1. F

    October- November NPTE 2021

    Not sure if there is a thread yet, but feeling like the NPTE exam was much harder than I expected!! I was wondering how everyone else is feeling about it? Please post your practice exam scores if you are comfortable (like the past NPTE threads), Thanks and good luck to everyone who still needs...
  2. D

    October 2020 NPTE

    Hey everyone! Hoping I am not the only one who came to this website in a frantic panic after taking the NPTE this month. So I thought I would start a thread we can all share in this feeling through our week of waiting. Lol. How did everyone feel?? *****Be sure not to post any specific test...
  3. T

    NPTE May 2020

    *Ensure that contents of the exam are NOT discussed within this forum! Congrats to those who have taken the May 2020 NPTE thus far and good luck to those yet to take it this month! I wanted to start this thread for 3 purposes - to see how everyone felt about the exam, to encourage each...
  4. S

    What happens if your NPTE gets “snowed out”?

    After months of prep the big day is almost here and I’m ready to knock thing out, but it looks like we’re getting 8-9 inches of snow tonight. If that happens I have a feeling they’ll close the test center. I called Prometric and they said that when this happens people are simply pushed to...
  5. S

    October 2019 NPTE

    Anyone ready for the NPTE and has any advice on preparing for the test? Everyone says this year is a nightmare. I use a practice test every Thursday (sometimes every other Thursday) and review ALL of my questions/answers. I use TherapyEd and Scorebuilders Basecamp as my primary means of...
  6. Faganj5

    NPTE January 2019

    Havent seen much about the NPTE January exam. Just wondering what people thought? Harder or easier than expected?
  7. R

    Prep for NPTE July 2018

    I have the July 2018 NPTE scheduled and its almost 1 month away. I was wanting to know if there are any helpful tips on how to really prep for this exam. I've been utilizing the Osullivan book for the majority of my prep. Also, people who have taken it the second time, is it harder? Or...
  8. T

    opinions on DPT programs with clinicals the entire last year

    I am looking a program that does clinicals the last three semesters, but am wondering if that would be a challenge with boards. I realize that I will be studying after I leave the clinic during those rotations, but it seems like it would be easier to study for boards if I had some opportunity to...
  9. V

    NPTE - PTA

    Hello all! I am an SPTA, currently prepping to take the NPTE-PTA in April 2018. I am currently using Scorebuilders as my study guide, and I just want to get a feel for how people have done in the past on the NPTE for PTA's and if there are any other people out there taking the exam in April as...
  10. Z

    Looking for a Study Buddy for the January 2018 NPTE

    I just recently took the Oct 2017 NPTE and unfortunately failed it, but i am planning to take the Jan 2018 NPTE and would like to know if anyone has a study group or is looking for a study partner. I am foreign educated, btw. Anyone interested please hit me up :)
  11. C

    NPTE prep books for sale

    I would like to sell these prep books that I bought 9 month ago to whom do not care about markings, highlights, and underlinings. Would you email me if you are interested in. →[email protected] ①PT EXAM, The complete study guide by Scott M. Gilles ② 2016 Review and Study Guide 19th...
  12. D

    Does your program allow you to take the NPTE prior to graduation?

    Hi everyone! I attend a school in the midwest and at this time we are not allowed to take the NPTE on the April test date as we don't graduate until May. I know myself and some of my classmates are motivated to find a job/travel position right after graduation and it would really be a setback...
  13. Momohime

    Comprehensive Information About the NPTE

    I want to share a comprehensive information resource about the NPTE. The following information can be known about: What is the NPTE? What's tested Format of the exam Taking the exam Scheduling the exam At the testing center Exam Results Retaking the exam
  14. P

    All the books and study tools for your npte prep!

    Hi! Happy to say I passed the npte and have all the tools you will need to prep for yours: O Sullivan with Thumbdrive 2015 Scorebuilders with CD Betters anatomy flashcards Scorebuilders npte flashcards Momentrix npte flashcards All gently used for $180
  15. K

    NPTE prep is frustrating.. and depressing

    So I'm planning to take the NPTE on Jan 2017. I started studying three weeks ago and have been taking practice exams every week. I'm not getting any good scores on practice exams (58% & 61% on scorebuilders, and 56% on therapyed). I'm freaking out because based on these scores it doesn't seem...
  16. D

    NPTE January 2017

    So this is my second time taking the NPTE. I received a 562 on the October exam. Am I too hopeful to think I will pass in January or do you think thats a close enough score to be able to get it the next time? Studying is terrible but I have changed my techniques. I'm using O'Sullivans...
  17. D

    January 2017 NPTE Study Advice Needed

    Hello fellow PTs and PTAs, I am currently looking into purchasing the "Final PT Exam" video lectures and was wondering if any of you have purchased these in the past and found them to be successful? Any and all advice at this point would be helpful. Thank you in advance!
  18. N

    Taking NPTE Prior to Graduation

    Hi! Okay so I am trying to get more information on taking the NPTE prior to graduation. I am finishing my second year of PT school in CA, which I know is a state that does NOT allow you to sit for the boards before graduating. However, I am planning to go into travel therapy as a new grad. I am...
  19. T

    NPTE Study Partner in Orlando/Daytona Beach for April 2016 exam!!!

    Hi all, I am currently preparing for the April 2016 National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). I graduated from University of Texas and I relocated to Florida because my family is here. Therefore, I'm looking for a study partner anywhere from Orlando to Daytona Beach where we can meet up once...
  20. Funnylady

    NPTE for 2016 Grads

    Hi, I am a DPT student set to graduate in May and of course I am super excited! I have my last clinical rotation from January to April this upcoming Spring. I would like to schedule the NPTE for July. My question is: should I begin studying for the exam in December or wait until April? I want to...
  21. N

    Physical Therapist Salary in Skilled Nursing Facility

    Hi i'm a new grad & had recently passed the NPTE and is now applying for a Full Time PT job, I have been interviewed on a Skilled nursing facility which offered me $32/hour, i don't really know how much should an entry level PT should be paid on a SNF, so your opinions are welcome :D is it a...