1. L

    Advice for those on Waitlist

    Hi, Could some med students who got accepted of the waitlist advise a fellow waitlister? Just wondering how much I should be annoying admissions, I want to seem eager but not pushy. I interviewed 3/29, was waitlisted 5/11, and turned in a letter of intent on 5/15. (University of Toledo) Still...
  2. S

    Question about hours for activities

  3. C

    Chance me into medical school

    hmu if you're down to chance me for medschool and ill give you my stats! thanks
  4. thelazyvaca

    Current status, and a few questions. How am I doing? I NEED y'alls help!

    I am currently starting my second Summer here at my university in Texas getting ready to enter my junior year as a Pre-Dent. With as much excitement I am feeling towards my future, I have concerns and worries as well. With all the concern, I have multiple questions I would like to ask everyone...
  5. D

    I Need Pre-Med Advice

    Hey everyone! I am an upcoming college sophomore. My freshman year went horribly--academically. My first semester, I took 12 hours and dropped introductory chem. I ended up with a 3.2 and 9 completed hours. My second semester I took 16 hours, dropped introductory chem again, and ended up with...
  6. S

    3.0 uGPA, 4.0 SMP GPA... June 2 vs. June 16 MCAT?

  7. O


    Hi i am in highschool abouta be a senior and i am currently taking college classes and i am signed up for intro to bio. Should i take it? I really want to get alot if courses of the way for med school and for my basics done in a quicker cheaper way. I have 25 hours right now. In the summer i...
  8. medstudent1215

    Advice on My List of Potential Osteopathic Schools

    Hey all, I am looking for some specific opinions and advice tailored to myself. I am a nontraditional student going on 3-4 years out of college now. In my upper 20s with a wife, 2 kids in elementary school, and hoping for a 3rd. I have a 3.51 gpa at my most recent university in undergrad...
  9. B

    Misguided sophomore: Predental vs. Premed

    Hey y'all! Long post. Forreal. Like stop right now if you want Background Story: I have just ended my sophomore year and I am super relieved. Honestly, it was the most stressful semester of my life and I was burnt out to the max. I hated this semester, hated the classes ( honestly, screw O...
  10. T

    Technology in Eyecare/IAUPR thoughts

    I'd like other Optometrists and optometry students thoughts on this. NECO just posted on FB a video showing their updated clinical training center with all new up to date equipment. I know other schools also have state of the art clinic training areas. Do you believe that having these...
  11. kernel

    Need advice, ideas, and suggested timeline for self pity. Or maybe you went thru the same?

    Hi all, Here's another chronicle about how the NAVLE can crush some peoples' souls. Here's mine, and I'm still feeling so empty/shocked/utterly pathetic that I could really use and would appreciate everyone's insight, personal stories, comfort, reminders to buck the f*ck up, ideas for the next...
  12. spotted_drum

    Re-Applicant Advice [519 MCAT 3.93 GPA]

    Hey all, Thank you upfront for any constructive advice. Here is my situation: Graduated from OSU in Biomedical Engineering from the Honors College a couple weeks ago. Was offered two interviews and was wait listed at U of Pittsburgh and U of Cincinnati. Since my last application I have 2...
  13. P

    Re-applicant seeking advice

    Hello! I applied to MD/DO schools for the 2018-2019 cycle and only received one interview, no acceptances. I'm going to reapply and am seeking advice on strengthening my application. Here are my stats: GPA: 3.6 cum, 3.45 science MCAT: 510 Volunteering: 100 hours hospital volunteering, week long...
  14. 5

    Delayed MCAT need advice

    I was planning to take my MCAT May 24th, but unfortunately, even after all of my prep, I was scoring sub-500 even on the AAMC material. My scores were as follows: AAMC Unscored: 66%/77%/59%/60% AAMC FL 1: 499 125/122/127/126 AAMCFL 2: 498 126/121/126/126 So i decided that I will void my exam...
  15. ijustwannasaveppl

    do i still have a chance

    NewJust an update for anyone who is in a similar situation- I pulled a B+ in the class and an A in O-chem! In the words of Winston Churchill, never, never never give up :) Hi everyone. Just finished freshman year. Spring semester I have As or B+ in everything but gen chem 2. I made a 67 and...
  16. alwaysstaypositive

    Pharmacy vs RN to PA or NP

    Hello SDN community, Yes, there are many posts similar to mine and I looked at them. I did research on each field and I would like to know even more opinions about the two routes from this community. Here's a few questions to generate some ideas: Do you have any friends, family members, or...
  17. G

    Advice or thoughts

    hi, I am hoping to get some feedback about how good or bad of shape I’m in in terms of setting myself up to get into med school. I have just finished my sophomore year of undergrad. I have attended a community college for my first two years. Now that that is done, I will be going to a local...
  18. P

    Personal statement help!

    I have completed my personal statement and am looking for people who are able and willing to look it over. Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated (grammar suggestions, content suggestions, whatever you're willing to give!). Some background info: My undergrad GPA is a 3.34 with a U-shaped...
  19. A

    Your DAT Destroyer Approach

    I've been following Ari's schedule for the past month and a half, and I'm about to start doing destroyer problems. Contrary to the layout of the schedule, I would like to go through all of the problems in each section (OC: 360, GC: 402, Bio: 685) at least twice in the month and a half that I...
  20. C

    Hard time finding volunteer work in my small town!

