1. F

    Primary Care: First job salary and compensation (survey?) - NY vs LA - 2023

    I am finishing FM residency this year and will be looking to start my first job as an independently practicing physician soon. I am looking to settle in the NYC. I understand NYC is an anomaly in regards to pay (and maybe almost everything else;)...but so is LA:cool:). In regards to physician...
  2. F

    MD & DO IR/DR Programs in NYC

    Can anyone comment on current impressions on differences in training quality, resident experience, prestige, etc. between the major NYC integrated IR/DR programs? I believe there’s been a shake-up in the past few years in chiefs and # of fellowship spots (not sure if this has changed anything)...
  3. L

    Post MSW jobs

    Hi all, I'm an NYC based MSW graduating this year from a clinical program. I'm starting to research LMSW jobs and would love some feedback. I'd really love to continue doing clinical work and am thinking about working at a hospital, partly because the pay is much better than a lot of the group...
  4. LunaOT123

    Coursework & Fieldwork NYC Level 2 Fieldwork Placements

    Hi, I live in the NYC area (Brooklyn/Staten Island/Manhattan) and I am looking for a Level II Occupational Therapy fieldwork site starting in January. The only requirements is that it can not be a pediatric setting since I already completed a fieldwork rotation with this population. My...
  5. S

    Non-malignant community residencies in NYC?

    Hey everyone -- post-match has got me thinking about residency, and I think it could be a cool experience to do residency in NYC for a few years. That said, I definitely have an interest in outpatient peds (that is, practicing right after residency) and have heard that some of the bigger...
  6. D

    Rutgers dental from NYC

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any students who attend the Rutgers dental school and commute from NYC, I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan so I was wondering if that would be a possibility if Rutgers was an option for me to travel to Newark! Thanks!
  7. R

    SA Rotating Internships - NY/NJ/CT, OR/WA/CA

    I'm a current third year making my clinical schedule right now. I have two blocks in which I want to do externships at sites where I would like to make a good impression for the match. However, the most important aspect of an internship for me is not something that can be found on the VIRMP...
  8. I


    I am divided between NYU and Buffalo. I am from brooklyn so I can stay home and commute which is 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes. If I stay in buffalo then I save commuting time but I will live by myself so have to do cooking and other chores. NYU Pros: - GET HPSP and save $450,000 tuition and...
  9. D

    Expected rate of growth of private practice

    Hello community! I’m an ECP looking to transition into full time private practice. I live in NYC. I will likely accept cash only at avg to a bit less cost than avg psychiatrist. I plan on doing 30min f/u sessions. I plan on advertising with a website and through psychology/therapist search...
  10. medshousing

    Renting NYC Richmond Hill New York-Unfurnished Rooms for rent in Large 5 bedroom home (rent per each room)

    As listed on Listing # 2119 Closest to Jamaica Hospital and Queens Hospital Center. Ring/Camera/Light security. Includes cable/wifi, electric, gas, water utilities. Fridge and burners on each floor. Basement has large screen TV and recliners, washer/dryer. Features...
  11. partypat

    NYU vs MSKCC vs NYP HPM Fellowship

    I'm a third year internal medicine resident who is looking to move to NYC for my HPM fellowship. I've been very fortunate to have interviewed at the palliative medicine fellowship programs for NYU, New York Presbyterian (Columbia+Cornell Bicampus), and Memorial Sloan Kettering. I know that I'm...
  12. U

    HIRING: Physician Positions at Urgent Care Facilities [NYC]

    Hi everyone! If you or anyone you know is interested in working at an urgent care facility, we are currently looking to fill both full-time and part-time/moonlighting physician positions. As our offices are all based in NY, applicants MUST have an active NYS Medical License. Pay is competitive...
  13. T

    Renting Upper East side 1 BR near Lenox Hill , NYU, Mt. Sinai , MSK, Cornell Weil

