1. G

    How to ask for LORs during COVID-19?

    Hi everyone, as the title may suggest I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to ask for letters during the ongoing pandemic. Prepandemic, the ideal situation was to sit down with your writer and hand over a resume/CV. Is this still advised when asking professors from undergrad for a...
  2. D

    Waiving LORs for off-cycle (non-ERAS/NRMP) applications

    Seeking recommendations re: submitting "waived/unseen" LORs for off-cycle positions through non-traditional avenues (e.g. not ERAS/NRMP). Advertising vacancies do not note this requirement + ResidentSwap et al do not offer concrete suggestions/means for this... Would love to hear your success...
  3. GrabYourCoat

    Clinical Experience through Agency

    Hi everyone, I’m an IMG who graduated in 2018. I want to get settled into the US healthcare system. I’m going to give STEP 1 and 2CS by the summer and STEP 2CK right after. The problem is I need LORs by September. Has anyone used a reliable agency for clinical experience/LORs? I found some...
  4. G

    (solved) thought I had 3 great LOR's but now it looks like I only have 1. PLEASE HELP!!

    Edit: problem solved, thanks for the help!
  5. LizzyM

    Dear Adcom Members

    I am writing to recommend something that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I have: Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher. If you have read far too many LORs this year and written some yourself, you will find this to be an enjoyable romp.
  6. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  7. D

    . Deleted

  8. T

    Can you change which schools receive LoRs after submitting primary?

    Title says it all. Reading through the AMCAS handbook it seems pretty clear that you can add letters after submission, but can you change which schools you want letters sent to before your letters/application have been sent to schools? Thanks for any help.
  9. A

    LORs with AAMC/AMCAS IDs being sent to AACOMAS

    So, I already applied to MD schools and am in the process of applying to DO schools. I had 9 LOR's submitted to Interfolio and it turns out that 7/9 of them have my AAMC and AMCAS ID numbers in the actual letter. Considering that the AACOMAS application cycle is well on its way and that it took...
  10. 1

    General Admissions & OTCAS What Information do I need to send to the Recommender to get high quality LOR?

    Hello, I worked on a professor's research team for one semester (Spring 2017) and he has agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. What information do I need to send him to help him write me the best letter of recommendation possible. Resume? Restate what I did on his research team...
  11. thenor

    Does sociology count as a non-science for letters of recommendation for med school?

    Hi Everyone, I developed a great relationship with my Intro to Sociology prof, and she enthusiastically agreed to writing me a LOR. Does sociology count as a non-science? I understand that it's a social science course. But we didn't do any actual typical "science" stuff in the class. It felt...
  12. O

    Letters of Recommendation advice!

    So I've shadowed at a variety of different optometry settings (OD/OMD, group practices, commercial), but I think my optometrists back at home know me the best. I go to a group practice, and I've shadowed for all of them there. Is it a good idea to have both my optometrist letters come from the...
  13. S

    What to do if want new letters of rec but already graduated?

    Can I take classes at a CC solely for LORs? Or sign up for more undergraduate classes?
  14. S

    Good time to ask for letter of recommendation?

    Just a quick background - senior about to graduate - a bit late in the game as a pre-med. Anyways, I need letters of recommendation, but was wondering if it is better to ask now, or if should I wait till after finals and graduation? I don't know if it's best to wait until the final grades come...
  15. F

    When to get LORs?

    I was talking to someone earlier and they said that med schools didn't look positively on a 3 y/o recommendation. I was under the assumption that I should ask for a recommendation as soon as I finish a class (regardless of when I'd be applying) so the professor still remembers me especially if I...
  16. Nekrom

    Should I still ask for a LOR/continue volunteering at this hospital?

    Hi guys... so this may become a rant but I am really in a bad situation with the animal hospital I volunteer with right now. It is a big practice with 10+ vets and 30+ techs and I've been there since November. 8 hrs/wk during school weeks and full-time during winter holidays. Everything was...
  17. KCraig

    Letters of Recommendation Confusion...

    Who is supposed to write your LORs? I was under the impression that anyone could write you a letter of recommendation, but I've read on some websites that it needs to be a committee letter, science professor, non-science professor, etc.. Are there any requirements? Would these work? 1. I...
  18. F

    Submitting supps and verified application

  19. F

    Letters of Recommendation Help!

    I'm a junior planning on taking the MCAT this April and applying to medical school in early summer. I'm having a problem with letters of recommendation. I go to a large state school, so the vast majority of my lectures have been large classes, and despite going to office hours regularly, I have...
  20. J

    Pre Health Office won't send LORs to AMCAS

    Hi, I was just informed today that my pre-health office won't send my LORs to the amcas. They told me they can only send complete letter packets. I am missing an 1 letter from another faculty that teaches Biology,math,phys,chem. But I have 3 other letters( 2 faculty and one MD letter) sent to...
  21. TaupePremed

    Which letter of recommendation should I put first?

    Original question deleted, I am going with Letter A first, who the *&%k cares. I'll be honest, applying to med school forces me to make like 20 decisions every day, and sometimes the decisions feel big and I get tired of making them all myself. I decided to try an experiment. To work through...
  22. M

    Asking D.O Doctor to write letter for applying to MD school???

