update letter

  1. artemisthegreek

    Edit/Resubmit an Update Letter?

    Hi all, I submitted my update letters to a number of schools who I have yet to hear from and who accept updates, but after submitting, I realized I made a typo. The typo is more along the lines of a past/present tense mistake, and was wondering whether med schools will actually care...
  2. H

    Having to drop a class I included in an update letter

    Hey guys! I recently sent an update letter to some of the schools I applied to and included my class schedule for this final semester (among more substantial updates). Unfortunately, due to a staffing issue my section of anatomy is no longer being offered and I have to drop the course. Is this...
  3. V

    Oral presentations at professional conference?

    Recently got my abstract accepted for an oral presentation at a national conference. Was wondering how this is viewed upon on and whether it would give me a boost for updates as I am waitlisted at a T10. I've had poster presentations and co-authored two basic science papers before, so I'm not...
  4. M

    Should I update the schools I applied to?

    Hey everyone! So last week I went to the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) and I presented my research (its educational biochem research). There were 1400 abstracts submitted (idk if this is something worth mentioning). My whole trip was sponsored by...
  5. S

    Pre-II Publication Update?

    Hi all, Just had a few quick questions about updating schools. I was fortunate enough to have a co-author publication be accepted and published at a mid-high impact journal today. I also have already attended two MD IIs, and have two more in the coming weeks. For those schools, should I wait...
  6. W

    Update Letters

    Hey everyone! I applied to a medical school via early decision, so I will be accepted, rejected, or waitlisted on or before October 1st, 2019. I recently started volunteering as a scribe/translator at a local free medical clinic that caters to the Hispanic and Latino populations. This is...
  7. ChromeFile1

    Update Letter in July?

    I've sent secondaries to all of my schools earlier this month, and 3 of my research papers (2 primaries, 1 secondary authorship) have been accepted for publication. Is this reason to reach out right now to schools accepting updates? Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Update Letters and Letters of Intent

    Have you interviewed at a medical school and still waiting to hear back? Or are you waiting to hear from a school, period? It's a good time to send them an update letter! Read our two very popular Cracking Med School Admissions blogs on update letters. 1) 4 Tips for Medical School Update...
  9. B

    Should I consider putting this in an update?

    I am under active consideration at a school after interviewing so I was hoping to send an update letter. All I have to update them with is second author abstract presented at an international conference and also published in their journal. Should I add a department grand rounds presentation I am...
  10. mdfaithful

    Extension Course Transcript - Is it update worthy?

    I recently took GenChem/Organic Chemistry (14XB) through UCLA Extension program. It was a in-classroom course, and I was able to achieve an A. I had a C- during my freshman year in undergrad for general chemistry. My university did not allow me to retake for the C-. My question is: is my...
  11. G

    Weight loss in update letter?

    Hi all. I’m going to be sending in an update letter to a school that I’m waitlisted at soon. I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to include my weight loss/weight training/diet in the letter? Since June, I’ve lost 20 lbs through weight training, diet, and consistent walking. It’s been a...
  12. mdfaithful

    Update letter - Worthwhile or not?

    Hi everyone and good luck to everyone else in this year's application cycle! I have applied to many schools this cycle and have completed the application relatively early (ranging from mid-July to mid-August). I have not heard many of these schools back. No holds, no rejections, no anything. The...
  13. prairiemusic

    Is this worth an update to schools?

    After I submitted my AMCAS, I finished a class this summer and got an A. This A brings my sGPA from like 2.98 to 3.05, which is right around my cGPA. So far I've only been pre-II rejected by three state schools, which all said something to the effect of "your application wasn't competitive...
  14. Fishy fish

    Update the School or Nah?

    I recently got a research assistant position at an ivy league school. I'll be doing some pretty cool work. Is it worth submitting an update to my top schools to let them know about this? Or won't make much of a difference?
  15. P

    Updating Podiatry Schools

    Hi everyone! I am applying this cycle to podiatry schools. I have already sent in my application along with my LORs. I am taking the MCAT later this month. I was wondering if anyone knew what the procedure was to update podiatry schools? I already submitted the primary application, but I wanted...
  16. Piglet2020

    How to update schools about grades?

    How should I go about updating schools about this fall semester grades? Do I need to send an unofficial transcript? This is for MD schools that are silent (complete in late July)
  17. S

    POST interview Update

    Hi all, I recently interviewed at a school after applying just over a month before my interview. I am wondering if I should send the post interview update now or wait a few weeks and do it after the chaos of the holidays. My reasoning for doing it later is that the secondary had space to update...
  18. P

    Update timing

    I recently had a pub accepted for publication, and have started a new volunteering gig. At this point in the cycle, I've interviewed at all the schools I am going to, and I'm waiting for decisions. Should I wait for a decision to send this update letter so that I have something to say if I'm...
  19. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  20. F

    Should I Update?

    I have been a scribe for a few months now and I have a better understanding of primary care. Should I update this to the schools that accept updates if I write a paragraph about how this job has impacted me and my pursuit of medicine?
  21. E

    Should I update my application now?

    Hi all, first time poster here so I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I have a question regarding updates to medical schools that I can't really find a definitive answer for online so I'm posting here to get advice from people more knowledgeable than myself. I...
  22. F

    Combine thank you note with update?

