1. ElleTori

    Massachusetts MPJE

    Is anyone taking the MA MPJE? If so, what study materials are you using?
  2. Joleybear

    Did anyone NOT use RxPrep to study for NAPLEX/MPJE? Are there more affordable alternatives?

    Has anyone passed the NAPLEX and MPJE using more affordable resources than RxPrep? My school does not provide anything for us to study as far as I know and I am supposed to take the exam in 2024. I was looking into RxPrep, but I am not sure how I feel about paying over $1,000 on materials to...
  3. P

    Michigan licensure process

    Hey all, I am obtaining Michigan pharmacist licensure by endorsement as I’m already licensed in Illinois. I took my Michigan MPJE Friday, 3/17 and just yesterday 3/21 the attachment showed up on LARA for fingerprinting instructions. Is this an indication I passed the MPJE!? The wait is killing me.
  4. O

    NJ MPJE 2021

    I'm currently studying for the NJ MPJE. So far I've used RxPrep MPJE, and the documents from the NJ BOP website. What else do you guys suggest I can use to study or can do to study to help ensure I pass this exam 1st time? How many questions do you think you would need to get in...
  5. L

    RI MPJE Suggestions

    Hoping to get some advice/suggestions on how to study for the rhode island MPJE! So far, I found the "Study Material" link from the site and plan to go through all the materials listed. I searched here and on other forums but I haven't found any posts recently. Open to any and all...
  6. A

    Pharmacist License 2020 (Score Transfer, Primary State License v. Secondary, Reciprocating, etc... )

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone knew any detailed information regarding changing a primary license. The info on this topic is so limited. I've asked friends, no one really knows the answers to many of these questions. - What is the process of doing so? Can it be done? - Does the 90 day rule...
  7. E

    Virginia MPJE

    Hello, I am taking the VA MPJE in a few days and I wanted to see if anyone had used If so, did you find it helpful/ worth $70? Also, while I have your attention. Can anyone clarify about out of state control substance prescribing. Are scripts written by NPs, PAs, and...
  8. H

    MPJE Mn?

    Does anyone have any tips for the MN MPJE? My exam is coming up in a few days and I am getting very nervous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  9. S

    Florida MPJE!!!

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new post regarding the Florida MPJE. I wanted to create a place for people in similar positions to come together and hopefully help one and other pass the exam. I wanted to begin with a few general questions if anybody can help! 1) Is the USF Pharmacy Law...
  10. J

    Illinois MPJE 2019?

    I am planning to take Illinois MPJE in March 2019. Would Dr. Rickert's 2018 packet be current enough? Thinking of purchasing it, but just wondering if it would be still valid.
  11. S

    Michigan MPJE - study materials

    Anyone used the pharmacyexam MI study materials? It is $68 and just wondering if it helped at all.
  12. C

    Transfer license to Washington DC/Maryland

    hi! anyone have advice in how to easily transfer license? my understanding is I have to take both the MPJE. coming from california so i never took the MJPE - do i have take it twice for both maryland and then for dc? Or is it there is a general MPJE and hten a subsection for each state? Any...
  13. L

    AK Mpje...round 2

    Hi everyone. I just took my mpje for the second time today and felt like I completely failed it. I passed my NAPLEX on my first try the first week of October. I scheduled my first mpje a week after I took the NAPLEX. I was working the whole time and only had one full day of studying. I failed...
  14. gopeepants

    IL MPJE: My Revenge

    I failed the MPJE for IL on my 1st attempt but passed on my 2nd attempt. For my 2nd attempt I used Rickert's packet, and the IL Pharmacist Law MPJE Study guide from rxpharmacist website I pretty much read through the book and Rickert's packet again and made flash cards. The best thing I did was...
  15. L

    IL MPJE Study Tips

    Hi, What were the most useful resources when studying for the IL MPJE? Any books particularly useful? Any helpful study tips/things to watch out for? Transferring my license and looking to take my exam ASAP, and don't even know where to start! TIA!
  16. L

    NAPLEX, state board identity card

    Is it true that to apply for pharmacy state licensure by examination (NAPLEX/MPJE), you need a specific state identity card and not only american passport proof in order to give you an authorization to test? If that's the case how do out of state, or even out of country people apply? I know...
  17. pharmlate

    Maryland MPJE: advice?

