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  1. C

    Pacific University Optometry alternate list

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific university’s optometry school in January and was put on the alternate list. Does anyone have any idea what the likelihood of me getting in is or when they start touching the alternate list pool?
  2. C

    Pacific University DPT waitlist 2022

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific University (Oregon) about a month ago and was recently told I’m on the 1st tier waitlist. I am wondering if anyone knows how the tiers work (how many people are in the tiers etc). Also, does anyone know when the deposit is due for accepted students?
  3. H

    Pacific University DPT class of 2024

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  4. S

    Doctoral Program Interviews with Writing Component?

    I was recently invited to Pacific University's PsyD interviews and I've decided to go. I know that many people here have negative views of the school, but attending is convenient for me and I feel like it will give me good interview practice, if nothing else. However, I was surprised by the...
  5. S

    PsyD Program Interviews

    I recently got invited to my first PsyD interview (hopefully more to come) and I'd really love to hear about other peoples' interview experiences. I applied to some PhD programs last year and had a few interviews, but I was living abroad at the time doing a masters and had to do them over...
  6. Phamcst22

    Pacific University Class of 2022 (looking for a roomie)

    Hi everyone! I Was hoping to connect with anyone attending the pharmacy program at Pacific in Oregon 2019. I am also hoping to find a roommate to live near campus. A female (: Congrats on all who have gotten accepted, can't wait to meet everyone to begin the journey!
  7. S

    Pacific vs. Roosevelt PsyD in Neuropsychology

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty desperate to get some firsthand accounts from people who have gone through the PsyD programs at Pacific University in Oregon and Roosevelt University in Chicago. Both programs offer a neuropsychology track, which is what I'm truly interested in and why I've focused on...
  8. P

    Trouble Deciding Between NECO and PUCO

    Hi, guys. I was recently accepted into both NECO and PUCO. I'm having a hard time deciding on which program is best for me. I was really impressed with NECO's clinical program, but I know that Oregon has a greater scope of practice so I'm not sure if I would learn more there. Does anyone have...
  9. I

    "Help me decide" mega thread

    I have to choose! Help! Roosevelt is only 20,000 a year and in Chicago which is a city I know and love. There seemed to be a lot of support for the students, and a cohort size of 20 seems just big enough to be able to choose friends, but still have small classes. DU is like...40 or 50,000...
  10. J

    University of the Pacific and Pacific University Oregon

    I wanted to know in terms of career opportunities. Would it be better to attend UoP because it is located in California and has been an established school for a decades, as opposed to going to PUO and returning after receiving my Pharm D.
  11. S

    Pacific University (Oregon) Waitlist

    Wanting to start a thread on Pacific University's (Oregon) waitlist status. Post where you are on the waitlist, if you are declining an acceptance, etc. I am currently in Tier 2.
  12. WonderWoMegan

    Pacific University Essay Inspiration

    I'm sure you all feel me, but my fingers and keyboard are spent. I need to write a few more mini essays about myself for PTCAS and PU, but I'm spent. Just so I can get this done and try to sell myself as much as possible, what does PU look for when they ask, "Using an experience you have had...
  13. H

    Pacific University (OR) application/ED

    Hi there! Is anyone planning to apply for pacific university this year? Have you start working on the gathering the pieces before the cycle open yet? I'm applying to their early decision program but feeling very nervous :(
  14. D

    Pharma D March 31, 2017 interview in Pacific university OR

    HI FUTURE Pharma D students
  15. OTBound17

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University (Oregon) OTD Interview March 2017

    I am so excited (and nervous) that I was invited to interview for Pacific's OTD program. I am going on March 11th and I wanted to know if anyone else received an invitation and would want to meet up Friday night to get to know each other a little? It will calm my nerves to get to talk to people...
  16. T

    Pacific University 2020

    Hey guys! Has anyone else heard back from Pacific University (Oregon not California)? I got my response today that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone know roughly what number of waitlisted students are usually asked before the program is filled? Thanks!
  17. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University - White Coat Ceremony

    Just out of curiosity - does Pacific University in Oregon (entry-level OTD program) have a white coat ceremony? I know that some OTD/MS do this
  18. P

    University of La Verne vs. Pacific University Psy.D.

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to interview at both University of La Verne and Pacific University for their Psy.D. programs. Unfortunately, the interviews both fall on the same day so I am going to have to pick between the two. Any insight from current students or other applicants what the...
  19. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University Interview Writing Sample

    I have an interview Feb 4th for Pacific and I was hoping to find out what exactly the writing sample entails/what to expect from the interview from those that have perhaps gone through the process at Pacific? Very much appreciated!
  20. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University OTD

    Hey fellow OT enthusiasts! Are any of you applying to Pacific University this round? If so: Have you heard back about your application? Is this your first time applying? What are your stats/hours/experiences? I am so excited to be turning in my application, and would love to chat with y'all!
  21. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University Doctorate of OT Acceptances

    For those who interviewed on the 6th of Feb, do you know when we will start to hear back. I asked something along those lines during my interview, but the people who were interviewing me were alumni and didn't know for sure.
  22. W

    Writing Sample Pacific Oregon

    Anyone have any information on the writing sample at Pacific University, Oregon? Or if they ask any non standard interview questions?
  23. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's PU, ISU, EWU, Uni of Mary, U of PS Acceptances

    Has anyone heard back from any of these schools for the Summer/Fall 2016 term? I'm pretty sure most of them won't be replying until Feb/March, but I just wanted to start a dialogue with other possible students. Also, what are the GPAs of people who have applied to one or more of these programs...
  24. DonnyL

    Pacific University DPT Class of 2019

    Hello all! I'm wanting to start threads for the schools I've applied to, to see what general trends are for people who have been accepted/waitlisted/denied/interviews etc. and any type of information people want to share! Reiteration--this is for the current application cycle (started...