1. N

    Gen Chem 1/2 over the summer

    Hi! Okay, so I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders major who has recently decided to pursue medical school. I am a junior, and I am planning to go to school for an extra year for prerequisites. That being said, I was hoping to take both chem 1 and chem 2 this summer as they are being...
  2. M

    Advice for handling pre-med classes?

    I’m switching to pre-med from a psychology/research background and I’m nervous about how difficult pre-med classes may be—any tips on how to best study for bio, chem, and phys?
  3. jg2021

    need some biochem study tips

    So I am in biochemistry right now and have my first exam in two days. A lot of the material is built off of prior orgo and gen chem knowledge, as this first exam is on amino acids, functional groups, pka curves, and hemoglobin/myoglobin saturation curves, however I just bombed my second quiz on...
  4. M

    In need of some input? Pre-pharm chem grades

    Mid-semester blues happening right about now. Worries for daysssssss. My overall cumulative GPA is 1 3.65 and my science grades are... Gen chem 1: B+ Gen chem 2: B+ Bio 1: A Bio 2: A Orgo 1: B- Heart breaking I know :( I would get A's on several exams in all my chems but somehow get screwed...
  5. F

    gen chem

  6. A

    C/C- in Organic Chemistry but I can't retake at my school

    On the online admissions pages for most schools, I didn't see a lot of hard cutoffs per subject, but when I looked at the prerequisites for each school through AADSAS, most schools list "Organic Chemistry - 6.0 credits - 2.0 grade" I'm panicking now because I received a C on my first quarter...
  7. P

    Sulfur's valence electrons in sulfate ion

    My book (Kaplan MCAT Gen Chem pg 27) says that for the sulfur atom in the sulfate ion, sulfur's 3s and 3p subshells can only contain 8 of these 12 electrons; the other 4 electrons have entered the sulfur atom's 3d subshell, which in elemental sulfur is empty. Why did "the other 4 electrons"...
  8. P

    Question about sulfur's valence electrons in sulfate ion!!!

    My book (Kaplan MCAT Gen Chem pg 27) says that for the sulfur atom in the sulfate ion, sulfur's 3s and 3p subshells can only contain 8 of these 12 electrons; the other 4 electrons have entered the sulfur atom's 3d subshell, which in elemental sulfur is empty. Why did "the other 4 electrons"...
  9. jg2021

    Tips on Surviving Organic Chem

    I have just finished my second semester of undergrad, hating gen chem all the way. I am more of a memorization person and the number of concepts frustrated me a bit. I'll be taking orgo, along with stats, microbio, genetics, and phys next year (split up over two semesters of course with a few...
  10. S

    Good enough gpa? HELP!! pre-dental

    Hi everyone, I am a double major in Philosophy and Biology (I know they are very different.) My first two years of college I had to work full time because I had to pay for college while I was a full time student too. I did my best to keep my grades up and did well on biology, got A- on both...
  11. J

    NS Chem&Phy Strategy + Practice Section 2 #5! Help!

    This question is from Passage 2 #5. What is the "saponification number" for the fat shown in Figure 1? a. 46 b. 66 c. 140 d. 197 In figure 1, the formula of this triglyceride is C55H98O6 (MW = 854 g/mol). In the passage, it is stated that: "saponification number" = "the number of mg of...
  12. P

    Gen Chem self study for mcat

    Hi guys, I Feel like I have a solid background on all subjects the MCAT covers besides gen chem. I got C's in gen chem 1 and 2 (wasnt really motivated my freshman year). All other pre-reqs I got A's. I will dedicate about 3 months of self study to MCAT. How long would it take for me to get a...
  13. B

    Too stupid for med school/science?

    Hi, so I'm new to this thread although I've kind of lurked for a while. I'm not really asking for sympathy with this thread, just advice. I'm a fall semester sophomore, and I'm taking organic chemistry at the moment. Chemistry has always been my most difficult subject, and I devote the most...
  14. smileyfacegirl27

    Approach to improving Chem/Phys Section score?

    Hey all! I am currently taking the MCAT in January and Chem/Phys is my weakest section, I am consistently getting around 125 on every practice exam I take. As I have the MCAT in 60 days, I am looking to improve all my sections but especially this one since I can't seem to get the numbers to...
  15. Isoval

    Where did the second 'o' in 'orgo' come from?

    Seriously, this makes no sense to somebody who calls it 'ochem'. Where ever did the second 'o' come from? Did you guys take orgonic omistry? :thinking:
  16. Niikkiiii

    Chemistry Questions (Do I have to start all over?)

    Hi all, I am currently in my sophmore year of college, and I am finishing the chemistry for my program. However, my program is "advanced" I guess you could say. It is supposed to be done in a year and a half, instead of two years like med schools require. Instead of the classes saying organic...
  17. D


    Which TLC solvent system (2:1 Hexanes/Ethyl acetate or 4:1 Hexanes/Ethylacetate) will have a higher Rf when analyzing isoamyl acetate? would it be 4:1 because isoamyl acetate is non polar so it would migrate more? @aldol16
  18. I

    Gen Chem on DAT for Starters

    hello everyone. What would you recommend for someone who is very weak in chemistry. I know Chads is great, but im speaking even more elementary. For example how to break up NaCl-->Na+ + Cl- , and balancing Reactions, and maybe even the nomenclature like how to name nitrATE vs nitrITE and...
  19. D

    WANTED: TBR Orgo and Chem

    Hi all, I am looking for the Orgo and Chem TBR sets for the new MCAT. Preferably minimally marked. Thanks!
  20. P


    I got a B- in chem II at my undergrad institute, and now I'm doing a post-bacc. Does it even make sense to retake for a B-, or would adcoms see that I improved and take that into consideration on my app later on (assuming I get an A)? Thanks in advance!
  21. O

    Watch DAT Chem Questions?

