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  1. M

    Residency Programs: Announcements and Advertisements

    The Abrazo Health Emergency Medicine Residency would like to invite you to a virtual open house designed to give fourth year students more information about our program. We hope to be able to tell the attendees about our philosophy, curriculum, hospitals, faculty, and why you should train here...
  2. E

    EM Residency Match - How ask about pregnancy support?

    I have gone on 13/15 interviews and am still unable to ascertain how family/pregnancy friendly residency programs are. I am not planning on starting my family until after residency, but I want to know I will be supported if “life finds a way.” Some programs have policies for third trimester and...
  3. T

    Home EM program and medical school relations

    I was wondering how invested EM residency programs are with the EM applicants at their associated medical school? Do PD or other program leadership help them with advising, offer to call other programs on their behalf, hint at the other SLOE grades from the application, or give them some...
  4. D

    Interested in EM?

    Hello future physicians! Are you interested in Emergency Medicine as a career path or are still undecided?? Be sure to follow Henry Ford Allegiance EM Residency (HFAEMRes) on Facebook to get an in depth look into our program! We plan to post weekly cases, application and interview help, as well...
  5. P

    U Chicago Level 1 Trauma Center - how will it affect Chicago EM residencies?

    Hey all! I'm a student at a US MD school that's super interested in EM, and Chicago is a city that seems to be a great spot for an EM residency. I know for a while now U Chicago, which is located near the South Side, refrained having a level 1 trauma center to avoid trauma overload and...
  6. The Mountain

    How to be competitive for a top EM residency

    Its easy to see what the "average" accepted EM resident brings to the table in terms of Step1/2, research, etc. However, does anyone have a good grasp on what the guys getting into the TOP EM programs tend to have on their application that ultimately leads to them getting in??? Here's why I...
  7. O-Block Uchiha

    Is it significantly harder for EM Residency with DO?

    Hello to all my insightful predecessors. I am currently studying for my MCAT for July 27th, and my ambition is to become an emergency medicine physician. I'm going to apply for this years cycle to MD, but I am considering DO. The holistic and hands on approach they partake is one that really...
  8. H

    Stanford / Santa Clara EM - job prospects and contracts shakeup?

    Hi, I've read some great things about Stanford EM residency. I've read many of the threads here on SDN. I have two questions: I've heard that Stanford / Santa Clara has been going through a shakeup where the EM doctors did not get their contracts renewed. Does anyone have more information on...
  9. R

    Medical work experience/certifications on CV

    I will be taking my Step 1 in July and am starting to work on my CV. I am currently a student at SGU in Grenada, which I know it becomes a bit more competitive when going for an Emergency Residency. I just want to present my qualities as best as I can. My past experience is an Emergency Dept RN...
  10. D

    Advise for a MS3 thinking about EM

    Third year medical student thinking about applying to EM. I've got a 231 step 1 and am probably slightly above average in my class GPA wise. I know I need to do away rotations and am working on applying for them. What else do I need to be considering? Do I need to take step 2 before applying? Or...
  11. W

    Other HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  12. FutureDoc_OC

    Importance of USMLE step 2CK for EM match as a DO?

    As a DO if you score over 240 on USMLE step one, do you think its still important to take USMLE step 2 on top of COMLEX step 2 if you want to match into an ACGME residency? Thanks
  13. ImgEmHopeful

    PGY1 wanting to get a Job SoCal after residency

    I am currently a PGY1 doing my residency in Florida. My entire family lives in California and are completely non-medical (no connections). I am not trying to get a job at Keck or some major trauma center. I would completely happy working at small community hospital as long it was located in...
  14. House911MD

    Useful non-EM electives for Emergency Medicine applicants?

