1. J

    Does being a part time student your whole college career look bad when applying to medical school?

    So, my whole college career I have always been a part time student because I have needed to work to afford to live/pay for school. I have had a few semesters where I had 15 credits, but the vast majority were 12 or less. I don't know if it makes a difference that I have been working as an...
  2. M

    Adcoms- Listing volunteering on amcas

    So I started a non-clinical volunteer position summer before the 9th grade and was a full time summer volunteer for 5 years and did part time work since (currently a college junior). Is it fine to put the date range as 2012-2019 865 hours and then explain in the description part when my full...
  3. Future_cardio

    Confused and lost on majors. PLEASE HELP..

    Hello everyone, I am a high school senior about to graduate. I decided that I want to go to med schoold and become a doctor. But choosing a major is actually hard for me. At first, I wanted to major in Biology because that seemed like the right thing to do. And I do love Biology. Then I did...
  4. M

    High Stat Applicants-Did you get yield protected from state schools?

    As application time grows nearer and I finalize my school list I have heard about lower tier schools yield protecting applicants with high stats. I have a lizzym of around 82 and I wanted to know if any past applicants have had the experience of their state schools rejecting them seemingly...
  5. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  6. Dr. ThorStrange

    Which GPA Should be Used for LizzyM Score?

    What I mean by this: Do you use the cGPA you had when applying to schools, or can it be calculated using an updated cGPA, such as after another semester? Another way to look at it: Should you stick to one LizzyM Score, or should you recalculate each time after updating your cGPA, such as after...
  7. S

    522 MCAT/Low GPA: Am I too far down the hole?

    I graduated recently with a Bio degree in TX. I'll spare everyone the sob story and details--other than stats. cGPA: 2.6 sGPA: 2.4 MCAT: 522 (took it May) ECs: 1 publication, plenty of shadowing and clinical volunteer hours. Most of my pre-reqs were Cs, (F in orgo1, retook for a C, D in Bio2...
  8. DoctorOrdinary

    Boundaries of Volunteering, Making myself a "well rounded" applicant

    Many medical schools love insane amounts of volunteering, whether clinical or non-clinical. I do the typical box-checking stuff to meet the 100-200 hour "requirement" to make myself a better applicant, but I've only recently started and I will be applying next cycle. However, I also founded an...
  9. U

    Waitlisted at 7 schools 0 acceptances; 525 MCAT; Adcom advice?

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate advice especially from adcoms on what I should do... I won't give entire details in order to preserve anonymity, but: I have just under a 3.8 GPA/scGPA, went to a top undergrad, got a 525 on MCAT. ORM My extracurriculars were decent, I was a leader of a...
  10. M

    International Student (What are my chances?)

    I would appreciate help creating a school list (MD and DO) cGPA: 3.901 sGPA: 4.0 (Note: My undergrad is not very prestigious, but got a scholarship that reduced my tution from international to resident tution fees) MCAT: (June) Residency: International Clinical hours: 500+ ER Scribe, 100+ PCP...
  11. P

    Help with school list- problem might be ECs?

    This is my first time ever posting on SDN after years of lurking so please bear with me! I want to make my school list now that way I can prepare over this semester for the 2018-2019 app cycle. I have used the LizzyM (76.4) and WARS (88) scores but I feel like my stats put me at a higher tier of...
  12. DrZoster

    Source for "Schools in your LizzyM Zone"

    Hey SDN long-time listener first time caller here! I'm curious about where the data for avg GPA and MCAT values on the Schools in your LizzyM Zone page that comes up after you enter your own scores and set the bar to show you schools within the chosen range of estimated LizzyM scores. When you...
  13. P

    Nontrad applying under Disadvantaged status

    hello all, After taking several years off, I have finally decided to apply this year. My stats are 3.43 cGPA + sGPA ( from a top 30 west coast school and postbac at a state school) with a 522 MCAT ( 40 old MCAT) MY ecs are as follows: 2 years Molecular Genetics Research 2 year stem cell...
  14. P

    regarding resolved incomplete grades

    hi all, , as I had several incomplete grades over the course of my academic career, I resolved these incompletes with A's. I read in the AMCAS manual, however, that I should still list these courses as incompletes but the grade ( A) will be computed into my AMCAS gpa. my question is how do...
  15. Olivary

    interview with below average stats

    Any advice on how to succeed in interviews with below average stats? GPA 3.6 and 501 MCAT. I have two interviews so far (one is my state school). I am ORM but non-trad with killer ECs Thanks
  16. LJA1

    I have 284 credits - What do I do now?

