1. M

    C in General Chemistry this semester, should I do Credit/No Credit? [MD]

    This semester, I got a C in Chemistry... specifically, I attend the university of Miami, here the chemistry department is different, in which instead of having general chemistry 1 and then general chemistry 2, they have eternal chemistry all in 1 semester. It's really tough, and there's no...
  2. k6mryn

    HELP: B+ Or S for grading period

    Good afternoon to everyone. To make a long story short I ended my spanish class with an 89.92% and my professor has made it extremely clear he won't round up my grade to a 90.0. I am currently a freshman and last semester my grades did not do well at all (literally had the worst grades ever in...
  3. Podong194

    Problem with C- grade

    Im trying to apply for dental schools but I realized most of them require C or better scores. I had one C- for general chemistry 1 in my freshmen year but the university does not allow to retake because C- is a passing grade. What should I do?? Should I take an online class to fulfill the...
  4. DocSherman

    Nutrition under UCSD is BIOL? - BCPM or not?

    Hello! This is more of a question specific to the AAMC, so I thought this would be a good place to ask about this since the AAMC itself was pretty vague. I'm interested in taking two Nutrition courses from the UCSD Extension program. I have an interest in some aspects of nutrition and I've...
  5. B

    Is one 'C' on my transcript bad for med school?

    I am a pre med college student (Biology major) and so far I only have 1 C on my college transcript from an environmental science class. The class was really hard; I had about a 79.69 in the class but my professor refused to round my grade up to a 'B'. All my other grades have been A's and B's...
  6. J

    Revoking Acceptance

    Hi guys I was accepted to IUSO and paid my deposit. Problem is I may have recieved a C- in Biochem. Which is one of their prereqs. I would retake the course but I just graduated. Could they revoke my acceptance for this?
  7. futuredentistakh

    Should I apply to some of the schools, although I don't meet all of their requirements?

    For example Harvard says you have to have a minimum of 3.0 in all of your classes, but I have a few 2.5. Or half the schools require Anatomy, I have never taken this, should I still apply? Thank you for your answers.
  8. Franzliszt1

    MD + Grade Trend. Siren Song?

    Dear SDN, Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts, I just finished my undergraduate degree. I moved to a college far from home and started with a year of mediocrity. The next year had poorer grades but still salvageable. My upper level cGPA is a 3.853 and two of those semesters were...
  9. D

    How is step 1 actually graded/curved?

    I have heard multiple things about how the Step 1 three number score is calculated. I am curious as to how they actually make the curve. Is each test considered a data point in total or are you compared against other students who had the same questions as you only? Everyone gets a different test...
  10. S

    URGENT! FIU VS SLU - Help me please!

    Hey guys, *Sigh* What a wonderful problem to have I guess. After being mentally prepared to attend Saint Louis University for the past few months, I just squeaked in off the waitlist to Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. I need advice from those who...
  11. M

    Grades in SMP

    Hi so, I have been getting mostly B+ and As. However, I was 0.41 points from a B in physio and now have a C+. Are my chances of getting into MD schools over? I still have one year left of my SMP. My current GPA is around 3.44 with the C+.
  12. H

    Harvard summer school credits?

    If I take orgo in Harvard summer school can I send my grades to dental schools directly in the future? The problem is my university does not accept other universities credits during the summer if they are in the Boston area also. However, I do not want take orgo in my school during the summer...
  13. sasukeuchiha33

    Recommendation Letter Confusion... Help please!

    Hello, everyone! So, everywhere I read everyone seems to have the same general advice regarding recommendation letters, namely, the "basis" being 2 recommendation letters from a science professor who gave you a grade, and 1 from a non-science professor who gave you a grade. I know people...
  14. B

    Will 2 C's kill my chances?

    I got my first C in Orgo II last semester, and this semester it's looking like I'm going to get a C in physical chemistry as well (this class is killing me). :/ Overall GPA after this semester will be around 3.7. Any help? Thanks!
  15. Nita W.

    Premed advice (what next?)

    Hello sdn users, I'm seeking some advice about what my next move should be at this point. I currently have a cum. gpa of 2.52. Due to personal issues I went from being an honor-roll student to the current grade I now have. The past two quarters I finally decided to take a break from school and...
  16. F

    How does having many A- look on the application?

    The school i go to uses a 4.0, 3.9, 3.7, 3.6..etc grade system. for example my physics class required a 98-100% to get a 4.0, 96-97% 3.9..etc and I have a lot of science courses in the 3.6-3.8 range, which on the AMCAS conversion sheet for my school, it converts to an A- .I am clueless as to if...
  17. G


    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding undergrad grades. I am in the beginning of sophomore year now. Realistically speaking, if I made nothing but A's and B's throughout my 4yrs of college, how many B's could I make and still have a realistic chance of getting into MD (or even DO) school...
  18. C

    Freshman GPA: What should I do??!

