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  1. K

    OAT Experience: August 2020

    Hi! I utilized SDN / Reddit A LOT when studying for my OAT and locating potential resources, so I thought I would do the same! Plus, I kinda want to get out of Biochem studying for now. Alright, so I took the OAT back in August. A little bit about me: 3.86 GPA / 3.75 Science Optometric...
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  3. Optohan

    OAT Experience (August, 2020) - Detailed post

    Hi, fellow struggling students! I took my OAT a week ago and I wanted to share my experience with all of you because I found that reading these kinds of posts were really helpful in deciding how to study. I hope some of you struggle a little bit less after reading this post :) Study Schedule I...
  4. nishaluke29

    Pre-Opt Free Resources!

    Hi everyone! I really wanted to make a pre-optometry community resource folder on google drive. Right now I only have a few people on it and I’d love to add more! The folder has two sections: OAT content and Optometry School Info. The OAT content isn’t super developed rn but with time we’ll...
  5. R


    So I take my OAT exam in 4 days and really nervous about it! I have been studying for about 3 months and I have taken 3!practice exams, 2 Kaplan exams and the ADA free practice OAT. I noticed a big fluctuation in my scores and wanted to know if I am going to be okay taking the exam. My scores...
  6. C

    OAT advice needed!

    Hey guys, I am a third year student studying biology. I have taken the OAT twice now and just really don’t understand where I’m going wrong. I do well in school and don’t usually struggle with tests. The first time I took the OAT I studied for 2 months while working full time. I finished the...
  7. E

    Took OAT today. Need advice.

    Hey everybody, So, I took the OAT today and my scores simply weren't what I wanted them to be. I am considering retaking it but I am hesitant since it is already Dec 2 I would not be able to retake it in until the beginning of March. While my overall OAT score isn't horrible I was hoping to...
  8. K

    Chances of getting into opto school?

    Hi my name is Karen, and I just joined this forum since it has been helpful for me to see my future options. I have recently hit a low point and am not sure if I should still try to make it into optometry school. I currently have a 3.4ish cumulative GPA and a 3.1ish science GPA. I'm currently...
  9. B


    Hello, I am planning to take my OAT at the end of November.i have the Kaplan prep plus book but that’s it. Does anyone have any advice on any other material that isn’t too expensive? What material do did you use? I want to o apply this cycle but I want to have a high OAT score .
  10. ashmita23

    The worst that could happen during the OAT!!!!

    Hey guys! After balling my eyes out for the longest time, I have come to my senses and decided to come here for some advice. Here's the story... I went to the take the OAT this past Saturday. Got to Prometric on time, started my exam 30 minutes prior to schedule, it was all going great! I was...
  11. O

    Is my OAT/GPA Competitive/ What are my chances??

    Hi All: My Cumulative GPA is a 3.3, Science GPA is a 3.0. My OAT is a 300TS/310AA. RC: 330 GC: 300 OC: 290 Physics: 260 QR: 280 Bio: 400!!! I have 160+ hours of shadowing an optometrist, shadowed an ophthalmologist in the OR, Thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT, and 120+ Hours...
  12. D

    Do I retake my OAT? Should I talk to the school?

    Hello, I just graduated from a school and am taking a gap year then going for optometry school. I always knew I wanted to do a gap year, but the last day of the deadline for SUNY and Salus I applied. I got an interview for both just a couple of days after submission. SUNY was my first interview...
  13. RaHorakthy

    Should I take it again? OAT 310

    Well, I didn’t review anything since I just want to get a feeling of the test, go through the procedure and see how the test works. I was planning to take it again anyway. But, I got an average score, much higher than I expected. Should I spend a month or so reviewing it? Or focus on my other...
  14. S

    OAT- reading comprehension?

    If anyone took the the 2018 OAT, were there any questions with calculations in the reading comprehension section? I've mostly been practicing with DAT bootcamp (since I heard DAT is almost identical to the OAT with exception of one section) and there weren't any questions like that except maybe...
  15. D

    Most commonly tested topics?

  16. A

    OAT Exam Experience & Tips

    Hi All, I took my oat exam today and did well! - I read some posts before my exam that were helpful so I decided to write one too. I would like to share some helpful tips that I discovered along the way and some advice based on my personal experience. It might work for you and it might not...
  17. D

    My OAT and Application Experience

    Since reading peoples experiences on SDN helped me a lot this summer when studying for the OAT I wanted to share mine. I studied from June-July2018 and took the test on August 9. I had a very low budget for study materials for the OAT, I used the Princeton DAT 2018 book to study for...
  18. P

    Full Length OAT

    how many full length practice oat exams should you take before the actual?
  19. T

    There's a LOT of computing to do with Gen Chem and Physics (so how do we not use a calculator?)