    I had quite the surprise this morning when I read on the AACOMAS website that they now factor in all course attempts into GPA. Grade forgiveness was going to be my saving grace, or so I thought. I've been getting ready to apply next cycle (2018) and had no idea they had changed their policy...
  17. T

    MD 3.93, 518, non-cheating Institutional Action

    Graduating in 2018, top 30 school. Biology BS cGPA: 3.93, sGPA: 3.93 mcat: 518 RESEARCH- 1 year, 150 hours, not clinical, basically a literature review type study but worked with a team and directly with professor. got a poster presentation out of it, no publications VOLUNTEERING (clinical)-...
  18. SterlingMaloryArcher

    A GPA Discussion (Low cGPA, High sGPA, Trends, and HS College Work)

    Really how important is cGPA? I know if it's extremely low you can be screened out (by a computer?) What's typically the cutoff point for this? Although I feel cGPA is kind of run in the ground. When people ask "What Are My Chances?" wouldn't a much more relevant way to look at cumulative GPA be...
  19. CUatthefinishline

    Good range for LizzyM school list?

    I looked throughout the forums for a definitive answer on this, but didn't see one. When you get your score it automatically is set to give you a school list within 10% of your LizzyM score, and I just wanted to know if that is considered "not to high" and "not to low"? For example if I looked...
  20. SSDGM

    WAMC? School List Included! Native/3.98/30 MCAT

    Hi All! Applying this upcoming round and I've been working really hard to get an idea of what my school list should be. I've primarily been using the LizzyM score and WARS to guide me. I could use some feedback please :) Please note that I took the MCAT in January 2015. This means it is...
  21. L

    MD Help with school list cGPA 3.87 sGPA 3.83 MCAT 516

  22. L

    WAMC? 3.87 cGPA 3.84 sGPA 516 MCAT

  23. Marowak

    Which GPA to use?

    Which gpa (cumulative/BCPM) should I use to calculate my Lizzym score? Also, I've downloaded the AMCAS table of GPA/MCAT scores for matriculants- does that use cumulative or BCPM gpa? (I promised I searched for this and I'm only posting because I couldn't find a clear answer!)
  24. C

    Texas vs Arkansas to establish residency for med school exclusively

    Currently legally working in AR over a year and just got a job offer in TX. I am still classified as international student and trying to see which state will be best for me to reside as a future med school hopeful considering my US biology cgpa 3.3ish and sgpa 3.1ish ORM. I have observed...
  25. S

    nontrad paramedic w bs bio, ms mgmt ... chances??

    I'm hoping for some candid advice.... I'm wondering the real chances of pursuing this undying medical field passion as a career ... or finding other ways to fulfill the physical passion. I'm a 33yr old single mom w an 11yr old son and 6yr old daughter. I had my son days before my senior year...
  26. kaleidoscope7

    Advice on Prerequisites for recently admitted MD- need by Aug 2016

    Hello SDN! I got accepted into an MD program (yay!) to begin August 2016! Unfortunately this school has a few extra requirements but it is my first choice. Do any of you wonderful people spread out all over the country have advice for me? I'm currently working full time and away from any...
  27. ZedsDed

    The average LizzyM score of SDN!

    One of the most frequent charges leveled against SDN is that the site is home to too many high-stats applicants who give an imbalanced view of the admissions process. Well, let's find out if this is true! A few things: 1) LizzyM formula for those who have taken the old MCAT: (GPA*10+MCAT) 2)...