    I recently interviewed at a school, and I was given a specific email for interviewed applicants to send thank you notes (to admissions, not interviewers) and updates. Is it appropriate to thank admissions for giving me the opportunity to interview with my interviewers, and then in a later...
  23. M

    Brief Update Letter

    I took 3 classes over the summer and just got my grades back for them a couple days ago and did well (A, A and A-). I don't have anything else to update schools with though. Should I send an update to every school I applied to that I got those grades on those classes or wait until I have more to...
  24. Welshman

    National Conference Poster Presentation

    Hey everyone, so I just found out that the abstract from my senior thesis has been accepted for a poster presentation at the NASPGHAN conference in November. THe only problem is that I'm currently living and working in the UK so it would be very hard and expensive for me to get to Las Vegas to...
  25. P

    Research Update / Showing Data

    So - I work in a mosquito lab where we are trying to develop synthetic attractants to create these novel traps...turns out, our synthetic attractant wasn't working out at all - it seemed as if it was actually repelling the mosquitoes. Ok, it didn't "seem" like it was, it totally was. So we...
  26. H

    Started Job at Big Tech Company-How to Send Update?

    A large part of my personal statement was how my work experience in my field will make me a better medical student/doctor. I changed jobs/started at a Big Tech Company (think Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google) at the beginning of the year. I want to inform the school I was waitlisted at...
  27. B

    Creative Update Letters/LOI

    Hi guys, so I've heard at a few of my interviews students have been accepted after sending creative update letters and LOIs (e.g. one kid sent in a scrapbook with letters from his friends and family on why he should be accepted). What is your guys' opinion on this? I have heard both positive and...
  28. CavsFan2016

    Best Way to Structure a Letter of Intent

    I have been lucky enough to have an acceptance at an in-state MD school so far, but I have been waitlisted at a different in-state school which I consider my #1 choice - I was wondering what would be the best way to structure a letter of intent to this school. Comparison between schools A and B...
  29. R

    Should I send in an update letter???

    Please Help! I know I am over thinking this but I'm not sure if its worth sending out an update letter. I wanted to let schools know what I have been up to during my gap year. I've been volunteering with an organization that provides supportive housing to recently homeless populations. Since...
  30. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Should I write an update letter?

    Hi everyone. 2 schools that I have applied to accept updates and I've been told to send them in a letter format. I'm a junior and graduating this semester. I haven't done much this other than continue doing previous volunteer work (though I have moved from a only teaching a single class to a...
  31. efgih

    Timing of Update Letter Post-Interview

    Yo, Have a substantial update, but the only problem is I'm not sure if I should send it in now or save it just in case I get waitlisted. The reason why I'm not sure if I should send it in now is that for two of the schools I'm pretty sure that the admissions committee has already met and...
  32. london.smog

    How can I talk about my new research experiences in secondaries?

    Or more specifically, how do I explain it in the popular "what are you doing this year?" question. I recently received a grant to do public health research in a conflict region and it's going to take up most of my time this coming year. For my secondaries/updates, I'm not sure how much is too...
  33. S

    Update Letter this early?

    I recently completed a summer internship and presented a poster at a symposium. They had judges at the symposium and I won Best Overall Poster. This isn't on my primary app or secondaries (all of which I've submitted within the past 2 weeks). I haven't heard anything from any school yet, but...
  34. Starsshine

    MD AMCAS GPA Discrepancy

    Hi! New to the forum. But I had submitted my AMCAS application some time ago and received my verified report on Friday. I noticed my cGPA was a lot lower (by .12) than my school GPA (which uses the same scoring as AMCAS, with all of the +/- increments, etc.). Of interest, I noticed that the...
  35. T

    Update Letter Question

    I recently got accepted into a competitive Biotech masters program. I am on Top 10% Waitlist at one school and still awaiting post-II decision at another. If I wanted to send in an update letter to Med Schools, would that be something to include? (med School would be my top choice over the...
  36. TheCruelOne

    When should I send my update letter to Drexel? (Waitlisted)

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate any and all possibly input, especially from those who may have previously been waitlisted at Drexel (or at other schools) and eventually were accepted. First of all, I knew from the get-go that I was probably not the strongest applicant for MD schools (you can...
  37. H

    Update Letter

    Hey all, I'm at the point in my application process where I am waiting until March for decisions. This coming week, I'm planning to send an update letter with information on my grades from last semester (worth sharing), some awards/designations, and the current state of a paper I will soon...
  38. D

    Update Letter?

    Hey guys, I am currently a senior at Wake Forest University with a 3.4 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, and 512 MCAT. I was a little late getting my secondaries submitted so I'm still waiting to hear back from most of my schools about interview invites. Of the schools I applied to, I have been rejected...
  39. ohnotornadooo

    work related accomplishments worthy of an update?

    Pretty sure I already know the answer to the question, but for peace of mind, I’ll go ahead and ask the millionth update related question today: Though I’m not in a position to be sending any of the typical updates (don’t work in research, no longer in school), my work does allow me to take on a...
  40. L

    January 2016 MCAT during cycle as an update?