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  1. D

    ASDOH vs Dugoni for OMFS Specialization

    Hi guys, I've been lucky enough to be accepted into both dental schools. I am from Los Angeles and would obviously have to move out either way and both schools are an equal distance away from me but I was wondering: which school would be better for me career-wise especially if my plan is to...
  2. frans_

    What are my chances?

    I have taken the DAT twice. I completely bombed it the first time with a 16AA, I just retook it and got a 18 AA. This was surprising, I thought I would score a lot higher, I'm unsure of what happened because I felt prepared this time. However, my lowest scores are 16 in QR and 16 in GC. When I...
  3. I

    Buffalo vs Columbia

    Hello everyone I can't decide between Buffalo and Columbia. I would like to go for OMFS (only considering it but not hell-bent) in the air force as I am in HPSP program. Both seem to be very good and loved both places during the interview but I don't know much about Columbia so if anyone who...
  4. Summerd08_

    UAB SOD Remediation?

    I'm trying to decide between UMKC and UAB. I really like both schools so it's hard to decide since they each have a great curriculum and clinical experience. I've seen that UAB has some of the highest clinical graduation requirements compared to other schools, but my worry is the didactic...
  5. A

    Tufts vs. Colorado (OOS) vs. OSHU (OOS)

    I was fortunate enough to get into all these schools and am having a hard time deciding where to go. I am hopefully getting the HPSP Scholarship, so cost should not be any negative factor. I also am pretty positive I will want to specialize (but don’t know which specialty yet). Not sure if going...
  6. A

    Help! Any success stories from students who got into dental acceptance after attending Midwestern (AZ) University's 2-year MBS program?

    Hi everyone! So I am a pre-dental student, and my stats are ~2.89 GPA (surprisingly higher sGPAbut not any better) and an 18AA and 17TS DAT. I recently applied to several masters programs considering my stats are not competitive enough for dental school and managed to get into Midwestern's...
  7. N

    Please help..Low uGPA and SMP GPA

    I posted a former discussion about my issue with raising my graduate GPA a while back, but now that I have completed the program, I would like to ask for anyone’s honest opinion/help about my current situation. To get straight to the point, I have an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and finished an SMP...
  8. L

    Should clinical experience be the deciding factor in choosing a school? (Cost not a huge concern)

    I’ve had interviews at Univ of Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Dental College of Georgia, & Roseman. Although no acceptances have been announced yet; I like to plan ahead. I’m from Georgia and will end up practicing I’m Georgia once I graduate. To pay for dental school, I will be using my GI bill...
  9. N

    Another MS/Post-baq or work?

    Hello! So I applied to dental schools this year. At the moment, I am on one waitlist for Nova Southeastern University's School of Dentistry. I'm trying to figure out what to do next year on the chance that I don't get into their dental school. I'm about to meet with an academic advisor from my...
  10. N

    Roseman vs. TX-San Antonio (IS)

    Roseman - Private Pros: Friendly/supportive/non-competitive class environment P/F The staff seems very supportive Cons: Cost (especially compared to in-state tuition) I've heard very negative/concerning things about the school and the program all over SDN Neutral: No residency programs so...
  11. S


  12. H

    USC vs. UoP

    Hello! I was lucky enough to get acceptance from my two top choices! If we'd say the cost of attending for each school is exactly the same due to scholarship, which school would you attend? I know people usually prefer UOP over other schools because we get out the school a year early but...
  13. T

    Spousal Support in Dental School

    Hello SDN! I recently got into several dental schools and am trying to make my final decision. Of the pre-Dec schools I have deposits to Columbia and University of Michigan and am still waiting to hear on interviews on UoP, UCLA, USC, and Harvard (I've withdrawn from the rest). My main concern...
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  15. Ms.2:30

    NEED ADVICE: On choosing a school

    Hey guys, As we get closer to Dec 3, I have a burning question as I go through these interviews. Choosing a school definitely depends on which school you're most likely to fit into namely didactic base or clinical base. What are the benefits of each one? Realistically which one will be most...
  16. A

    Advice Needed...Rethinking Dental School

    Hello everyone. I am in need of some advice. In the past year, my financial situation has DRASTICALLY changed... to the point where I need to rethink going to dental school. My family is in poverty and I think that going to school for an additional four years for around 400-500K of debt (my...
  17. F

    Chance for current cycle?

    Hi all! Very curious, I'm applying to about 15-18 schools, I currently have a 3.5 GPA, 3.4 sGPA, and amazing extracurriculars, letters and personal statement. I just recently took my DAT and did not score as well as I anticipated PAT:18 QR:17 Reading:18 Bio:18 Chem:16 Orgo:18 TS: 17 AA:17 I plan...
  18. N

    Looking to change my career and go to dental school

    Hi guys so I used to be obsessed with wanting to become a dentist when I was younger. During my junior and senior year in high school I took this dental technical course where the first year you are taught a lot about the dental field and then your senior year you go out and volunteer at a...
  19. F

    Dental School List Help!

    Here are my DAT scores: First attempt: AA18. TS19. Bio19. Orgo 19. GC 19. RC 16. QR 18. Pat 20 Second attempt: AA19. TS20. Bio19 Orgo 21 GC20 RC16 QR17 PAT19 I am a Florida resident and have a 3.5 GPA and ~3.4 sGPA. In total, I have about 400 hours of shadowing experience, tons of volunteers...
  20. A

    Help Me Whittle Down my Dental School List: Currently at 23 schools!

    Hey people, hoping some of you could help me out as you guys probably have more experience than me regarding this stuff. I have a list of 23 schools here and I want to shorten it down to around 15 schools as that is the normal. I mainly want to be within or around PA, but also open to OOS...
  21. T

    What schools/how many schools should I apply to?

    Hi everyone! I know this is kind of a repetitive thread, but I am applying this cycle and wanted opinions based on my stats personally. I have a 25 AA average on DAT, with 25 total science. My GPA is a 3.837. In terms of exctracurriculars, I have been involved in a research lab for a year, am an...
  22. G

    third time applying to dental school 2019--need your advice

    Hello, The first time I applied to dental schools i applied with DAT 17 and 2.8 science GPA. overal gpa 3.55 didnt get an interview from any of the 12 schools. The second time (last cycle) i applied with a DAT of 20, 22 on each science, 16 on math, 3.2 science gpa..overal gpa 3.55. yet no...
  23. H

    suggestions for schools to apply?

    Hi, I'm going to apply to dental schools this upcoming cycle in June 2018 and I need suggestions on schools which I can apply for that I have chances to get into. DAT: PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. (I'm worried about my PAT, QR, and RC scores especially the 17 with...
  24. D

    What are my chances? Low Stats

    I am losing hope and would just like to have some opinions and advice on where to go from here. I have applied to dental school twice, but I know my stats are really low. I have a lot of dental experience, leadership and volunteer experience. Here are my stats: undergrad cGPA: 3.1 undergrad...