    I was wondering if there was anywhere to watch someone (and don't say Youtube smartass) work through Gen Chem problems that are tailored towards the DAT specifically? I'm watching chads videos and i know he has the quizzes but i like to watch people do problems to learn and he doesn't actually...
  22. J

    Gen Chem Help

    Hi! I'm struggling with the general chemistry section of the DAT. I was originally going to take my DAT on July 31st but I wasn't scoring consistently (fluctuating from 16-20) on the different tests I have taken, so I pushed my exam back. I use mostly Kaplan and just started DAT Bootcamp, and...
  23. bellowbruins

    TPR Full Length 2, Qn 3, Chem/Phy

    The standard galvanic cell is constructed using Cr and Pt electrodes and 500 mL of the metal ion solutions in each half-cell. When a total of 6.0 g of metal is deposited at the cathode, what is the new associated concentration of the metal ion in the oxidation half-cell? A. 0.64 M B...
  24. M

    Should I retake these courses???

    Hi Everyone! So I'm applying MD and am really only concerned about my grades in Orgo 1 and 2. My school does lab and lecture separately so for Orgo 1 I ended up with a C+ in lecture (3 credit hours) and an A- in lab (1 credit). For Orgo 2, I had a C in lecture (3 credits) and an A in lab (1...
  25. D1Bound

    Question about DAT destroyer score

    Hey folks I've been getting untimed scores of around 60-66% right on bio and math. Around 55-60% on chemistry. Is this ideal for the first read through?
  26. nembry

    Anyone who thinks Organic Chem is easier than Genchem?

    I'm taking O chem 1 this Fall, just finished Genchem 2. are there any brave souls out there who seem to find more ease in O chem than they did in Gen chem?
  27. nembry

    Summer-- O Chem 1 w/ lab or Phys 1 w/ lab?

    Which would you guys advise that i take this summer? Organic Chem 1 with Lab or Physics 1 w/ lab? I will be taking them UTD and I attend UT Austin (which is very notorious for having difficult labs) during the regular semesters. Keep in mind I will also be working as a medical assistant 15-20...
  28. N

    LOR from Intro Chem Prof?

    Does it matter whether I get my science LORs from more "advanced" classes like orgo, or is it fine if I ask my intro chem professor to write me one?
  29. T

    Pre-Med concerns

    Hi guys, I am an English Pre-Med...and I am currently taking Gen Chem 1. Idk how I'll do (not so well but I'm determined to do better), but I feel the urge to retake the class with a different professor just to learn more in depth about the topic. Of course I would do better the second time...
  30. Fancy312

    Destoryer 2016 # 226 GC

    Soooo I thought I had the hang of this problem down till I realized i got it wrong and still confused on the log portion of the problem::: 226. Consider a sample of 100 mL of pure water @ 25 degrees celsius. If the hydronium ion concentration was tripled, what would the resulting pH be? A. 6.5...
  31. R

    BCPM GPA and prerequisite courses?

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but I'm honestly not sure. I took some prerequisite classes during high school such as college algebra (MATH 1320) and Elementary Chemistry (CHEM 1090). I also took a statistics course under the department of research and measurement -...
  32. E

    How did all you med students get good grades in college?

    I'm starting college this fall and keeping up my GPA is something I've always struggled with. I always do well on standardized tests because you just have to focus for a couple hours and it's over. But, I struggle to consistently study. So I have a couple questions: 1. How did you study for...
  33. K

    What was the hardest prerequisite?

    Which science class did you get the worst grade in? Please vote using the poll.
  34. J

    My DAT Exams, Need Advice for BIO/PAT..retaking in January

    Hello All, so i just took my DAT exam. Orgo: 19 chem: 22 BIO: 15 ( I know..i know... :( ) PAT: 15 (I know.... :( ) Math: 16 Reading: 18 AA: 18 Science Average: 17 GPA: 3.2 (looking to do masters in oral biology for a year after this semester to help me out a little) So i know that both...
  35. EsotericCatalyst

    Undergrad Major

    I know this topic has been posted ad infinitum in these forums, and so much advice has been given. I've used the search function but something is still eating at me to the point where I'm now posting instead of lurking. I love psychology. Ever since I took AP psych in high school i've fell in...
  36. P

    Do you have to take analytical chem at your school?

    My schools suggested premed route is very weird. In fact, in order to take Orgo II Lab, Analytical chemistry (lecture & lab) is a pre req. Are most schools like this? I thought analytical wasn't usually a premed requirement...but it seems like there's no way i can get out of it since i need orgo 2
  37. moose786

    Bootcamp - Gen Chem Test 4 - #16

    Hey guys, So I was going over the video explanation for #16 on Bootcamp for Test 4 Gen Chem. I hope I'm not violating any rules, but I'll post just the question here: "A small amount of aqueous NH3 is added to a solution of Cu2+ and a precipitate forms. However, when excess aqueous NH3 is...
  38. N

    Gen Chem 2 and Orgo

    My school only requires Gen Chem 1 as a pre-req for Orgo. However, in order to make my schedule work out, it looks like I'll be taking Gen Chem 2 and Orgo 1 at the same time. Has anyone done this? How manageable is it?
  39. M

    Withdraw or stick it out

    I am currently in the last gen Chem of the series. I received a 91% on the first exam and had a 90% in the class. The second exam I completely bombed and got a 20%( beyond failing). We have done about 450 points of work and the overall point total is 850. Should I continue sticking it out or...
  40. F

    #44 2009 ADA DAT test

    Can someone please explain this, I'm getting so frustrated +pissed+