    Hi! Any tips on how to study for the Maryland MPJE? Thank you!
  18. P

    Michigan MPJE

    Hi everyone! So I am about to start studying for MI MPJE and now im freaking out because I have no idea where to start. I purchased the book by Dr. Vivian and that is all. What other resources should I use? Also for those who used Rx Prep, did it help...was it worth it? TIA
  19. P

    PASSED GA MPJE--Resources/Advice

    Hello SDNer's ESPECIALLY Georgia ones! I wanted to make this post for the future MPJE takers of Georgia. First let me tell you, ALMOST EVERY MPJE is difficult, its law, we only got like a semester of it and mostly superficial and the important laws we use while working etc. I studied about 6...
  20. F

    NJ transferring controls

    can controls 3-5 be transferred electronically or by fax in New Jersey or can it only be transferred by phone?
  21. H

    MPJE Study Resources

    Hey everyone. Has anyone here used the tl;dr mpje cheat sheet? (I can't post the link because I haven't made enough posts) It's cheap compared to all the other study material out there and I was wondering if anyone used it and did well. Would this be enough or should I shell out money on some...
  22. D


    Does anyone have any experience or know of someone who has recently taken the Massachusetts MPJE? I'm having trouble finding study material and am wondering what people have used to study? Thanks in advance for any help!
  23. F


    I was wondering how people go about studying for the NJ MPJE.
  24. A

    IL NAPLEX results

    Anyone know how long it takes for test results to be updated on Continental website? Took the NAPLEX on Friday. Also do they only update the results once a day?
  25. Leandispenser

    For Sale RxPrep 2018 book + RxPrep MPJE book $155

    The rxprep course book is brand new still in wrapping and MPJE book is lightly used /highlighted in...Selling both for $155 total.
  26. T

    For Sale 2018 NAPLEX/TX MPJE Study Material-$125

    Selling a copy of the "The Ultimate Texas MPJE Review Guide 2018" and "RxPrep 2018". In excellent condition with minimal markings in the RxPrep book and no markings in the MPJE book. PM for more details
  27. S


    Hi, I'm looking to reciprocate my license to NC. I was wondering if there is any study material anyone can share or give me any study strategies that will help me pass. Anything will help! Thanks!
  28. S


    Hi, I'm looking to reciprocate my license to NC. I was wondering if there is any study material anyone can share or give me any study strategies that will help me pass. Anything will help! Thanks!
  29. P

    Michigan Pharmacist Licensing- Boards Eligibility Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the MI state board to process your pharmacist application and verify your eligibility to sit for the boards? I submitted my application a long time ago, yet it still says "eligibility requested" on the NABP website. According to the MI health...
  30. H


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend what they used to study for (and pass) Massachusetts's MPJE? Did anyone use Prontopass? All they do is send you the same statutes you can find online, correct? Thanks
  31. M

    Failed NH MPJE now what?

    I just took the NH MPJE and failed by 1 point, I got a 74. I used pharmacy exam NH, RXprep Federal Law, Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law book and Pronto Pass for NH. I felt pretty good going in and after the test but then i failed by one point and I'm not sure what or how to study now. Any advice...
  32. A

    For Sale Pharmacy Law Simplified - New York MPJE Study Guide for 2017-2018

    Selling my copy of NYS Pharmacy Law Simplified Study Guide. Guide is in like new condition. I've put it up on ebay; any questions, feel free to message me either there or here. Link to sale: Pharmacy Law Simplified - New York MPJE Study Guide for 2017-2018
  33. P

    Virginia MPJE Material

    Does anyone have suggestions for studying for Virginia MPJE? I have never practiced in the state but have accepted a job there following graduation in May. I saw a lot of positive reviews about the Long/Lipton book - have the laws changed much since this was published? How else should I study...
  34. Y

    IL MPJE Results Wait Time

    If you recently took IL MPJE via license transfer/reciprocity, how long did it take you to get your results, and how did you receive them? Mail or email?
  35. Y


    I am taking soon and a job offer is at stake. Any advice from recent takers? Any tips on how to figure out exam result before waiting the long non-electronic score reporting period?
  36. S

    Guam MPJE 2017-2018 HELP!

  37. N

    IN MPJE Law Review

    Help!!! Is there anyone that can help me with the Indiana Pharmacy Law Review? I didn't go to school in that state and I've failed the MPJE twice now!! (74 both times and needed a 75 to pass). I need some advice on study materials. What works and what doesn't. TIA
  38. I

    Florida MPJE

    Hello everyone! From new york and I'm planning to get licensed in florida and registered for the MPJE exam. I bought Strauss Review, I hope it helps. But I'm not sure if its enough. Anyone have tips, better study notes, sample questions, anything? Are strauss notes good enough? Please let me...
  39. S

    Any good TX Mpje practice questions out there?

    I've read through the Brinkley book like 4 times along with questions in the back. Would I need to prepare in any other way?? Any good tx mpje practice exams out there?
  40. E

    Virginia Pharmacy Law

    Hello, I am a current pharmacy student in New York and hoping to move to Virginia post graduation. Looking to get more information about VA pharmacy law. Does VA have a compounding portion to get licensed? Is VA mostly federal pharmacy law or more state specific like NY? Any information that I...