
  25. P

    MSKCC Summer Fellowship 2017

    It doesn't seem like anyone has made a thread yet for this year... Correct me if I'm wrong! I just received my acceptance yesterday! I applied on a whim because it seems like a great program. But I don't know much about it other than what's provided on the website. Anyone who has done the...
  26. osujic1

    Does anyone go to John Hopkins?

    Im doing research at Bayview Medical Center this summer and am trying to figure out housing. Im kind of on a time crunch (it was a busy semester). Im from New Jersey and don't know the Baltimore the area but Im trying to get housing at JHU as visiting student. The only thing is I don't know...
  27. S

    HELP summer health internship/or neuro research

    Hi! I've never posted before so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. I'm a junior at Princeton and was not pre-med or pre-vet until this year (so I'll need to do a post-bac). For this summer, I have a neuroscience research internship at Princeton (not health related) and also a pediatric...
  28. osujic1

    NIH Summer Intership Program (SIP)

    I applied to this program in the beginning of February, LOR were sent in a bit later towards the end of February and not its super late in March and I haven't heard anything back from anyone. When I initially submitted my appliction I made the mistake of only emailing a couple of PI's for a spot...
  29. medhopeful131

    NYU Orthopaedic Summer Research

    Hey everyone, Has anyone ever participated in the NYU Orthopaedic Surgery Summer Externship program? I'd love to hear anything and everything about it, and whether you'd recommend it. I am currently deciding between that, or doing independent research with a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. Any...
  30. medhopeful131

    HSS Summer Research Fellowship

    Anyone else apply to the HSS Summer Research Fellowship? Could any past participants shed some light on when applicants start hearing back? The website mentions a "hear by" date, but I'm curious if some people start to hear earlier.
  31. BeardedDinosaur

    Summer Research: Location vs. Chances of Publication

    Hello all, I am interested in doing research this summer and was hoping for some opinions and insight. My mentor at my school has offered for me to do research with him over the summer which I am excited about, however my school does not have any related residency programs to the field I want...
  32. MicrogliaMan

    Advice for Summer of M0: HELP

    Hi all, I am an accepted med student who is matriculating in the fall at my state school. I have a question regarding what I should do this summer. I am extremely interested in doing pediatric hematology/oncology. I am a teenage survivor of cancer and although I am keeping a very open mind, I...
  33. M

    Publication or Summer Research Program?

    I am currently in a dilemma... Hoping you guys could help me make a choice: I am currently a sophomore in college. I have applied to various summer undergraduate research programs and am very interested in attending one of these programs if I am accepted. All of the programs are pretty...
  34. K

    High School Summer

    I am an "early" sophomore, who loves medicine and science and is looking for a short ( less than a month) research program, camp, or internship for this summer. Thanks! Edit: I am not 16.
  35. premedabbey

    Summer Research Application Penn State Hershey SURF

    Is anyone applying to any of the Penn State Hershey Summer Undergraduate Research Programs? I'm interested in more than one of the programs (AHA and SURIP) but it seems you can only apply to one. Is it just one application for all or can you only apply to one program?
  36. F

    Research Opportunities Abroad Summer after M1

    So it's "strongly recommended" that you do research or something medical related during your last summer in medical school after your M1 year. I really want to travel abroad, and was hoping to scratch my wanderlust (sorry for using this really cliche word btw) itch and beef up my CV at the same...
  37. J

    Applying to summer research internships with somewhat low GPA?

  38. P

    Advice for summer 2016-community college premed

    Hey so im a premed at my local community college (college of the redwoods) and im planning to transfer as a junior in 2017 to UC Berkeley or UC Davis to complete my undergrad. I so far have completed English 120, english 1a, intermediate algebra, general biology 1a, spanish 1a, and psychology...
  39. N

    Summer Internships/Research?

    I am currently a Freshman in college, and I am really trying to do something proactive this summer towards getting into medical school. I would really like to do one of the SMDEP programs, but the odds seem stacked against freshmen, as it is a first come first serve basis and a transcript is...
  40. C

    Continuous research in one place or a variety?

    I'm currently a sophomore doing my first semester of research. This summer I wanted to go to another state (personal/financial reasons) and hopefully find research to do there, as well as study for my MCAT . However, I am also planning on studying abroad the fall semester of my junior year. I...