1. whosnisarg

    DOs Competitiveness in Residencies

    Hey, gang! I'm new to the idea of osteopathic medicine and was curious about how one would go about obtaining an interventional radiology residency as a DO. Would this change as a result of the 2020 merger? This is already a very tough residency to gain for MDs, will it be impossible after the...
  2. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  3. B

    Radiology interview swap 2018 2019

    I was looking for a current interview swap thread for this cycle and seems like we don't have one yet. So here it is! Looking to swap 11/5 interview at Columbia (DR) for any later date. If you are in NYC or if you think you can make it on 11/5 please please let me know. I would really...
  4. R

    MD & DO Will AI and Machine Learning (ML) Doom Your Choice of a Radiology Career Before it Starts?

    There is a lot of hype around AI and ML right now and major hospitals, universities and tech companies have already started pairing off/partnering up with big industry players like IBM and GE to name a few. There’s also no shortage of articles about how AI has outperformed a pathologist or a...
  5. R

    How Residency Admissions Committees Choose Their Applicants and Do Boards Scores Matter?

    Preface: I am a radiology attending who has been on residency and medical school admission committees. In short, Yes, boards scores matter. They 100% matter even though they shouldn’t matter as much as they do. The scores are well known by admissions committees to not be reflective of who will...
  6. R

    Top 5 Mistakes Students Make on their Radiology Elective

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a radiology attending who has been very involved in medical education throughout my career from resident, to fellow to now. I have worked at big academic centers as well as community programs and have spoken to many of my radiology friends about these...
  7. X

    Position Available Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Imaging Fellowship

    Greetings For my friends in Diagnostic Radiology considering fellowships... I strongly recommend and advocate considering Cleveland Clinic (CCF) for your cardiac and thoracic imaging fellowships. OVERALL STRENGTHS: Dedicated and world renown staff to each sub-subspecialty, combining an...
  8. A

    236 Step 1, 245 Step 2 a bunch of P,High Passes, and 1 Honor in Surgery and No research?

    As you can see I am just about as average as a med student can get. Is there a good chance for matching into Radiology? I just got really nervous looking at the 2018 Charting outcomes and wondering If I should even bother. Really the only selling point I have is an H in Surgery but other than...
  9. X

    What are some good Academic DR programs that applicants with 230s have a shot in now?

    Im sure you have noticed from Charting Outcomes 2018 that DR has gotten significantly more competitive. If you look at applicant match rates based on Step 1 score, those who scored in the 230s in 2016; 1/150ish unmatched. In 2018- 15/150sih unmatched. I imagine in 2019 it will only get more...
  10. D

    Radiology Resident; Ask me Anything!

    Hey everyone, I am a third-year radiology resident at a top academic program. I am starting this thread to give back to the SDN community. When I was a pre-med, I had no real mentors and really didn't know any medical residents. Feel free to ask me anything in this thread, and I'll do my best to...
  11. D

    Community Residency Program

    This year's match didn't go the way that I had hoped. I matched into a no-name community residency program for Radiology. I know I shouldn't complain because I'm lucky that I matched at all, but I can't shake the feeling that I've really ruined my future. I'm afraid that my job prospects will be...
  12. D

    Would these credentials be enough to match Diagnostic Radiology?

  13. cmelist

    CME UCSF Abdomen & Pelvis CT/MR/US (Radiology CME)

    UCSF Abdomen & Pelvis CT/MR/US (Radiology CME) Posted by Bernard Sklar, MD CME Credit Hours: 11.5 CME Credits Awarded by University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Cost: $850 Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video Target Audience: The activity was designed to help the...
  14. L

    Neurology residency application process

    Hello, I've been reading about the application process for a Neurology residency, and from what I understood we need to apply via ERAS for a Neurology program (PGY2) + a transitional/preliminary PGY1 program, both done at the same time, using the same application? Is it the same thing for...
  15. blahblahpremeds

    Remediation of a single MS1 course

    Hi everyone, I just found out I didn't pass a single component of our patient care course by 2 points. While my average in the class is a B, I still have to pass all components and I failed a quiz by 2 points. After talking to the course director, I found out I have to remediate the quiz over...
  16. E

    R4 body fellowship - attending input

    I just matched my residency that advertises that I can complete a full body fellowship in my R4 year? Would this be enough to say I did a fellowship and look for private practice jobs? What questions should I ask before doing this?
  17. M

    Unmatched radiology applicant..research fellowship vs. observerships

    Hello all, I recently dual applied to rad onc and radiology, and went completely unmatched. I was not able to SOAP into a prelim or TY as well, despite a strong application (great board scores, GPA, LOR's, lots of research). I know rad onc is competitive as a DO, but with regards to not...
  18. M

    Chances of Rads Residency?

    Hey guys, I'm planning on applying to Radiology, but I feel my scores are too low. I've talked to some residents and they say it's more about how you fit into the program, but still I'm nervous. How can I improve my application? Step 1: 226, Clerkships: just passes so far. have 2 clerkships...
  19. T

    Position Swap Seeking PGY2 rads in 2019

    I just matched into east coast Radiology program which has not much IR exposure. Will be starting that program as Pgy2 in 2019. With family ties in mid west region and strong IR interest, I would like to switch for any miswest radiology residency. I currently have prelim spot in midwest and...
  20. Offroader

    What are the chances of entering residency after foundation programme for a non-EU medical student?

