Anyone going to TCOM?

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Dec 7, 1999
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Hi, I was just wondering who else has been accepted to TCOM. Also how do you think it compares to other Texas medical schools?
I interviewed at three other schools and liked TCOM the best. What do ya'll think?

TCOM '04

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I interviewed at TCOM in November, and am anxiously awaiting my acceptance. I also interviewed at three other Texas allopathic schools. I like the TCOM/DO philosophy, Fort Worth, and the curriculum. How long did you wait before you heard from them about your acceptance? I hope to see you there...

P.S. I think TCOM exceeds the quality offered by other Texas schools...I live in San Antonio, and TCOM is so much better than UTHSCSA!!!
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

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Doctor K,

Im glad that you are interested in TCOM. The admission staffs meets every two weeks and reviews only 25 applicants at a time. When they accept you, they will more than likely call you and tell you. They will not call you and tell you that you are rejected, so if you get a phone call- its a good thing.
To answer your question, it only takes about 2-3 weeks to get a reply. I called the admissions office every 2 days to check my status, they actually loved to talk to the applicants. How did your interviews go, my were so hard at TCOM? If you have any more questions, I will be checking back to this post.

Good Luck - More than likely if you got an interview you will be accepted to TCOM. I really liked your Willy Wonka quote.

Andrew, TCOM 2004
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My interviews went very well, I thought. No questions seemed odd or difficult. The only hard part was that they expected me to have a lot of questions, and since I have shadowed a TCOM student and a DO, I didn't have a lot of unanswered questions to ask. I interviewed Nov. 30...I'm counting down the days! I have a friend who was accepted six weeks after her interview, so I won't panic if it doesn't happen soon. What were your difficult questions?

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

--Willy Wonka
I was accepted into TCOM about a month ago. They let me know in about three weeks although one of my classmates found out he was in seven days after his interview. I've interviewed at the other schools in Texas and feel that TCOM is definitely in the best environment overall. I just always heard that you will go to a school and it will feel like the right place and that is how TCOM felt to me. My interviews were actually kind of fun and they both let me know about my chances. Anyway good luck to y'all and hope to see you in August.
I was wondering, what other hospitals are used throughout Fort Worth for our 3rd and 4th year rotations? The hospital right next to the school looked really small - is this a concern for ya'll? I forgot to ask any questions about the rotaions. Maybe if you have some more insight you could right back. Doctor K, and Pepe, where are ya'll from and what schools to you go to? I'm an Aggie, class of '99.

Andrew,- TCOM class of 2004

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Check out the catalog that's included with your interview packet. The list of hospitals and clinics is in there. I asked specifically about rotations, and was told that once you complete the required rotations, you could elect other places that are not on the Parkland in Dallas, or one in your hometown. BTW, they have recently renovated the interior of the Texas Osteopathic Medical Center (TOMC), and I've been told it's very nice. So don't be fooled by appearances!

I'm 29 years old, graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1992, and am completed pre-med requirements at University of Texas at San Antonio.


We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

--Willy Wonka
I am currently a student at SWT. I got accepted to TCOM also. I know two other guys from SWT that were accepted as well, this year. It seemed like a really great school.

I am curious as to how you all feel about financing your medical education. What are your plans, if you don't mind?


I guess I'm a little more fortunate than some med students...I have a husband with a massage therapy license, and my living expenses will be met with his income. I will probably have to borrow for the actual tuition, though. One of my tour guides on the day of my interview said, "Just sign on the dotted line and pay later." I think that's what most students do.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

--Willy Wonka
I'll be attending TCOM in Aug. 2000. I was actually accepted last cycle, but I deferred a year to finish up my master's thesis in public health and to travel. Hopefully, I'll be able to start the traveling part soon. Some possible destinations include China, Taiwan, Europe, and Australia. I'm definitely excited about starting med school, though. I'm very curious about how the new systems-based curriculum is working out so far. Anybody hear anything yet?

I had also interviewed at Texas Tech, Baylor, UT-Southwestern, and Meharry. I felt that TCOM had the friendliest people and the best location. The day after my interviews, I visited the Kimball (sp?) Art Museum. I had a great time.

TCOM 2004

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In response to Jintexas guestion about financing the cost of education one thing to keep in mind is since it is a state school the tuition is relatively cheap if you are a resident. Even if you aren't the out-of-state tuition is lower than most private schools anyway. Also if you are a veteran you can go to any institution of higher learning tuition free if you went into the military from Texas under the Hazlewood exemption. This is definitely worth looking into.