    Hello, I am a new member here and just wanted to ask a few questions about being a pre-med. I just finished my freshman year. Took Gen Chem 1, writing course in the first semester and took Gen Chem 2, Bio 1 and another writing course in the second semester. (Plus other courses that count...
  19. Nita W.

    In need of sincere advice

    Hello to anyone who reads this, as you can see from the title of this conversation I'm seeking advice about my current situation. It has always been my dream to become a doctor, this is one of the earliest memories I have from growing up. This is something I've always wanted and have always...
  20. latiere


  21. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  22. rawrsy

    Grade reviews and re-evaluations

    Hello all. I'm posting here on behalf of my husband, a medical student entering his fourth year. I've used this forum and similar ones before to get insight and advice.. and am posting now bc I def feel I could use some insight from current students and MDs. My husband recently went through...
  23. J

    D in Biostatistics

    I jus finished my second year of college. I struggled heavily with my Biostatistics course and ultimately received a D. My school does not offer any grade replacements or retaking opportunities so unfortunately it is stuck on my transcript. My oGPA and sGPA is a 3.3. The class is no longer...
  24. M

    Grade Replacement vs Retaking course

    At my school we have both "grade replacement" (only 2 classes) and the option of "retaking a course" (as many times as you want). I was wondering what is the difference? Will medical schools disregard the grade replacement?
  25. M

    W or letter grade

    I am currently taking anatomy and debating about dropping the class. The class is very easy but because I am currently pregnant, it is difficult for me to focus with a pregnant brain (that feel like amnesia). I am also diagnosed with some medical problems. I am currently taking over units for a...
  26. L

    Drop Class? Study tips?

    Hey guys, I'm currently a sophomore in college. I've found the transition from high school to college quite difficult, especially relating to science classes and as such my gpa has suffered quite a bit (3C's, 4B's, 1A). A big part of why my GPA suffered so much was related to ineffective...
  27. disflore

    How to Retake classes to improve GPA for PA school?

    I'm a recent graduate from a UC in Human Biology, prior to that I was a transfer student from a CC. I'm planning on applying to PA school in the future. My degree included all the prereqs I needed for PA school so I don't need to take new classes, however I would like to improve my undergrad &...
  28. R

    Transient grade help

    I took a refresher course transient at another school but received a subpar grade in the class. I was wondering if not requesting this transcript and omitting the grade would seem suspect on a medical school application. This course was not a pre-req and I did not need it for my major. Would...
  29. noruen

    One Bad Semester...Topic for Interviews?

    My grades this semester will be pretty lackluster compared to what they've normally been. I'll get a W for dropping a philosophy class for my minor (that I'll no longer complete) due to an obtuse professor and material that didn't meet my expectations - I usually love the subject and previously...
  30. K

    What was the hardest prerequisite?

    Which science class did you get the worst grade in? Please vote using the poll.
  31. D

    What Should I Do?!

    -delete- Thank you to those who responded.
  32. confidentandgood

    (Temporary) Incomplete and Admissions

    Edit: problem solved!
  33. Tea Leaf

    Organic Chemistry

    Hi guys! So I need some advice. I am signing up for classes- late, because I had a financial hold on my account that I just cleared, and am having trouble getting in to Organic Chemistry. There are 3 slots with different professors: 8:15 AM - 9:10 AM with Professor M on MWF: FULL 4:15 PM-...
  34. V

    Starting over??

    Hello I used to attend one of the UC school (Bioengineering) but dropped out after a major depression strike. While i was attending i was able to manage 2.9 gpa in both science and pre-pharm prereq. Recently I applied to a community college to start over and retake classes after taking a year...
  35. R

    General Admissions & OTCAS If you have multiple classes that can fulfil prereqs, which one do they look at?

    I'm a psych major and my program requires a couple abnormal psych courses, which I've taken a bunch of. Which class will they use to fulfill the prereq? Will they take the latest class, the highest grade, one big average of all?
  36. A

    Feeling discouraged. Is med school far fetched?

    I am an undergrad and I had pretty bad first two semesters. Second semester was worse than the first. The third semester I would say was fine. I was just wondering if medical school is far fetched at this point? I had valid reasons to do bad in my second semester. So in more detail: first...
  37. D

    Do Pharmacy Schools honor grade forgiveness?

    So I'm extremely new to SDN (this is my first post) so be merciful pls :) I just wanted to know if Pharmacy schools take into account your new GPA if you have retaken a class or two. Doing so has really helped my GPA so I was wondering if Pharmacy schools would consider it. Also, do any other...