    1 Br available for rent in the East 60s a 7 minute walk to NYP Cornel Weil. a 10 minute walk to Lenox Hill and a quick subway ride to NYU Med/Columbia Midtown . Modern 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in a great location on the Upper East Side in an elevator building. Beautifully laid out...
  14. Z

    Position Swap IM PGY1 in Michigan looking for a PGY2 open positions/swap to NYC/DC/Northeast

    Hi I'm a PGY1 in IM in Michigan and have been looking to swap to any program in NYC or DC or Northeast for the upcoming year in July 2021 to be closer to family. I am in good standing. Program is supportive and has friendly co-residents. PD is aware. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  15. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Low undergrad stats. Should I go OTA route before applying for OT?

    I graduated back in 2015 with bachelor's in psych. I was pre-OT before but I messed up in my anatomy classes and ended up with a low GPA of 3.18. Since graduating, I've been working in a medical office and would like to apply to OT school again. I am wondering if I should go through OTA school...
  16. G

    NYC MCAT Study Group?

    Hey guys, So I started studying for the MCAT recently, but I'm really the only one of my friends going for MD right now so is anyone in the NYC area currently studying for the MCAT that would want to study together occasionally? If you would, feel free to comment on the thread or DM me! thanks
  17. G

    NYC/Nassau County GPRs that let you place implants

    Hey all, I'm looking into GPRs now in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County areas, and I'm looking for one that allows PGY-1s to place 15+ implants over the course of the year. I hear the VA allows this, but I'm hoping to find multiple options. I know what the GPRs advertise, but...
  18. E

    Applying for a job after completing GPR in NYC

    Hi all, I'm about to start my GPR residency on July 1st in NYC. I like to plan things out mentally ahead of time, so I wanted to know exactly how the process works around this time next year in terms of applying for jobs/receiving licensure. From what I've read, it seems that many people...
  19. funky_buddha

    Clinical Psych PhD at the New School in NYC?

    Hi all, This is my first post here but also the reason I made an account (other than finding some helpful stuff when browsing). I am soon to be applying to clinical PhD programs and looking to find a lab that has an emphasis on psychophysiology and affect. I recently got connected to a PI at...
  20. M

    Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai vs. Weill Cornell Medicine

    Mt. Sinai Pros All lectures are recorded & non-mandatory Really cares about student wellness; many of the students seemed genuinely happy (as far as medical school wellness goes) Protected half-days every Tuesday (nothing scheduled after 12PM) & an examination system that allows students to...
  21. R

    Position Swap Swap or transfer PGY-2 FM in FL to Northeast

    I'm a PGY-1 at a reputable university program in Central Florida, looking to move to NYC or surrounding areas to be closer to my husband. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  22. M

    3 bedrooms for rent in queens NYC

    Hey guys, I’m a 4th year medical student taking a year off before residency. I’m helping my parents rent out a vacant apartment they have. It’ a 3 bedroom apartment located in a good neighborhood called Briarwood. Each bedroom is going for 1200 on a month to month contract. What’s included ...
  23. wengerout

    Best GPR's in NYC?

    What are the best program in NYC for molar endo, implants, and cosmetics/veneers?
  24. coribear09

    second year looking for advice on AEGD/GPR

    Hey I was curious about how competitive it is to get accepted into an out of state GPR or AEGD residency program?? I currently attend the OU College of Dentistry and don't plan to stay in Oklahoma City. My grades are good, I have a 3.7 halfway through second year and I help out with ASDA events...
  25. D


  26. B

    Radiology interview swap 2018 2019

    I was looking for a current interview swap thread for this cycle and seems like we don't have one yet. So here it is! Looking to swap 11/5 interview at Columbia (DR) for any later date. If you are in NYC or if you think you can make it on 11/5 please please let me know. I would really...
  27. G

