1. doctor-who

    April 2024 NAVLE Results

    Hi friends, just starting this thread early for anyone else feeling beyond anxious (like me). Do you think there is any chance we could get results before 5/24? I am dreading getting my results on the day of graduation (or after graduation!), but am worried since this April window goes so late.
  2. cowtownqueen

    NAVLE 2024 Results

    Hi all, I know we are all anxiously awaiting hearing back about our NAVLE scores. I couldn’t find another thread for this cycle so I decided to start one here. Anyone have a guess as to when we will hear back about scores?
  3. Kiran k

    Whatspp groups for BCSE, NAVLE, CPE, PAVE, QSE

    I have created separate WhatsApp groups as I found no WhatsApp groups to join and ask for help. BCSE: BCSE NAVLE: NAVLE CPE: CPE QSE(for PAVE): PAVE: PAVE Practicing ECFVG vets: Practicing Vets
  4. L

    NAVLE April 2023 Cycle

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to start a thread for anyone who is also waiting for their results from the April 2023 cycle. How are yall feeling?
  5. M

    NAVLE test day lunch

    What do you guys bring for lunch on NAVLE test day? Looking for ideas
  6. V

    2 weeks to NAVLE, failed ICVA Practice Exam

    Extremely anxious vet student here. Have 2 weeks to NAVLE test date, just took second ICVA practice exam and range was 366-458, which is not great. I'm 50% through Zuku (combined random + study, not individually). I have these 2 weeks of vacation to cram like hell but right now I'm not feeling...
  7. O

    Do I have to memorize drug doses for NAVLE?

    Basically, as the title states, I’m wondering if I have to have drug doses memorized in order to take the NAVLE. I’m only a 1st year student so I know I have a long way to go until that test, but I’m currently taking pharmacology, and I make flashcards that I intend to continue studying...
  8. jjmanutd24

    NAVLE Score Transfers

    Hey guys! Im a foreign veterinary graduate from India. I recently passed the ECFVG and the NAVLE after almost 2 years of hard work. So i took the NAVLE in Connecticut and I am currently waiting for my Connecticut state license (i took it here because I was working as a Vet Tech at a hospital...
  9. Evyamiga <3

    Vet Student burned out, tired and ending it all after 4 years

    Well, it's no surprise that NAVLE results came out yesterday for some. I failed ....At this point I'm tired of working so hard for years and leaving my home for nothing. Before y'all start with the classics: "You can retake it", "It's not end of the world", "It happens" ... Hear me out. I've...
  10. langiyo

    Just your typical 3rd year TERRIFIED of NAVLE/4th year

    Hi guys, Heads up, I'm about to emotionally vomit all over you in 3....2....1... GO: So we just got our rotation schedules for fourth year emailed to us, and it kind of made everything real and I feel like I've been sucker punched in the kidney. I've been through a lot in my vet school journey...
  11. S

    Matching at internships without passing NAVLE?

    I'm getting ready to submit my application for rotating internships and getting ready to take the NAVLE for the first time this winter. I know there's a second testing window in April, but playing the devil's advocate here... what happens if you match at a rotating internship but you fail the...
  12. M

    Navle Exam April 2019 Study Group

    Hi, I am using VetPREP courseware to prepare for Navle Exam on April 2019. This will be my third attempt to pass the exam and I already have experience. I am looking for a study group in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. If you are interested, please give me a message.
  13. kernel

    Need advice, ideas, and suggested timeline for self pity. Or maybe you went thru the same?

    Hi all, Here's another chronicle about how the NAVLE can crush some peoples' souls. Here's mine, and I'm still feeling so empty/shocked/utterly pathetic that I could really use and would appreciate everyone's insight, personal stories, comfort, reminders to buck the f*ck up, ideas for the next...
  14. V

    Programs like VSTEP?

    I am a foreign-trained vet who is preparing to take BCSE this year. I heard about the Canadian VSTEP program -a 6 month program with lectures and hands-on training for foreign vets. I was planning to apply next year, only to find out that they just discontinued the program. Does anyone know of...
  15. A

    NAVLE prep - VetPrep & Zuku Standard vs Premium

    Hey everyone, I am in the class of 2019, and it's the last day of the winter sale for Zuku Review (where you buy 6 months and get subscribed through December). VetPrep's similar winter sale ends March 1. There are a lot of posts asking about Zuku vs VetPrep, and which will help you do better...
  16. D

    Taking the NAVLE in an unusual situation, having passed before.

    Hi, I graduated vet school and passed the NAVLE in 2007, and became licensed in Illinois. It took me a few tries though. That was due to going to a foreign vet school which is AVMA accredited, but I was not adjusted to multiple choice questions and had to learn that skill. Due to a serious...
  17. jjmanutd24

    CPE Prep 2018

    Hey there everyone! hope everyones doing great! This thread is basically for students/foreign students who are enrolled in the ECFVG program. I graduated from Bombay Veterinary college in 2016. SO. I passed the BCSE exam on my 2nd try in July and im currently studying for the December NAVLE...
  18. R

    Time gap between BSCE and CPE

    Hey! I am a veterinary student from Turkey and i really need to know the maximum time gap between BSCE and CPE (without losing the eligibility). Cause the price of CPE is so high and i need to save money before taking the CPE. And my other question is, can i work in veterinary field for some...
  19. N

    NPTE NAVLE Dec 2017 study group

    Hi there, I am a foreign vet graduate in Canada planning to take NAVLE in Dec 2017. Any one like to be a study partner or add me to a study group? Thanks.
  20. J

    traveling vet surgeon?

    Hi everyone! :clap: I am a vet graduated 2 years ago, and had 1.5 year of experience in a SA hospital. I love travelling and surgeries, and had a (unrealistic) dream of doing both of them together, for example, a relief /locum vet that work 3 months in a place, and travel from country to...
  21. Log8

    How early do I start studying for the NAVLE/ECFVG?

    I am an American from North Carolina currently studying and almost completing my 2nd year of vet school in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. My plan is to graduate and move back to the US, but I've been becoming increasingly worried about being prepared when the time comes to enroll in the ECFVG. The...
  22. jjmanutd24

    Foreign Veterinary Graduate from India

    Hey Guys, So I'm almost done with my final year of my Bachelors Veterinary Degree in India, I will be awarded a BVSc & AH (Animals Husbandry) degree. I have a green card and I intend on studying in the United States. I understand my degree is not recognized and that I have to go through the...