1. future_neuro

    HS Senior Help me decide which BS/MD program to commit to

    Hello all. I have narrowed my options down to these so far, but it is still a lot (yikes!). I'm interested in double-majoring in Neuroscience and anthropology and participating in research. I have included my thoughts on the schools below. My parents are paying and money isn't that big of a...
  2. C


  3. ewang777

    Not med sch but deciding undergrad sch for pre med

    I have 2 days left to choose and I’m left deciding between Purdue and southwestern uni in Texas for my undergrad Purdue: public -44k a year oos -40k~ students total - lots/wide range of opportunities - love the social atmosphere - huge classes - able to build a bigger network and connections...
  4. Future Dr. Juice

    Thomas Jefferson P4 2022-2023

    Hello, Has anyone received an interview invite/acceptance from the Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4) at Thomas Jefferson? I received an invite Friday 12/17 and I signed up on the website they gave me to schedule an interview. They provided two online dates for 12/20 and 12/21...
  5. H

    1 vs 2 year Post Bac Program Advice

    Hi there! I am currently a senior in college and have taken a few science courses (Chem I, Cell Bio, Genetics, and Physics I) but still have to complete the remaining courses so as to apply to medical school. I applied to Thomas Jefferson post bacc program (P4) and got accepted! I had applied to...
  6. M

    ~Positivity and thoughts and rant of a premed*~

    Hi all, This will be somewhat of a rant so sorry to whoever wastes a minute reading it before realizing they would rather do anything else. I am graduating my SMP with a GPA in the 3.5-3.6 range. Not the greatest I know but I am hoping with my high MCAT, a miracle may come my way at my state...
  7. M

    School list/MD chances - non trad with SMP

  8. N

    Human anatomy help! Should I drop it or keep it?

    So I’m currently in my second year taking human anatomy. My average is pretty bad but passing and I really want to drop it but I’ve already withdrew from one course and I heard more than 2 W on your transcript looks bad for MSF schools. So I’m trying to keep another W for a future harder course...
  9. F

    MCAT tips

    Hello. I will be taking the MCAT in about 8 months from now so I still have plenty of time to prepare. However, I do not know how to get started or which section to begin with. How did you study for the MCAT? Any advice? Anything you felt like was effective for you and what wasn't so effective...
  10. F

    Carribean MD or podiatry? What are my chances?

    Hello. I am a premed student. Overall GPA of 3.4 and science of about 2.6. Not yet taken MCAT. I do have lots of patient hours, shadowing, community service, and research. Will be applying to MD schools in the Caribbean (from the big 4) and possibly podiatry schools in the US. Does it seem like...
  11. M

    Do Medical School’s look at every single grade and see the very upward trend?

    I’m really sorry, there might be a question like this but I couldn’t find one that specifically answered what I was wondering. I have a super spotty record which I’ve mentioned before. I have F’s, D’s, and C’s on my record from when I was in Community College. Was going through a lot, I should...
  12. N

    Bad idea?! Taking all these courses at the same time ?..

    So for the first semester of my sophomore year I am taking Physics 1 & lab, genetics, calc 2 and environment & society (writing and reading intensive course). Do you think it would be a bad idea to switch out the environmental class for biochemistry. is it a bad idea to take biochem at the same...
  13. B

    Pre Med Major

    I am deciding between psychology and political science as my major in college. Which one makes me look like a more well rounded student to med schools? Also which one looks better for medical schools? I have an interest in both so I am not worried about being bored in either.
  14. S

    Army HPSP, good or bad choice for surgical residency/training?

    I have received the Army HPSP scholarship, but just recently received a full tuition scholarship from my state school. It is an expensive state and I'll need to take out some loans for living expenses (20k or less a year), but now with the money incentive gone I am reevaluating if I should take...
  15. I

    MCAT Crisis: In over my head?

    Hello guys, so I wanted to get some advice on a difficult situation I have found myself in. I graduated this last year with my bio degree with the hope of taking my MCAT at the end of the summer after full-time studying to get it over with before taking my 2 gap years. I had a lot of hope after...
  16. T

    MD & DO Volunteer Opportunities In SE Asia for Pre or Medical Students

    Hi everyone, I will be in South East Asia this summer and was wondering if anyone knows of a volunteer organization in the medical field/sites for premedical or medical students? I know some organizations require that you are an MD already or last year of medical residency. Thank you, much...
  17. CalFree230

    How should I ask a physician to allow me to shadow them

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding how I should go about asking a physician for shadowing experience. The hospital in my university town has a list of all doctors associated with the healthcare system including office hours and office locations as well as phone numbers, however no emails were...
  18. L

    Duke-NUS International students

    An international student here Planning to apply for Duke-NUS singapore. Can you guys share your experience as an international student in Duke-NUS, your expectations before bing admitted and the reality when you are already there :) also please give tips on how to make adjustments for int'l...
  19. L

    Duke NUS Pre health Experiential Program 2017

    Hello guys anyone here who's planing to join the PreP summer class program in Duke NUS singapore this july? :)
  20. H

    Help me pick and choose my EC's

    Sup Everyone? So I'm feeling super overwhelmed with everything going on right now and need help to break down what I need to focus on for med school. I am genuinely passionate about all of these, but I will be taking very aggressive courses this term and my premed advisor thinks I am taking on...
  21. D

    Jan 28th taker- 504 HELP

    Hey everyone, I got 504 (125/125/129/125) on 1/28 test and I am pretty bummed about it. AAMC F1 505 (I bombed CARS here) (3 weeks prior) F2 516 (1 week prior) I studied for about 3 months while in school and working part time and took ~14 practice exams. I felt prepared and finished fast on...
  22. BuckyBadger08


    Okay so I had a few questions on what I should do. I'm 20 years old and am just now deciding to go back to school. I took a few years off to work and try to figure out what path I wanted to go in life. After being a landscaper, store manager, warehouse worker, tool and die maker, machinst and...
  23. pnwhmt

    What should I be working on? Critique my gap year.

    Hey guys! I'm graduating December 2017, taking the MCAT and applying 2018. Hoping you can take a look and make some suggestions on what to focus on in the next year and a half... 1. Do I need more research experience to be considered competitive? 2. Do I need clinical volunteer experience given...
  24. R

    What did you do for volunteering?

    Hello anyone! I'm just curious what others have done for volunteering to make them "stand out" from the rest. I have done volunteering with Disney and have a trip plan to go to Thailand and do some stuff there, but that's doesn't seem good enough.
  25. E

    Can you take Gen Chem, Gen Bio, OChem, and Physics in different years?

    I really do not want to double up on sciences during undergrad because I feel like that'll hurt my GPA. So I was wondering if I could take Gen Chem my freshman year, OChem sophomore year, Gen Bio my junior, and Physics my senior year? I know that you need physics for the MCAT, but I feel like I...
  26. D

    MD GED, CC and Low GPA

    Hello Everyone, I have been a member of this forum for some time now but this is my first time posting anything. OK, so here it goes... I am 25 yr old female, residing in FL, I dropped out of HS and received my GED in 2010. I am currently attending a State College (CC?) to complete an AS in...
  27. P

    MD Weird profile: 3.75 cGPA, 3.65 sGPA- engineering grad school, TX

  28. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  29. BeginAgain

    Are there any specific interesting opportunities in the summer in NYC for pre meds?

    It's kind of a daunting task trying to find internships and volunteering in NYC over the summer because I have absolutely no idea where to start. Is there any way I can see some sort of list of opportunities for things I may be interested in doing over the summer? I'm looking mainly for things...