    What non-EM electives do you think would be useful to take 4th year (maybe ones that EM residency training doesn't give enough practice in)? I've already done a SICU elective and am scheduled for a radiology and an EKG one, but I might still have some room for a few more 2 and/or 4 week. I've...
  15. G

    Peds EM

    I am interested in peds EM. I know you can either do EM residency and peds fellowship or you can do peds residency and EM fellowship. How likely is it for a DO to get these fellowships? And which route would be "easier"?
  16. FLVettrain

    What do I need to work in ED?

    What are the requirements to work in the ED? Considering a career in the Medical field. I know there are different positions in the ED. Looking for some guidance from those who have been in my position. Explain... May respond to address any of the following topics: Duration of preparation...
  17. ERresident

    Position Wanted EM PGY-2 position

    Hello, I am currently a PGY-1 Emergency Medicine resident in good standing at my current program. I have already passed all my STEPs and had a competitive in-training score. I am looking for a PGY-2 position vacant in the New England area as close to New Haven as possible. I am looking to move...
  18. M

    Advice for low step 1 and Emergency Medicine Residency

    My step 1 score was 204. I attend a reputable high ranked allopathic school. I have already pulled the NRMP statistics and understand the information they give. My question is in regards to "competitiveness" and likelihood of matching in a specific location. I know that it is subjective and...
  19. cyanide12345678

    Help Me Decide on My ROL

    I'm constantly going back and forth between Beth Israel Deaconness and Emory as my number one. I just want to hear different opinions on these two programs, and what y'all would do if you had to pick between the two. Here is my personal list of pros and cons. BIDMC: Pros: Good reputation. 3rd...
  20. U

    Update on University of Washington Resident Contract Negotiations

    As representatives of Residents and Fellows at the University of Washington, we wanted to provide some clarification regarding the ongoing negotiation process between Residents and the University. We have received many questions from applicants and created this informational post to let you...
  21. L

    Collaboration Competency and IPE Study for Physician Trainees -- Win a $500 VISA Gift Card

    Hello, I am a doctoral student at Northcentral University. As part of my doctoral dissertation, I am conducting a study to assess collaboration competency in physician trainees who have participated in interprofessional education compared to those who have not. You must be a physician trainee...
  22. AT_surf12

    EM advice

    Looking for advice from the SDN community, ideally those further along in the process than I, in regards to emergency medicine in general and EM residency. I am a third year DO student, still fairly uncertain what I want to do. I appreciate any help/advice and congrats to the 4th years finishing...
  23. M


    Hello all , i am an FMG from INDIA , i have not written any steps as of now but i am really really interested in getting EM residency , i will be applying to 2017 interviews/2018 match. i am really scared after reading all those forums that EM is very very very tough to get for an IMG , all of...
  24. UCA2390

    Residency Fairs: Networking Strategies

    As a medical student- what is the best way to go about the residency fairs at ACEP and SAEM? Any tips? How to stand out (in a good way) and how NOT to stand out (in a bad way)? Network? Can this help me to get away rotations when I apply for 4th year? Appropriate vs inappropriate questions to...
  25. N

    What in the hell?

    Hello all, Thanks for clicking. Presumably, I know that my title is a little misleading, and you're probably a little pissed, but please hear me out. I am currently a Junior at a UNI working towards her BS with an emphasis on Medical Laboratory Science. I am minoring in Nuclear Engineering...
  26. B

    IMG Applying to EM

    I really hope someone can help answer this question for me. I do apologize if it's been asked/answered before. Im an IMG applying to EM! So far I have 1 SLOE from DC and 1 was just confirmed. Should I email all the 50+ programs I applied to and notify them my SLOE was just uploaded? Or should...
  27. ImgEmHopeful

    2016 IMG EM App Thread

    Hey just hitting up all my fellow EM IMG hopefuls. I am a U.S. IMG . Just applied with a step1/step2ck/cs/us experience/citizenship. 250/259/pass1/U.S.cle/us-IMG I currently have 3 SLOEs from the same program. I'm doing one more ER rotation in October for a total of two EM rotations.