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  1. D

    NYU masters in biology (oral track) fall 2022

    Has anybody applied to this program? Or has any information on it?
  2. D

    Telling waitlisted schools about other acceptances

    Hi! So I just recently got an offer from Stony Brook Dental and NYU dental, and I am currently on the Rutgers waitlist and they are probably my top school. I wanted to know if it would be a good idea to add in the letter of interest that I’m planning on writing to them that I got offers from...
  3. medshousing

    Renting Bronx easy living in The Bronx just steps from public transportation & grocery stores

    By the room or entire flat Listing 2234 As posted on MedsHousing.com 1070 Walton Ave #1, Bronx, New York, United States Hello we are offering a fully furnished & private 3 bedroom apartment or private room with all bills included. This can be rented as an apartment or rooms. My wife and I own...
  4. I


    I am divided between NYU and Buffalo. I am from brooklyn so I can stay home and commute which is 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes. If I stay in buffalo then I save commuting time but I will live by myself so have to do cooking and other chores. NYU Pros: - GET HPSP and save $450,000 tuition and...
  5. J

    NYU’s Dental School Costs ~$600,000 Before Interest

    It costs about $600,000 before interest to attend NYU’s dental school, including all costs. It costs about $100,000 extra before interest to specialize there. That means students who specialize at NYU graduate with $700,000+ in student loans. I’m curious as to what current NYU dental students...
  6. medshousing

    Renting Brooklyn Furnished Comfy Luxurious Rooms near multiple hospitals

    www.MedsHousing.com Listing # 2094 4 Newly renovated fully furnished luxury bedrooms with 2 full bathrooms . Largest room has a balcony. All rooms features hardwood floor , brand new , Chester drawers or Dresser , nightstand, bed, spacious closet, mini refrigerators, Air conditioners , and is...
  7. A


    Date of submission: June 16th Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.71( still can improve 2 general bio on fall semester) and some recommended courses DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20AA, 21TS, 19Bio, 23GC, 22OC, 22QR, 16RC( not native learning English from 2.5 years ago), 27PAT State of...
  8. queenofthenorth

    NYU vs. UB (OOS)

    University of Buffalo Pros: - Cheaper than NYU - New facilities - Low rent - in-state tuition after a year I think? Cons: - Cold! - the city compared to nyc NYU Pros: - NYC; I've always wanted to live in a big city and a lot of my friends live there currently Cons: -EXPENSIVE -large...
  9. Biggytooth

    Reapplication Success Story

    Hi everyone, I am writing this to share my experience about applying and reapplying to dental school. I am doing this because I was a rather peculiar applicant and feel my experience may be helpful and informative to some of you sharing similar circumstances. Last year (2018), I applied to 9...
  10. mr_bubbles

    NYU vs. MWU-IL

    Hello everyone, I am trying to cut my list of acceptances down and was wondering where I should attend. If you had to choose between MWU-IL and NYU, which one would you pick and why? I would love to hear your opinion and comparison between the two. Thank you, everyone!
  11. Biggytooth

    NYU vs. Touro

    Hello, If you had to choose between NYU and Touro, what would you decide? NYU pros: Large patient pool, well established NYU cons: price (duh)-- A good $25,000 more a year. Touro pros: New clinic, a bit less expensive than NYU Touro cons: Patient pool Worth noting that Touro could increase...
  12. F

    NYU Waitlist Questions

    Hello everyone, so I am currently on the waitlist at NYU and I was wondering how the waitlist review process works. So, to sum up what has happened so far is that I have been on the waitlist since February and I have heard nothing back while others have been getting off the waitlist - even...
  13. P

    [Canadian] NYU vs. Pitt (OOS)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get your opinions and feedbacks. First of all I know previous years others have asked for similar comparisons. I need an updated one and specifically between these two schools. I'll give my own opinion based on what I have read, heard, seen in the interview, etc. I've...
  14. sunrise16

    How to be successful after Dental School? NYU DENTAL

    Hey guys! I'm going to be an incoming D1 this Fall '17 at NYU. Besides maintaining a good GPA, I was wondering what specific things I can do to set myself up for success post grad for private practice? What ECs can I get involved in? and How can I network for success? Thanks for the tips
  15. S

    Adelphi/NYU 7 yr Vs Temple 7yr

    Hi! I got accepted into the Adelphi/NYU 7 year dental program as well as the Temple/Kornberg 7 year dental program. Aside from the cost (which isn't what I'm basing my decision off of) I was looking for input on either of these programs. I know NYU has a bigger name but is that something that...
  16. H

    NYU or Temple Accelerated Dental Program?

    I've recently been accepted to both the 7-year accelerated dental programs for NYU and Temple University, and I'm struggling to decide which one I should attend. Here are some factors that I'm considering: Temple gave me a full scholarship for my undergraduate time there, whereas I received no...
  17. R

    NYU College of Dentistry class of 2021 meet and great

    Hi, guys. I have been accepted to NYUCD class of 2021. I though it would be a good idea to get to know my future classmates a bit before time. Share stories and experiences about DAT prep, applications and interviews, prior dental experience, and so on. And if some of you are in the NYC area...
  18. D

    NYUCD and remediations

    Does anyone know how remediation works for a non GDS class at NYUCD? How long do the classes run for? Are they harder/easier? Etc? Is it the entire summer break/ General overview puhweese
  19. F

    Buffalo vs. NYU

    Dear fellow SDNers, I know this question has been asked a lot in this forum and I have spent a lot of time reading carefully through every single one of them, yet I still can't make the decision. Something is still missing in my decision making, or may be I just want some personal advice, a...
  20. tlsgPdud

    NYU vs Stony Brook Dental School? HELP!! Which school should I choose as an international student?

  21. N

    I need help deciding what school

    hi, i was wondering if any of the dental students at these schools can answer any of the following questions.. thanks Schools : Roseman UT, UNE, MW Arizona, MW Illinois, MOSDOH, NYU There are somethings that I like and dislike about each school but there are somethings I need to figure out...