    I will be applying to both MD and DO schools and already have the approval of an osteopathic physician in writing a letter for me. My question is.... Would it count against me to have a DO write a letter for getting into an MD school? I have several other MD physicians I could ask for a letter...
  23. M

    How many LORs are too many?

    So obviously different schools have different requirements for their LORs. Some schools want to see a letter from 2 science professors and 1 non-science, others want to see a work supervisor, some want one from a peer and I've even heard some want to see one from a physician (no confirmation on...
  24. C

    Are LORs from teachers with titles other than Professor OK? (ex: Lecturer, Fellow, etc.)

    Hi SDNers! I was wondering.... 1. Are Letters of Recommendation from college teachers with titles other than Professor viewed as weaker or on par with those with Professor titles? Ex: Sr. Lecturer, Dean's Fellow 2. Would LORs from "Assistant Professor"s and "Associate Professor"s be viewed...
  25. P

    Sending LORs that are not received by AMCAS

    Hi! I have just finished one of my secondaries and designated 7 letters to that school (they didn't have a cap on letters). 6/7 letters that I sent/designated have been received by AMCAS and are very strong letters. However, the one that has not been received by AMCAS is the health committee...
  26. P

    TUFTS - LORs?

    Hey! I am trying to find info about LORs for Tufts but I am having trouble. Minimum #? Maximum #? and recommendations on what kind of letters they are looking for? Thanks!
  27. P

    When is a good time to submit letters of rec?

    I submitted my application on the first day it opened (6/7). Still waiting to be verified. I am still waiting on 2 letters to be submitted so I was going to hold off on assigning the letters. My questions are... 1. Do I need to wait until my app is verified to assign the letters and update my...
  28. J

    Applying IM without IM electives?

    Tried to post this in another thread, but didn't get any responses. I'm an MS3 who just decided to apply internal medicine in the fall. I have two elective spots prior to ERAS submission (July and August), and plan to fill one of those spots with my IM sub internship. The other I am planning to...
  29. C

    Drafting a science professor LoR, what should it say?

    One of my science professors was very eager when I asked him for a letter, which is a good sign. I sent him an email nudge and he asked me to write a draft of my own letter. I'm really not sure what to say. I only took one class with him, but it was a small seminar with tons of student...
  30. turtles43


    Hi- I graduated from PSU in May 2015, and have taken a gap year and will be applying in June. During my undergrad career I attended 2 PSU branch campuses, and never actually went to the main campus. The committee letter comes from the main PSU campus, but since I never actually went to school...
  31. Y

    2017 AACOMAS requirements

    Hi All, So I was looking through the 2017 CIB and I started noticing that the schools that historically REQUIRE a DO letter have now switched to saying "recommend a letter from a PHYSICIAN". Some examples I found: DMU-COM - it's not on the CIB but on their website it says PHYSICIAN...
  32. M

    Letter of Recommendation From Employer/Leaving a Job/Reapplicant/Advice Please

  33. emarem

    LORs from Residents

  34. anoxredcat

    Non-science LOR List

    I've been getting quite a lot of advice to definitely get a non-science LOR. I am going to assume this is going to be a non-science professor. When I planned out my undergrad schedule, I squeezed everything non-science into my first 2 semesters in freshman year. I did however ask a public...
  35. D

    Committee Letter or Grad School LOR?

    Hey guys, So I am currently enrolled in a masters program and I plan on applying to Dental School this upcoming cycle. I wanted to know if I should get a committee letter from me undergrad school, or try to get LOR from my professors here at grad school (It's pretty hard considering almost all...
  36. Z

    LOR and Extracurricular

    Hello All, Just need some advice regarding letters of recommendation and my extracurricular past. I am aiming to apply to Osteopathic medical school in 2016 and enter school 2017 and have just begun studying for the MCAT. - Went to West Point for 2 years where I knocked out my pre-med...
  37. Ericles

    Letters of Rec for Career Changers @ Post-Baccs

    Hi, From what I understand, the application for Med school is centralized. You gather a few great LORs, and they're submitted to all the schools you apply to. If I'm applying to a Post-Bacc with the intent of applying to Med School not long after, how does one manage these letters of Rec...
  38. A

    Is this a good idea?

    I got an F in a class first semester and didn't really go to office hours or talk to them at all because I thought I could do it pass the class after the first test that I failed but I guess everything at the moment was a bit too overwhelming and I couldn't. Would it be a good idea to get a LOR...
  39. W

    Committee letter

    Happy holidays all! I'm applying to dental school summer of 2016. Since I've been out of undergrad for awhile, my LoRs will be from 2 dentists, 1 professor of dental hygiene and 1 from an orgo professor. I've seen some schools list 2 must be from science professors OR a committee letter (which...
  40. Morpheses

    LOR Question 2 grades, 2 classes, same professor

    So like my title says, I took Immunology with the professor early in my college career (sophmore), and it was a huge mistake. I wasn't ready for it, and got an F in it. I tried to withdraw from it, but it was past the deadline, and got swamped. Forward 2 years to now. I took a histology course...