    Hi Guys! I am taking the OAT on October 15th and am looking through Kaplan/Chad's videos but so many questions on the OAT chapters as well as in his videos actually DO require using a calculator...I am worried how we are not supposed to use one during the actual exam on anywhere other than on...
  20. A

    optomcas personal statement question

    hi there!! does anyone know if we can recycle personal statements for each program? kind of a dumb question since (at least for the programs i'm applying to) the personal statement questions are either identical or wording is very similar. is there such a thing like you can't recycle what...
  21. R

    Took the OAT 09/07/2018

    Hey guys I just wrote my OAT today I ended up scoring: 340 AA 330 TS 310 PHYS 300 OC 330 GC 360 BIO 370 RC 360 QR I just want to tell you guys to not be discouraged by low practice scores. The first Kap test I took I scored a 270AA, even on the ADA I scored only a 315AA. The exam overall felt...
  22. R

    Results of Kaplan & Free ADA exam

    I'm taking my OAT on September 17th, 2018 (Monday). I've studied for about a month and I'm not too sure what to make of my scores. Kap 1/ ADA/ Kap 2 Bio: 300/ 310/ 290 Chem:250/ 350/ 260 Orgo: 230/ 330/ 290 RC: 310/ 310/ 350 Phys: 240/ 270/ 240 QR: 260/ 320/ 290...
  23. I

    My OAT experience-12 days of studying! (Aug 2018)

    Hi guys, I promised myself I'd do one of these since they helped me a ton, and now that I have some time I figured I'd start! Some background: I wasn't planning on taking the OAT this year, but in the spur of the moment I decided I wanted to apply for the upcoming cycle. However, since I am...
  24. In Easy We Trust

    Question about the scheduled break

    I was just wondering if you get to review your Physics/QR notes during the 30 minute scheduled break? The 2017 OAT guide says you CANNOT do this on an unscheduled break but I don't recall it saying anything about this on a scheduled break.
  25. R


    Hi i'm writing the OAT on September 7th, so far i've only studied 3 chapters of the QR section (Kaplan). I'm having a very hard time studying for this exam because all throughout my undergrad i've been used to cramming for exams two or three nights before which I know won't work for this exam...
  26. R


    Hi i'm writing the OAT on September 7th, so far i've only studied 3 chapters of the QR section. I'm having a very hard time studying for this exam because all throughout my undergrad i've been used to cramming for exams two or three nights before which I know won't work for this exam. For those...
  27. D

    To apply or not to apply, that is the real question.

    I need advice from current or prospective IAUPR optometry students. I just received my OAT score and obtained a 290 AA & 310 TS. Should I waste money trying to apply in the 2018-2019 cycle? Do I have a chance to enter IAUPR or should I just spend that money repeating the OAT? I have a 3.30 GPA...
  28. H

    Physics help (Princeton vs Chad)

    Hi everyone! Im on a bit of a time crunch and I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice. Im deciding between watching all of Chads videos for physics + Cracking OAT Princeton review to supplement or if I could get away with JUST using the Princeton review to save time. Since crack...
  29. O

    OAT timeline

    Hello! I am currently a junior planning to apply this summer for the 2018-2019 cycle. I am planning to take my OAT in early/mid June with the hopes of applying soon after the June 28th optomCAS opening date. Is this a realistic timeline? If anyone has followed a similar timeline, what kind of...
  30. L

    Thoughts on OAT destroyer and OAT achiever 2017?

    I have seen a lot of old info circulating these 2 and was wondering if the Achiever on its own will be enough for practice problems? I've heard the Achiever was much harder than the Destroyer and that the Destroyer better prepares you for more realistic questions that would appear on the exam...
  31. S

    Unique cases looking for opinion on how to go about it

    So I'm applying to Optometry school but I want to know how to go about my application. My case is as follows: I finished 2 years of undergrad classes and then went to a Caribbean medical school that was still opening up (worse decision of my life even though my parents forced it upon me). But...
  32. L

    Is reschedule the OAT to February too late?

    I have my OAT scheduled for the end of this month and already submitted 2 applications to schools. After reviewing practice tests I am stressed about having enough time to review the problems I'm getting wrong. I think it might be in my best interest to reschedule rather than bomb the test and...
  33. Gold Standard Multimedia

    OAT Ask me anything about how to prep for the OAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the OAT? Where can you find the best OAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the Reading Comprehension section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the OAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are...