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    So I was offered full tuition scholarship for two schools, UAMS College of Medicine and Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, which I am so happy about, however I am now trying to decide what I should do. I am from Arkansas, so going to UAMS would allow me to be closer to family and...
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  3. Alessandra20

    need some advice and closure please help :(

    hello, i’m currently a second year under grad student; about to be third year this fall 2020. I got myself in a pretty bad situation, i was taking a gen chem 1 class and gotten into a misunderstanding with my lab professor and i basically got a citation on my record for violating academic code...
  4. M

    need advice pleaseee! Keck Graduate Institute- MS in Applied Life Sciences

    Hey everyone! I really need some advice as I'm completely confused on what to do:/ So to make a very long story short, I am a first gen, non-trad pre-med student. I have a pretty lowish undergrad and low science GPA but an upward trend towards the end of my college career. For what I lacked in...
  5. dr.ihaveacutedog

    Please any and all advice, pretty much on my own with this.

    Hello! I am a completely new poster, so forgive me if this sucks and it's too long but know I am really trying. I am a 21 yo recent graduate as of last month with a Bachelors in Health Science. A little about my history, I initially went to college away from my hometown with the intentions of...
  6. Dr.Narcos

    Reschedule MCAT and if so how to improve score in a short amount of time

    Hey guys, Iv been studying for my MCAT for about 4 months now. Im in a little situation. I took all the NS FL (1-9 )and did their content. Anyways, I just took a AAMC Fl exam and got a 493. I I took NS Exams and for the most part was averaging around a (498-499) I figured that the AAMC would...
  7. Dr.Narcos

    Should I cancel my MCAT (Lose 300$$$) HELPPPP!!

  8. MedicalDoge

    All Help Welcome! Emory v Miami v Dartmouth

    Hello again! I have narrowed my choices down to 3 awesome programs. I can't believe I am in such a blessed position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory or Miami at this point. My general interests are in neurology/neuropath, infectious disease, and pathology...
  9. S

    School List Help Please

    I'm worried all my school are a little to competitive, and I also don't want to spend the money to apply to 30+ schools. I'd appreciate if someone could give tips on how to cut back/add a few safer schools. cGPA: 3.9 sGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 524 (131/130/131/132) CA Resident Indian UCLA third year...
  10. S

    Good enough gpa? HELP!! pre-dental

    Hi everyone, I am a double major in Philosophy and Biology (I know they are very different.) My first two years of college I had to work full time because I had to pay for college while I was a full time student too. I did my best to keep my grades up and did well on biology, got A- on both...
  11. Dr.Narcos

    Looking for a Study Schedule for MCAT

    Hey SDN, Im going to Study for the MCAT in December and plan on taking my MCAT May 5th. Giving me about 5 months. I will also be in school but am taking a light load. I have been trying to make a study schedule that is personalized to me. Anyone willing to help. I have Kaplan 7 subject...
  12. TheOnlinePharmacist

    The more rec letters the better, or the opposite?

    Of course, as students applying to pharmacy schools, we never really get to ever read what was written about us in our recommendation letters. The pharmacy school I am applying to has a requirement of 1 letter from a pharmacist and 1 letter from a teacher. I heard a rumor that I should not over...
  13. G

    BUYING: Berkeley Review MCAT 2017 Set

    I am looking to buy the full set of MCAT books by Berkeley Review. Looking for the latest edition of the book. Please PM if you have any.
  14. dentaldiva27

    DAT Bootcamp Question

    How similar are the DAT bootcamp QR tests to the 2017 DAT? I am doing the new comparison questions on DAT bootcamp and am struggling to understand them. I also am struggling with my timing for the PAT section so if anyone has ANY suggestions/recommendations for what I should do for that, that...
  15. I

    Can you read over my personal statement?

    Hello! I am applying to medical school this cycle (yay!) and I just finished writing my personal statement. Would anyone be willing to read it over and provide feedback? THANKS!
  16. G

    Do I have any chance?

  17. T

    Need help identifying disease!!!!

    Disease of the parotid gland, cannot figure out what it is. please help :
  18. Z

    DAT Bootcamp Estimated Scores vs. 2016 Real DAT Scores

    Hello! This thread has not been up regarding recent DAT score comparisons, so I figured I'd ask. I was wondering if anyone who has taken the DAT very recently (who also did Bootcamp) could tell me how their estimated scores/exam difficulty compared, especially on the PAT. My exam is in 10 days...
  19. D

    Help Please !!

    I am a freshly graduated doctor in Jordan and i want your point of view on my situation. My goal is to practice ophthalmology. I have 2 choices, one is to stay in Jordan and do a 4-year residency program that is without salary. The residency program is at an army hospital with more than a 100...
  20. I

    DO Schools List-Post Bacc Student

    Quick Facts: Average Asian Guy with glasses and a comb-over MCAT: 504 (retake or no?) UC Berk= sGPA: 3.2 cGPA: 3.345 (Integrative Bio and Nutrition Double Major) CSU East Bay Post bacc= 3.96, (Hopefully 3.98 after this quarter) (All science classes)
  21. G


    Hello everyone, So i have my step 1 one month from today, and I am thinking about delaying it but not too sure. By the end of this week, I will have gone through UWORLD and will do my first NBME this weekend. I am kind of scared honestly haha. Anyway, my original plan was going to be to do FA...
  22. P

    Indiana State University

    Hey Guys! So I was just offered an interview at Indiana State University which obviously I am going to go but I do not know much about the school or previous students that have gone there. I know that they are still in the accreditation process but I also know they have had at least one class...
  23. N

    Medical sales instead of PT?

    Ok so I'm a student currently at FAU in my junior year, and we have a class called intro to excercise health promotion. The teacher often brings in guest speakers to discuss different career paths one can take the the excercise science and health promotion degree (which I am going for). We...
  24. D

    Serious GPA Repair and Strategy Advice

    Hi, so this is long overdue but my own pride and denial prevented me from viewing my situation as realistically as possible. I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. However, I have a sGPA of a 2.57 with 77 credits...
  25. N

    Atrial Fibrillation, help.

    Hi, I'm a medstudent in Canada. Trying to figure out treatment pattern for AF. The specific question I have is what to do with a relatively young patient (let's say 40) presents with palpitations started 2 weeks ago, has no particular history. Normally we try to control the rate before...
  26. S

    My chances? Back-up plan advice/recommendations?

    Like many I am worried about my current medical MD and DO application cycle. I just submitted my application and my transcripts are waiting to be reviewed. My concerns are due to my low MCAT score (which I took only once due to taking it August 28th) and the "late" submission of my application...