Hotter girls: PCOM vs NYCOM

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Hotter Girls: PCOM vs NYCOM

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Jan 5, 2003
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So, what do you guy think??

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This is not a good reason to choose a school. However, I can't help but notice there are lots of really pretty girls in my class (I go to NYCOM). I wonder sometimes.
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Now I am going to stir the pot. Did you ever notice that all of the faculty at NYCOM are men? With the exception of a handful, and I mean like only a couple, all of them are MEN. I can't think of one woman at NYCOM who interviews students iether.
NYCOM seemed to me to have a very mixed crowd....some were real old, perhaps foreign med shcool graduates taking classes, some were quite young (through their combined BS/DO program), and some seemed to me a bit immature (this kid in anatomy lab was dissecting and using cuss words like it was no one elses business). I also noticed that space seemed to be quit the issue at this it normal for study groups to convene on the floors of hallways?? Is it normal for the library to be smaller than my dorm room??
since I am going to NYCOM, i will greaty improve the hot-ness of the chicks there :D
How can someone know this question if they are not attending both schools? Unless someone from PCOM could say that there are only a small amount of hot females at their school? I am not sure that is going to happen though.
Goodness, just when I thought the Pre-DO forum had nothing better to do than gripe about medical education equality...:laugh:
There are a TON of hot chicks at PCOM. I swear every day I take notice of a new one I hadnt seen before.
wow, this is pretty close, we need more votes
NYCOM has pretty hot girls:clap:
now, if only i could say the same about the guys
Exactly, NYCOM has really pretty girls every where, and the guys are not gorgeous. Which gets back to my point I was making before... all of the faculty are men, only men do the interviewing. And to me, it is just way to quincidental (sp) for a medical school to be filled with beautiful women. :(
I went to an all girls college and there were not half as many attractive women.
I interviewed at NYCOM in december and I have to admit that there were a lot of extremely attractive women at the school, definetly more than a usual med school. I don't know about the guys, I am a guy and don't really pay attention to that sort of thing. About the point that the previous poster mentioned, both of my interviewers at NYCOM were woman and 4 of the 5 interviewers that day were women.
Good, I am glad to know that has changed. :)

Lets see what happens to the student body now. LOL