freshman year

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  1. D

    have to retake my first premed class

    I am a First Semester Freshman who is about to start up school again in 2 weeks, and I just got an email from my academic advisory saying that I need to retake Principles of Biology 1 in either this Summer or in the Fall Semester (Have a D+ while the grade to pass is a C-). Being from fresh...
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  3. N

    terrible freshman GPA

  4. N

    Bad Fresman Year Chances

    Hi everyone, I finished my freshman year with a 1.956 GPA, which is clearly a very low and poor GPA. I am really ashamed and upset with myself over this, however, I know my mistakes and what not to repeat. I am currently going to retake the two biology, chemistry, and one calculus course I did...
  5. H

    Advice for incoming Freshman PreMed?

    I will be starting as a freshman at UCLA this year and I have heard many terrifying rumors about the competitiveness and weed out classes. Any advice from other Pre Meds as to how to overcome this competitiveness? Tips and Tricks would be greatly appreciated. Im also stressed about when to find...
  6. sasukeuchiha33

    Asking for rec letter my freshman year

    Hi all! So, I am a freshman about to finish my first year of college. I know for medical school, it is standard that one have two rec letters from a science professor, and one from a non-science professor, as a minimum. I have developed a very close and personal relationship with my English...
  7. LuminatorMan

    Pre-intro Biology review advice

    Incoming freshman desiring to review biology before taking intro bio in the fall. I hope to start the class as sharp as possibly, hopefully increasing my chances of an A. The last bio instruction I recieved was about 3 years ago so I would be basically taking intro bio in a rusty state. That...
  8. VisionPre-doc

    Salus University/Pennsylvania College of Optometry - Class of 2021

    I just got accepted into PCO, and am wondering if anybody else on this forum is attending their first year this fall? I'm beyond excited to have chosen Salus, and can't wait to meet my classmates!
  9. R

    What should I be doing the summer after freshman year?

    Hi everyone, I am currently a freshman in undergrad and I am about to enter into my second semester. I was recently thinking about summer plans and was wondering what I should be doing during this time. I have a volunteer program set up at a nearby hospital for the next two semesters and I am...
  10. O

    Is there hope?

    i was dumb my freshman year. I got a 2.38 first semester and a 2.95 second semester. I since then got my act together and pulled a 3.7 this fall semester. I know I can also do it next semester because I know what I'm doing but my first year combined to be a total of a 2.72. I was wondering if I...
  11. A

    Freshman Year Schedule

    This will be my second semester as a freshman, and I am planning to take the following: Bio I w/ lab Physics II w/ lab Chem II w/ lab Elementary Spanish This amounts to 16 credits, plus 1 credit for undergraduate research. Is this too full a schedule to do (including research), along with...
  12. O

    Does it look bad to Retake Freshman classes?

    I messed up my freshman year. I have really got my ish together since then and this semester(sophomore fall) I got a 3.7GPA. I know it will only go up because I know what I'm doing now. I was thinking about retaking chem 1 next semester and chem 2 fall semester. I was wondering if that would...
  13. A

    Scribing as a Freshman?

    I just finished my first semester of undergrad, and am thinking of applying to ScribeAmerica for a scribing job next semester. As much as I would like to take up a job as a scribe, I also know that keeping up my GPA is most important (I finished this semester with a 4.0, and will be taking...
  14. S

    What do you wish you had done as a freshman (and what should I do)?

    I am a first year and I just finished my second quarter of college, having started a quarter early over the summer. My GPA is currently a 3.68 with 23 units so far. I know I can do better next quarter; I tried my best this quarter but I am learning how to study more efficiently and I can feel...
  15. J

    Lived in a car. MD achievable?

    I began my college career as a child, getting kicked out my university for a year, and wound up living in a car for a few months. I left my university with a 2.488 GPA (mostly due to living in a car, but no excuses). The year away from my University I went to a community college and took 34...
  16. J

    Is there still hope? Lived in a car

    I began my college career as a child, getting kicked out my university for a year, and wound up living in a car for a few months. I left my university with a 2.488 GPA (mostly due to living in a car, but no excuses). The year away from my University I went to a community college and took 34...
  17. O

    Not so awesome Freshman Year

  18. Froot4Lyfe

    HS Freshman Year Questions

    Ok, so I start off my freshman year next week, and I have 3 very important questions. -First, will colleges look at freshman grades? I've looked online, and some people say that it depends on what college you plan on applying to, and others say no colleges ever look into your freshman year. Is...
  19. N

    I got placed in Intermediate Algebra....

    I really messed up on my placement exam, and as a result, I got placed into Intermediate Algebra. I'm freaking out because this is going to be a waste of a semester, especially since pre-calc is a prerequisite for a bunch most science classes at my school. Do you think I'll be fine? Is this...