    Hi, everyone. I currently work 60 hours per week at a job that’s two hours away round trip. I’m attending two colleges as well - one to get a diploma to become a Surgical Technician (switching from a great paying aviation job to healthcare) and another to complete my undergrad in Biological...
  21. alwaysstaypositive

    Letter of Recommendation advice

    Hello SDN community, What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pre-pharmacy student looking to earn a letter of recommendation from science professors? What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pharmacy technician looking to earn a letter of recommendation...
  22. D


  23. P

    Do i have a chance in heck?

    hey all, from the research im looking at (acceptance rates for GPA and MCAT scores) I have a small chance, luckily I’m Not applying right this moment. I graduated with my BS in psychology. I did a internship at a psychiatric hospital, as well as interned at a mental health facility. I was set to...
  24. D

    Online prerequisites question!

    I’m currently an undergraduate student at Arizona State University, but I’m attending online. I’m considering majoring in Biochemistry, but I want to check if those online prerequisites would count. If not, I’ll major in psychology and take my prerequisites at a local community college...
  25. F

    MCAT courses

    I'm a pre med freshman. I need to know what classes I need to take for the MCAT. I know I have to take General Biology 1&2, General Chemistry 1-3, Organic Chemistry 1&2, Physics 1-2, Biochemistry, Sociology, Psychology. But do I need to take statistics? Should I take statistics instead of...
  26. tomatobasil

    New to pre-dental... Help with app?

    Hi SDN, I have always been interested in dentistry from a young age, but allowed my family and undergrad advisor to bully me into being pre-med. I'm in my junior year and was forcing myself to shadow, be a medical scribe, etc. And I was just hating every second of it. All the time I felt so...
  27. P

    Advice for upcoming medical cycle - Texas applicant

    Last cycle, I was severely undereducated about the application process. Thus, I am trying to figure out the complete logistics for my upcoming application. I aim to keep my expectations realistic. This past cycle, naive me, decided to apply to all the medical schools in TX (in September) with a...
  28. D

    Psychology or Biology?

    Hi, all. I’m in a predicament. I’ll be a non-traditional student. Have just gone back to college and trying to decide on a major. I’m attending Arizona State ONLINE. Options: A) Major in Psychology. Better chance at a higher GPA. Very interesting to me anyways - and most people say to undergrad...
  29. dwarfplanet

    Bad Year

    I started this year with a cumulative GPA of 3.76 and finished with a 3.64. I got a C in Orgo 2 and a B- in Biochem. I have other B’s sprinkled throughout my transcript. I’m taking the MCAT in a few weeks, so I don’t have a score for you. I feel very defeated. I’ve never gotten grades like this...
  30. wolfnscale

    Atlantic Bridge- "Official" What are my chances? (And advice) Thread

    (Not sure if this thread will take, but here's to hoping it catches on and becomes official!) Since applying through AB and being accepted to NUIG, I've seen several students looking for advice and more information on what the chances are of them getting accepted to Irish medical schools. It...
  31. D


    Hello everyone , I am an IMG and gave my exam in Chicago in sep 2017 and failed in CIS component with high performance in SEP and ICE, that moment the result came in was very distressing, for the first 10-15 days I was constantly trying to find out what I did wrong at first go, I went through...
  32. D

    What are my chances? Low Stats

    I am losing hope and would just like to have some opinions and advice on where to go from here. I have applied to dental school twice, but I know my stats are really low. I have a lot of dental experience, leadership and volunteer experience. Here are my stats: undergrad cGPA: 3.1 undergrad...
  33. D

    MD second thoughts... Too competitive?

    I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but the realization of how competitive things are worries me. I’m interested in both orthopedic surgery and anesthesia - two of the most competitive residencies to get into. I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’ve shadowed a variety of...
  34. G

    Is getting a masters a mistake?

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking some advice on whether you think getting a masters might be right for me. Some quick background info: Completed this past cycle without success. Great GPA (3.8) with lots of clinical experience and average research experience, but a quant GRE score in 28th percentile...
  35. drkayz

    Starting clinic soon! Advice?

    Hi friends! I'm about to start clinic in the next few months and was hoping for some insight from those of you already there. At my school we have our initial treatment plan work-up appointment where we take x-rays, full perio charting, take impressions for models, intraoral photos, etc. I...
  36. F

    Should I pursue masters, just apply, or DIY post bacc?

    Hello, I just wanted to see what the best option for getting into med school. I had a 3.2 cgpa until my senior year. At the beginning of my senior year, I was a victim of an assault. It really took a toll over me. I withdrew from most of my classes.... I received a F in organic & my semester...
  37. Fancy312

    Desperate need of advice -

    Hi Guys, I please let me give you a background on this as I go into a rant on my behalf. -I graduated in December of 2014 with a bachelors degree in biology, minor in psych, I did neuroscience research with my professor for 2 years, predental member/shadowed/volunteered and ultimately finished...
  38. S

    Should I apply this cycle?

  39. D

    Non-traditional Student Advice

    To spare you the vague cliches of why I'm choosing to go into medicine at 24 years old, I'll just simply ask for some advice. Long story short: I'm attending college online (yes, from a great, regionally accredited university) and I know prerequisites being done online is a no-no for a lot of...
  40. S

    Interested in hearing from others!!

    I just received my matching result and I am very happy with the outcome. I got advice from my home PD to list a particular school at the top and I did. She worked hard for me to get an interview with this school and gave me guarantees that they would rank me high enough so if I put them at the...