aadsas application

  1. N

    Discrepancy between AADSAS prereqs and official website prereqs

    Hello everyone! I was recently accepted to the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, and I'm in the process of filling out the acceptance packet and sending the deposit. However, yesterday I logged into my AADSAS application portal just to see if my prereqs were covered for the...
  2. K

    Personal Statement tips

    For the personal statement, does anyone know if it would be of value to include an opening paragraph introducing myself at all?
  3. A

    AADSAS Transcripts and Study Abroad

    I'm curious about everyone else's experiences submitting transcripts when they studied abroad during their undergrad. I've been emailing AADSAS customer service and they seem to be giving me the run around without actually reading or answering my questions. The company through which I studied...
  4. N

    AADSAS 2018 Achievements or Experience Section?

    My freshman year, I was part of a program, specifically a Talent Advanced Program, in my honors college, where I lived with other bio majors and got to take two honors biology classes with that group of people as well as a seminar where different professors would come in to talk about their...
  5. J

    Can I choose which schools receive my AADSAS application???

    Hello, I realized I need to get a chemistry professor LOR for ECU but for the other schools Im applying to im fine. When I have to submit my AADSAS application do I have to submit all of them at the same time or can I choose when each school gets my application?
  6. B

    Random AADSAS Questions: 2018-2019 Edition

    AADSAS application opened today, so I thought it would be a good idea to contain discussion about the application to a central thread that is easily accessible. Good luck everyone!
  7. J


    Hi SDN friends, I have a couple questions and doubts about the application process, I just retook the DAT on January 4th, the first time I took the DAT, my scores were the following: OGPA: 3.1, SGPA:3.3 PAT:19, Q.R: 14, RC: 15, BIO: 17,G.C: 17, O.C: 20, T.S: 18, A.A: 17 The second time I...
  8. D

    Transcript "credit"

    Theres a section about credit when adding a course. Am I supposed to put down the credit I earned or how many credit hours the class was(credits attempted)?
  9. P

    Help! Questions about timing

    Hi guys! I'm taking the DAT on June 28th and I'm doing an assisting experience on June 30th (should be 1 of the top 6 experiences for me), should I wait to turn in the app on July 1st or submit it asap and send all the school's I have applied to an update at the beginning of July. I also plan on...
  10. P

    Assisting experience after I'm turning in the app

    Hi! So I need some advice about when to turn in my app. I was originally planning on submitting it in around June 3-4. I am not taking the DAT until June 28th so my app won't be complete until mid to late July. I am going on a MOM project to assist Dental Students from VCU (my first choice) on...
  11. P

    Question about AADSAS

    Hi guys! My question is can you not submit your application on AADSAS unless all the LOR are uploaded by the people I requested one from? My school won't write the LOR until I send the request through AADSAS and they said it could take up to 4 weeks to get done so I'm freaking out about...
  12. caffeine jitters


    Hello everyone, I have tried looking for similar threads, but I cannot seem to find much regarding my particular question. I am wondering how AADSAS asks about volunteering? Is it just a lump sum of hours that they're asking for - like they do with shadowing; or, do they want to know how and...
  13. kmillz

    Dental School: 2018 Application Cycle

    Hi everyone! I've been looking for a thread like this for the upcoming application cycle specifically, and haven't found it anywhere. So I figured I'd start one myself :) I'm relatively new to SDN besides the occasional stalking for other pre-dents who are starting to freak out about this...