    Position Available PGY 5, Geriatric Psychiatry , 2019, NY

    Mount Sinai Beth Israel Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship We are currently accepting applicants for 2019 to 2020 academic year and hope that you will give consideration to our very strong fellowship program in Geriatric Psychiatry here at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel. We offer a very strong...
  28. H

    WAMC superthread

    I am a DO applying this cycle and was wondering if I have a decent chance at matching given that I won't have my STEP 2 CK by the time I apply...(9/15) here are my stats: DO SSP member (AOA for DO)- grade went down so I'm in second quartile now Lots of community service +volunteering Tutoring...
  29. C

    NYC MCAT Prep Courses

    Hi all, It's my first post on Student Doctor Network, and as I'm new to this I may have missed a recent thread. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions as to an in-person MCAT course offered in or around NYC (accessible without a car) ideally starting this fall within the next few weeks. I...
  30. A

    Too early to send in-area email?

    I have an interview scheduled for the first week of October for a school in NYC and would ideally love to only make one trip up there. Is it too early to send an in-area email to other schools I applied to in the city? I hesitate to wait too long because early interview slots are likely filling...
  31. AZRobbins

    In the Area Notification Etiquette- How far should you be, and should you mention which school?

    Hello all, I have received an II in the NYC area for September, and I am a bit confused by the conflicting advice on the internet regarding In the Area emails/calls. I go to school about 5 hours from NYC, and the train is expensive. I know that this is nothing compared to students who have to...
  32. I

    RN-BSN to MD

    hello all, I know this has been asked a lot and I’ve asked this previously too... but I have different questions and I can really use your help. *please respond only if you have concrete info and know the topic, I’ve been getting mixed info lately and I don’t want to get confused anymore than...
  33. TXDO

    What Are My Chances: WAMC Podiatry

    Hi guys, same old question but I did not find a right answer for my sister's situation. Well, she has 3.0 cGPA and 2.85 science GPA with 18 MCAT score. She's a junior now and wants to apply next year, so she wants to know if she could a decent chance to get in a pod school. Seriously, this...
  34. thefoothealer

    Renting NYCPM students: renting room

    Hello NYCPM students I am renting a room • bathroom (shared) and all utilities included (water, gas, electricity, heat) and access to the balcony/porch included at anytime. New bed included + drawer Looking for 1 student • The room is in Union City, NJ - 5 mins away from Lincoln tunnel, 2 blocks...
  35. M

    Part Time Ophthalmic Assistant Pre-med/Gap Years New York City ****

    Will train the right candidate! Must be highly reliable and quick learner. Work Includes Complex Multi-tasking Clinical interaction with patients and physicians Excellent opportunity for pre-medical candidate Important role in small medical practice with warm patient centered environment Two...
  36. O

    CCNY Experience?

    Could anyone that goes to CCNY pre-med share some insight on what its like, as well as what the surrounding area is like? How are classes, what do you do for fun on weekends, ect. Thanks!
  37. A

    MCAT tutoring in NY

    Does anyone have any experience working with a tutor in NY (long island nassau county or the NYC area) for the MCAT exam? If you can tell me about your experiences with a specific tutor who was helpful, that would be great. let me know your thoughts! :)
  38. O

    Other OT-Related Information New York City Department of Education OT Scholarship 2018

    Hi! Would anyone (those who have applied in the past) happen to know how this process is like? I submitted everything and haven’t received any sort of confirmation whatsoever. I know interviews are held in June but will they communicate before then? Any insight will be appreciated. Thank you.
  39. P

    [Canadian] NYU vs. Pitt (OOS)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get your opinions and feedbacks. First of all I know previous years others have asked for similar comparisons. I need an updated one and specifically between these two schools. I'll give my own opinion based on what I have read, heard, seen in the interview, etc. I've...
  40. B

    Position Swap PGY 2 IM in NYC

    Hello - I am trying to switch from New England area to NYC or any program close to the city. Currently a PGY 1 IM (categorical) trying to find a PGY 2 IM spot starting July 2018.