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  1. ChaosArcher

    Is it worth specializing in SA Internal Med?

    So I'm at a dilemma, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've always assumed I would leave vet school and go into general practice right away- it's the pragmatic choice, after all, and I've always been a pragmatic thinker. Diving straight in would mean I could start getting a good salary...
  2. M

    Dual Applied to FM and IM at same hospital and withdrew one. Have I totally screwed up my chances?

    I am dual applying this cycle for FM and IM. FM is my first choice but applied to IM as a backup as well. I mistakenly thought that you could dual apply to 2 specialties at the same hospital and just heard today that this is not smart at all so I withdrew my IM applications from those hospitals...
  3. Sweet Orange Juice

    How to Calculate Potassium Replacement Therapy using Potassium Tablet and Potassium Chloride Infusion?

    So, as far as I know, to calculate the potassium deficit, the following formula can be used: Kdeficit (in mmol) = (Knormal lower limit − Kmeasured) × kg body weight × 0.4 But how do we select the dose for Potassium Tablet and Potassium Chloride Infusion? Can someone give me an example? Many...
  4. D

    Position Wanted Categorical or Preliminary or transitional position for PGY 1

    Hey guys, I am a 4th year medical student who was unable to match. Please, I am looking for categorical or any prelim/transitional year positions that may become available. Please message me if you see any opportunities, it would be greatly appreciated. I have all my documents ready upon...
  5. E

    IM / Hospitalist (after residency)

    I'm almost done my MS-3 and coming closer to making a decision on what I want to do. I've search extensively on my questions written below, but was either outdated or unsatisfied with the answers. Hoping for some clarification. In addition to the work, I value family time > travel > hobbies. I...
  6. calvinhobbes

    AOA sues ABIM

    Outcome of the lawsuit could have major implications... or not. I know one of the points of the residency merger was to allow DO’s into ACGME fellowships. It’ll be interesting if the outcome of this case affects other ABMS...
  7. T

    Sleeping issue during internal medicine rotation

    I am about to enter internal medicine rotation/ residency with 28 hours shift with no or minimal sleep. How can I maintain my concentration and performance in such sleep-deprived and heavy workload environment?
  8. R

    Position Wanted looking for a PGY-1 FM/IM residency, Georgia Resident, ECFMG certified, All Steps Passed

    I am a ECFMG certified IMG living in Georgia, USA. I am a resident and I am looking for a PGY-1 position residency and am willing to relocate. I have cleared my Step 1, 2 CK& CS and Step 3. I have completed a course from Harvard Medical School, ‘Safety,Quality, Informatics and Leadership’ which...
  9. D

    Community Health IM vs. Primary care IM vs. Family Medicine

    What is the difference between an Internal Medicine (Community Health Track) specialty vs. IM (primary care track) vs. a Family Medicine specialty? ex: Programs for example NYU seem to offer various tracks within their Internal Medicine scheme, including community health, primary care, and...
  10. B

    MD Confused MSIII looking for advice

    Long time lurker, first post. Confused MSIII at a mid-tier state MD-school, trying to narrow down what to pursue. I'm currently towards the beginning my 3rd year so haven't finished all my clerkships yet. I had my surgery clerkship (HP) and wasn't the biggest fan but I think it may attributed to...
  11. Piglet2020

    Ophthalmology (and others) interest - step score?

    Hello, I’m a MS2 and I’ll be taking step next summer. I know ophthalmology is a competitive specialty (~240 avg step) but I think it’s something I’m really passionate about. (Even reading research articles on ophthalmology = fun for me, could be a sign this is my calling?? Never got bored...
  12. R

    Primary care prior to rheumatology

    I did primary care for a few years and now applying for rheumatology. Would this count against me? how should I approach explaining this so it would be in my favor? Thanks for your help.
  13. whosnisarg

    Rutgers 3 Year Primary Care Track Question

    Hey guys! I was looking into Rutgers NJMS 3 Year Primary Care track. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Question: In the FAQ, they discourage anyone in the accelerated program from sub-specializing. However, if we would be board certified in Internal Med by the end, what prevents going onto an...
  14. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  15. S

    Position Swap PGY1 swap IM to anesthesia

    Matched into IM categorial in FL (university program). Looking to swap into anesthesia (any location). If interested please message me. Thank you
  16. M

    Position Swap PGY 1 FM midwest for PGY 1 IM any location

    Message for details
  17. gozes

    My take on the match process as an LGBT applicant.

    I'm deciding to make this post because in the hopes that it could be helpful to others in the future. I wasn't sure how this process was going to go for me to be honest. One of the biggest decisions I had to make before the application process was whether or not I wanted to include it as part of...
  18. rs_med_student

    how do i deal with Murmurs ?

    i'm about to finish my 4th year in med school (our course is 6 years) one thing that really irritates me is the way physical exam is so glorified and they keep telling us hypothetical stuff about murmurs and stuff (murmur timing, change with position and maneuvers and such) when in reality...
  19. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Medicine in Chicago looking for position in Houston, TX or surroundings.