    Hello everybody, I'm currently a non-EU medical student aiming to do foundation programme in the UK and enter radiology residency but I don't know what would my chances be for that. I've heard it's not possible for non-EU junior doctors to enter radiology residency in the UK (after foundation...
  21. M

    Radiology major

    Hello everyone, Could you please give me some suggestions about why I interested in Radiology major for interview? Thanks
  22. P

    Do radiation oncologists have more patient interactions than radiologists?

    Trying to understand both specialities more. I understand radiologists have very little patient contact, but is it the same for radiation oncologists?
  23. A

    Considering 2nd residency in Radiology- questions about application

    Hi everyone, I'm a board certified physician (finished training ~7 years ago) and I'm strongly considering switching and applying to radiology residency. I've some questions regarding the application process: - my understanding is that if I apply later this year (Sept) I'll be applying for PGY 2...
  24. R

    MD & DO Rochester General Radiology??

    Post removed for TOS violation.
  25. C

    Does this patient have obvious arachnoiditis?

    27 y.o male was referred my to pain clinic for continued pain management (opiate therapy) and c/o continued lumbar and lower thoracic (T8-T12) pain. Pain that persist and worsens through the night and has been present and worsening/staying around the same intensity for approx. two years. The...
  26. R

    Medical exchange system

    Good afternoon. Please look at our website. We created a system for the exchange of medical information. This research sarticles Unfortunately the most part in Russian. But we hope that this resource will be useful and will be filled with articles in English. See additional information in...
  27. R

    Looking for rank list help from radiology residents and attendings!

    Long time lurker here and now I am in serious need of help from the senior radiology community. I've read so much about prestige and academic vs. private practice careers that I think I am psyching myself out. Especially after talking to MS4s. So here is me: I am a MS4 who is going into...
  28. E

    Jobs that Count for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Radiology

    Hey peeps, I am a newly graduating 4th year medical student with a lot of debt and in the process making decisions about loan repayment. I know there is the public service loan forgiveness program that applies to employees of nonprofit hospitals (503b I think). What kind of jobs and How many...
  29. B

    Radiology Market Consolidation

    Can you guys address the move toward consolidation of radiologists becoming employees of major health systems? Can this lead to centralized reading centers, where fewer radiologists cover multiple outpatient imaging sites and maybe even low volume community hospitals owned by the health system...
  30. D

    Position Swap Radiology PGY-2/R1 Swap?

    Hey all, I'm at an academic university-related program in the Bronx, NYC, NY. Looking to transfer to a program with a strong IR program so that I may further my career. Thanks!
  31. D

    Opinions/studies on radiation exposure in IR?

    I am a medical student who is very interested in IR. I have been hanging out with the department and running the student interest group for the specialty. This path is definitely at the top of my list. However, I recently had a very interesting conversation with a retired interventional...
  32. W

    general surgery resident looking for research year to transition into radiology

    I'm currently a general surgery pgy1 resident. Unfortunately it took me 6 months into my intern year to realize that my professional interests are aligned with a career in radiology rather than surgery. It took me some time to come to this realization but I definitely want to make this career...
  33. E

    Brigham (BWH) and MGH malignant and resident abuse?

    hey guys! I’m a radiology applicant and recently interviewed at the boston programs for diagnostic radiology and I was shocked at what I heard during my interview day by residents. I would love some comments from other applicants or current residents. So during my interview day compared to...
  34. freecitizen

    What type of radiology information do you want to know for the step?

    Hello everyone, I am currently putting together radiology MCQ bank website for the USMLE, NBMEs and clerkships. I know this is not a heavily tested topic but I this is my side project that I ultimately want to be a "quick" review for radiology. Is there anything in particular that you would...
  35. slowthai

    Is rads a no go if you're not fond of physics but you like everything else?

    By "everything else", I mean the day to day of radiology itself, anatomy, pathology, etc. For those that don't like physics but enjoy everything else, did you find it manageable or even enjoyable in the context of radiology?
  36. X

    Is the competitiveness of Diagnostic Radiology picking up again?

    I have been reading SDN and asking questions about matching into Radiology. The general answer I get about match chances is " A passing Step score and a pulse" are all that is needed to match Radiology. Yet the Step 1 average is 240. On Charting outcomes I also see that a score greater than 220...
  37. GrandBuckeyeOH91

    MD & DO Diagnostic Radiology Applicants!

    Just wanted to say what's up to those applying DR this cycle! Since ERAS app has already went out, just wanted to see what kind of programs everyone is applying to and their plan of attack for interviews! Cheers!
  38. R

    MSK Radiology Fellowship

    Hello, I am deciding between Mallinckrodt and HSS for MSK Radiology Fellowship and am having a very hard time making a final decision. I really liked both programs and the fellows I talked to seem happy at each of their respective programs. Mallinckrodt does a big variety of procedures, which...
  39. T

    2017-2018 Interview Thread -- Radiology

    I just submitted my ERAS and finally became a member of SDN (after lurking for many years). I found a thread from previous years that was really beneficial for radiology applicants (2016-2017 Interview Thread). I think an interview date thread would be useful for all applicants this year too...
  40. X

    Radiology with 235 Step 1 and all High Passes?

    Hello, I wanted to match into a decent academic radiology program in the southeast. For some reason i cannot hack the honors/240 barrier. Hopelessly mediocre yet stressing and studying like I should be doing much better. Do I have a good shot at matching in Radiology with these average stats and...