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  1. G

    How to ask for LORs during COVID-19?

    Hi everyone, as the title may suggest I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to ask for letters during the ongoing pandemic. Prepandemic, the ideal situation was to sit down with your writer and hand over a resume/CV. Is this still advised when asking professors from undergrad for a...
  2. R

    D.O. Schools number of letters of evaluation?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some research about the AACOMAS process and I would appreciate some clarification about LORs. I know different schools have different requirements for letters but it seems like 1 DO, 2 science, 1 nonscience letter should cover all of my bases. I also would...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    LOR Question- Submitting from AMCAS

    Hey all. So, I'm using Interfolio Dossier Deliver to send letters to AMCAS. However, I have also noticed that AMCAS has an option where you can choose which letters to send to which schools. This isn't really something I'm worried about, as I intend to send all of my letters to all the schools...
  4. 1

    Are my chances shot for matching now because of COVID-19?

    I'm currently a DO third year wanting to apply for general surgery this September. I arranged my schedule to stupidly have my two general surgery rotations this April and May ( I decided to try for general surgery mid of third year). It looks like worse case scenario I will not get to do a...
  5. S

    Sent my application to UCSF, but one of my letters wasn't submitted by the deadline

    I finished everything in the application, but one of my professors did get around to finishing my last Letter of Rec before the deadline. Are they just going to toss my application or should I hound my professor to submit the letter ASAP?
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  7. T

    Using Interfolio for letters of rec

    I have been collecting my letters of rec on Interfolio and I plan to use that to submit the letters to AADSAS. I know it works by Interfolio generating a unique email address for every writer and you enter that in the place of the person's actual email address. My question is, by doing this...
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  10. V

    Prep for next cycle, LOR

    It looks like, according to ADEA's website, LORs do not carry over from your previous application. Does anyone have experience with this? How did you go about obtaining letters for when you re-applied especially if you are no longer in school? Of course and advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. I

    Letters of Reccomendation

    This May sound like a dumb question, but for the AADSAS application to dental school, do you have to wait until May 15 to have your letters of recommendation submitted? That is the only date I can find online for when the new cycle “soft-opens”, but it seemed kind of late to me. Just wanted to...
  12. S

    updated dat and one other specific question..

    Hey there, so I recently posted in here and now have my DAT scores so I just wanted to ask a couple things about my current prospects. I am considering applying LATE, like middle to end of November to UoP, and I know that since it is so late the chances are close to none but wanted to get an...
  13. GoPenguinsGo

    Is six Letters of Recommendation too few or good enough?

    So I have 2 from MD's (one whom I've shadowed and the other who knows me super well for a long time), a DO whom I have shadowed, my Oral Communications professor who specializes in Medical Communication, and two of my Chemistry profs who know me very well. If 6 is too many, who should I leave out?
  14. P

    Help! I have a question about letters of evaluation!

    Hi, everyone. I'm planning to apply to AP program next year. When I read the ADEA CAAPID, I found some programs need a letter from dean and two letters from dental faculty. I got my bachalor degree from one foreign dental school, and got a science master degree in another dental school. One of...
  15. D

    Letter of Evaluation wasn't signed

    Despite reminding a letter writer twice, she still submitted it without a signature, is there a way that she can resubmit with a signature, has anyone run into this before?
  16. I

    Letter of evaluation

    May be a stupid question, but does the usual required letter of evaluation for dental schools have to be from a general dentist, or could it be from someone such as an oral surgeon with a DMD degree?
  17. sherlock_obsessed_m&m

    Letters of Rec Mini Disaster

    So I have submitted most of my secondaries and just got an email from Wash U saying that two of the letters I sent them aren't signed The options they gave me are A ) have your writers sign and resubmit to AMCAS, or B ) have the writers email them the signed versions directly. My question...
  18. B

    Send Letters after I submit

    Thank you everyone in advance, SDN is always crazy helpful. As a reapplicant i was suggested to not send the same letters of rec. unless there are new ones to read as well. I am only a DO reapplicant. I applied MD also, but it takes so long to validate I'm sure it will come before i even get my...
  19. M

    TMDSAS Letters of Eval ID #?