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  20. M

    Program Specific Questions

    If one wants to get into an Endo or Heme-Onc fellowship and wants to have some clinical research done...? The facilities are allegedly in the top 5 in the US, and it's near Boston, and it is affiliated with UMass...anyone really wanting to train there? Thanks for the input. (This post is not for...
  21. Piglet2020

    Aiming too high? (Competitive specialty too competitive)

    Hey friends, I’m an MS1 trying to figure out my interests. Let me just start off saying I find IM, rads, & ophtho interesting. However, I’m worried that I’m aiming a bit too high since I realized just how competitive ophthalmology & radiology are... I’m by no means at the top of my class (or...
  22. D

    University, Community(University Affiliated) and Ambulatory Residencies

    Quick background: I'm applying into internal medicine and I would like to pursue a fellowship after I'm done with IM. I'm seeing in FREIDA as well as in ERAS that there are programs that are Community (University Affilitiated) as well as communites non university affiliated programs. Others that...
  23. I

    Latin American friendly IM programs

    I'm not sure if this subject has been discussed before. I've seen many programs where IMG's come from Middle east and India without any Latin american resident and also there are programs where IMG's come from Latin American countries mostly. I know programs usually are more comfortable picking...
  24. M

    Low COMLEX score, can I still do internal?

    Got my COMLEX level 1 score back today - 428. Never been good at standardized testing, and would def say I had a ****ty test day. Currently on my 3rd year rotations and I'm totally digging internal and the whole hospital environment in general and could positively say I would choose this over...
  25. RaginMD

    Residency competitiveness for IM with a 218 on STEP 1

    Maybe this is a stupid question but I made a 218 on STEP 1 (about 20 points lower than my practice exams, I got screwed), anyway, now that I have accepted this score, what IM programs would be completely out of reach for internal med? I was looking at Chicago and they all seem super competitive...
  26. S

    Position Wanted PGY-3 Internal Medicine PA/NJ

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any internal medicine programs with an open PGY-3 position? I am in south jersey/philadelphia area and need to stay within an hour of this area. Thank you!
  27. H

    Need Advice : Quit Ophtho, want IM

    Hi there. I guess someone could give me any advice. I am a first year ophthalmology resident. i felt that although this field is interesting,turns out I did not really enjoy it. I'm wondering that Internal Medicine may be a good fit for me. It involves with intensive patient care, it keeps you...
  28. C

    Need Elective Scheduling Advice!!

    Hi everyone! I'm an IMG (from one of the top 5 Caribbean schools) about to finish my 3rd year in August. I won't be applying for the match this year as I want to be able to apply with a complete application (I wouldn't have my CK scores in and I probably wouldn't have even taken CS by the time...
  29. M

    MD Residency application with a low Step1 score

    Hi everyone! I am a medical student attending a state medical school in the US. I got an unexpectedly low Step1 score (208) and I am distraught about it. I am interested in Cardiology right now so planning to apply to IM residencies (haven't completely ruled out surgery though). I am currently...
  30. haidarmm

    Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review or Step Up to Medicine

    Hello, I just wanted to get everyone’s input on what they chose to use when going over material during their internal medicine rotation. Which of these two did you prefer? If you chose something other than the two in the title, please let me know, along with the reason why you chose the...
  31. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM (C)/(P), FM, or TY wanted

    Hi I am US citizen, recent graduate, strong application but unique situation put me off need of Internal Medicine, Prelim/Transitional Year PGY1 position if available anywhere please message me. Flexible with location.
  32. DOorDONT


    Hey everyone. Well, I've been reading SDN since 2010, when I entered college and for better or worse, this website has always been a resource I've come back to. Now, I'm in medical school, DO, and in my 3rd year. I'll be graduating next year, hopefully, in 2019. During that time AOA residencies...
  33. Kakarrott

    How does your practise look like if you finish the EM/IM/CC residency?

    Exactly what a head of this post ask. I somehow have a hard time imagining how you can do all of those at once.
  34. B

    Lifestyle as a army internist?

    Can anyone comment on the lifestyle of being an general internist in the Army? Do you work only hospital or only clinic, or a mix? Do you have a choice on what you want to do in that regard, i.e. Just be an internist working outpatient 8-5 vs internist working 7 12's on, 7 off? Thanks for any...
  35. N

    Switching from IM/Peds to PMR

    Hello, I am a PGY-1 in a IM/Peds program and am strongly considering switching to PM&R. I did two PM&R rotations as a med student, and actually applied to and interviewed in IM/Peds, IM and PM&R, with my rank list looking like 1 IM/Peds program (the one I matched in), then 4 PM&R programs (I've...
  36. M

    Accepted to Yale Elective!! Need advice!!!

    Could anyone offer their experiences at Yale as an elective student? I've been accepted for IM-Gastro and IM-Allergy/Immuno and a friend of mine I think has been accepted for General Surgery. If anyone could offer their experiences or advice as to whether it's worth taking, I'd appreciate it...
  37. B

    ARMY HPSP- Internal Medicine and ID Experts Please!!

    Hi! HPSP applicant here who has been accepted to his state medical school. I have been doing research out the wazo to find answers to my questions, but have yet to get a solid answer. I thought I would post here for some honest help! My situation: Accepted to state medical school, which will...
  38. I

    SUNY Downstate Internal Medicine (Program update from an insider!)

    Hi all. So I saw the post from 2007 when searching my program on Google that said SAY NO TO SUNY DOWNSTATE. I was not here in 2007, but I can speak for 2017. I am coming from a US medical school, so I was not desperate for a residency program. The thing that stuck out most to me on interview day...
  39. K

    Re-Applying to Residency following Dismissal as Intern

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding a current situation that is particularly distressing to me as I move forward to (hopefully) recontinue my career in medicine I recently was dismissed from my residency shortly into my intern (PGY-1) year after a few episodes of being...
  40. L

    Very uneasy about specialty choice