1. L

    UCSF VS Yale

    Hi Everyone, I am extremely fortunate to have the option to be choosing between UCSF and Yale. To help create a better picture on what I want to do in medical school and in the future, let me give you certain things I want to do. I really want to work with minorities, but not be limited to just...
  2. Smallvillain

    Yale (COA) vs UCLA (COA)

    Hello, I have been extremely fortunate to receive the geffen scholarship from UCLA and the full financial aid scholarship from Yale. Geffen is full tuition and fees +~32K/year stipend for everything Yale would be full tuition and fees plus ~21500 stipend a year. Though, I would apply every...
  3. H

    UCLA (Geffen Scholarship) vs Yale (full COA)

    Hi! Plz help UCLA Pros Geffen Scholar Prestige, merit award Cali Weather Ranked 6 for research, 5 for primary care chill program, class optional Cons Far away from family Far away from girlfriend (serious relationship, marriage within 1-4 years likely) I think I want to match in northeast...
  4. F

    Anyone know anything about the psych residency program at Yale?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering psych training at Yale or Harvard, what does it take to get in? I'm an IMG but I'm american. There is one program I'm really interested in. It's an advocacy training pathway which aligns with my future career goals. I'll be doing my USMLEs after graduating this...
  5. W

    Duke vs. Penn vs. Yale

    If you could do a ranked choice vote, where would you place each one, and why? I generally try to hold my cards close to the vest regarding what I’m thinking because I don’t want my own perceptions to influence people’s responses. (At least at first) All I will say is, you can take cost out of...
  6. M

    High Level Athletes and Premed

    "By choosing Yale, Chen follows in the footsteps of figure skater Sarah Hughes ’09, the 2002 Olympic champion in women’s singles. Unlike Chen, though, Hughes ended her competitive career when she came to Yale, after winning the Olympic gold medal while she was in high school. Perhaps the...
  7. F

    Getting into Top School without STEM Research

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a political science major at Rice University. Ever since middle school, I was always split between medicine and politics. Since I was 14, no matter how much I explored other options, I never strayed from these two areas. I ultimately decided to major in political...
  8. elderflowers

    Harvard vs. Yale vs. UMichigan

    Hi everyone! Never thought I'd be posting something like this! I got way more love with my applications than I was expecting, which is making the decision making process really difficult. Being of really low income, cost is my number one concern in deciding where to go. These are my three most...
  9. C

    IM Residency: Yale vs. UPMC

    I know that there are many personal preferences and reasons that could shift the decision, but assuming those remain similar, which one is best to go to for IM training? I appreciate your input!
  10. M

    Accepted to Yale Elective!! Need advice!!!

    Could anyone offer their experiences at Yale as an elective student? I've been accepted for IM-Gastro and IM-Allergy/Immuno and a friend of mine I think has been accepted for General Surgery. If anyone could offer their experiences or advice as to whether it's worth taking, I'd appreciate it...
  11. Mingos

    Does Yale and Duke still do SHPEP (new SMDEP)?

    It's weird because I've been reading through the forums and the Yale SMDEP website (it seems current) and I'm confused whether or not they still do it. If they don't, is there a similar new program at these institutions?
  12. P

    Yale Residency

    Hi all, I haven't finished my first year of pharmacy school yet but I was curious about certain residency programs, since I'm interested in possibly pursuing one. I haven't seen Yale being brought up often, but can anyone that's done their PGY1/2 there give me an insight on what it's really...
  13. s3rr8s

    Yale vs. NYU

    Hey all - I've been rather fortunate this cycle and am down to deciding between NYU and Yale. Honestly, I am leaning rather strongly towards NYU, based off of its great location, Bellevue as a training site, and the good home residency programs, amongst other factors. I also have a strong...
  14. N

    Yale Chronic Disease Epidemiology

    Does anyone have any experience with Yale's Chronic Disease Epidemiology program? I've mostly heard about their epidemiology of microbial diseases department. I'm looking for a program with a strong scientific/biostatistical bent but in a very applied context (and hopefully motivated by some...
  15. J

    PreMed first year 2016-

    Just looking for any first year PreMed Track friends ! I thought It would be a good idea to see what other people out in the world are on the road to becoming a M.D :)
  16. Lisha

    Yale v Penn

    I know this has been posted again and again...but every student is a new individual and schools evolve! Hoping for some advice from you all. I am currently trying to decide between Yale and Penn. With 5 days left and counting until decision deadline, I am freaking out! I feel like the two...
  17. A

    Full Cost of Attendance at Mount Sinai vs. Yale?

    Hello all! This is my first post on SDN. I'm hoping to receive some advice on my medical school decision. I have been fortunate enough to have received admission to Yale and Mount Sinai, among other schools this cycle. Below is some of my background, as well as my pros/cons. I would appreciate...
  18. P

    MD School suggestions? 520, 3.94, average ECs

    I know my MCAT and GPA are fine for many top schools from looking at the MSAR, but I'm hesitant to apply to top schools like Baylor, Stanford, WUSTL, Yale, UMichigan, etc. because my ECs are only average at best. Should I bother applying to top schools like this, or stick to my Texas state...
  19. K

    Yale vs. Brown PLME

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to both Yale and Brown PLME. I'm extremely excited because Yale has always been my dream school, but now I'm also strongly considering Brown PLME because of the comfort of assured medical school. I've lived in Providence my whole life (meaning I practically...
  20. A

    Yale vs. Mount Sinai vs. NYU

    Hello all! This is my first post on SDN. I'm hoping to receive some advice on my medical school decision. I have been fortunate enough to have received admission to Yale, Mount Sinai, and NYU this cycle. Here is some of my background, as well as my pros/cons. I would appreciate hearing some...
  21. R

    Yale Waterbury Preliminary Medicine Program 2016

    Just wanted send a post to for people in the 2016 match. Hopefully your eyes reach this before you make your ranks lists, as the prelim schedule had a change this month that you would not be made aware of since interviews were in November and December. To preface, YWIM is a relatively good...
  22. S

    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...
  23. T

    cGPA:3.8+, MCAT 518, School list?

    Just got my MCAT scores back, really wondering where I should think about applying! I don't feel like I can figure out exactly how a 518 translates to the old scale. Ive seen generally 36-38 as the estimate but I feel like there is a big difference between a 36 and a 38! Any help please please...