    I'm applying to schools through both TMDSAS and AMCAS and am planning to use Interfolio to request my LoE/LoR. Interfolio has a setting to input your ID # for both services so that it is placed in the correct file, but TMDSAS's website states that it must be within the actual letter. So now I'm...
  20. UNCafDDS

    Issues with dentist LORs - no signature, no letterhead, no correct spelling

    I have two dentist LORs stored on Interfolio. I called Interfolio and found out that one letter lacks a signature and contact information (letter is not on letterhead). The other letter has my name misspelled. 1. I am afraid that the LOR that is lacking a signature and contact info will be...
  21. S

    What do I do with LORs? Help!

    I'm a 2nd year undergrad planning to start asking for Letters of Recommendation soon. The thing is, i don't know what to tell my writers to do with them or where to send them once i get them since I'm supposed to wave my right to see them. The question is, am I supposed make an AMCAS account...
  22. N

    Can I send letters of recommendation after I submit my AMCAS?

    Is it possible to submit letters of recommendation after I submit my AMCAS without having to get it reapproved? Is there a service for submitting letters of recommendation with my secondary application?
  23. M

    Letters of recommendation Help! Accepted vs. completed?

    Hey guys, All 3 of my letters have finally been submitted. However, 1 is accepted while the other 2 are listed as completed. Any clue what the diff is? Does AADSAS have to process it or something? The 1 accepted was submitted a month ago or so.
  24. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS Letter Packet

    My university is collecting all of my letters of recommendation for me, and sending them all to AAMCAS as a packet. Now, since I can't break up the packet into individual letters, I have to send the entire thing to every med school I apply to? What if the packet contains 4 letters, and the...
  25. SoJo

    Question about TMDSAS Eval. Letters

    So I was gonna add the physician (MD) that was shadowing for the past 2 years as an evaluator, but when I went to select the "Relationship to you:*" drop box, there isn't a practicing physician option. The only options are: Health Professions Advisor Academic Advisor Graudate Advisor Immediate...
  26. L

    Letters of recommendation

    So I am applying to OU this summer, and they require a committee letter and an additional faculty letter. This makes my situation a bit difficult, because I had to choose my committee members and chose my two best professors along with my prehealth advisor. So basically I'm using up my two best...
  27. KCraig

    Letters of Recommendation Confusion...

    Who is supposed to write your LORs? I was under the impression that anyone could write you a letter of recommendation, but I've read on some websites that it needs to be a committee letter, science professor, non-science professor, etc.. Are there any requirements? Would these work? 1. I...
  28. G

    Can I send a committee letter AND other individual letters not included?

    So I am interviewing with the committee in a couple of months. I plan on getting a couple more LOR from a professor and a doctor I will be shadowing next semester, after I will have interviewed with the committee. Can I have the committee letter be sent as well as sending the other individual...
  29. I


    Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help and brutally honest advice. I am an FL resident, and applied to the following schools: FIU FAU USF FSU UF UM UCF University of South Carolina Greenville Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina School of Medicine Morehouse School of...
  30. M

    I have a letter writer who won't use the AACOMAS letter writer to send a letter.

    Hey guys, I am having some trouble securing a letter of recommendation for my DO schools. I found a little information online but I am still very confused. I have a professor who refuses to use the AACOMAS letter writer as his anti-virus says that the site is insecure. After looking around...
  31. P

    Sending LORs that are not received by AMCAS

    Hi! I have just finished one of my secondaries and designated 7 letters to that school (they didn't have a cap on letters). 6/7 letters that I sent/designated have been received by AMCAS and are very strong letters. However, the one that has not been received by AMCAS is the health committee...
  32. O

    Letters of Recommendation - Evaluation Addsas

    2 of my supervisors offered to give me strong letters......but how will they "send" or submit these letters to addsas? I also have a potential dentist that will give me another recommendation letter - where does it belong in addsas? Yes, I have addsas account almost completed except for this...
  33. C

    AADSAS Number of LORs?

    Hey guys, For this upcoming 2016-2017 Dental School application cycle I see that AADSAS says that you can select to submit four individual letters of recommendation. However, somewhere else (I'm trying to figure out where) said that you can submit "up to four" letters. So, my question is: do...