1. xEve

    Radiology-Radiation-Imaging + Pre Med ?

    Hi everyone, I am searching for good universities in affordable and safe places that offer ( Radiology, Radiation, Imaging ) science major " it is one major, but it has different names " with a Pre Med track.Moreover, they have a medicine college. If anyone knows, please help me! Thank you...
  2. X

    Is research necessary to match into a decent academic program for radiology if my step score is 235?

    Unfortunately I scored much lower than expected. Thought Id atleast hit 240s based on all my practice scores. Do I need research to make up for the lackluster step score? or will doing well in grades and step 2 be enough to match a mid- low tier DR program? By the way I am an MD at a top 50 school
  3. pikaboo

    Oral radiology

    Hey guys, my college has a very tough oral radiology course and I want to know what is the best textbook for oral radiology?
  4. Wonder women

    "mommy track" job after fellowship

    Quick background before I post questions -I am mother to two kindergartners and feel that between Radiology residency and fellowship I have missed out a lot. Currently in Body Imaging Fellowship in a good program @ Midwest. I am hoping for "mommy track" type of schedule (30-40 hrs/week ) and...
  5. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Radiology PGY-2 (R1) Residency Opening in Illinois

    Featured Opening --------------------------------------- 7/27/2017 Radiology PGY-2 (R1) Residency Opening in Illinois Check if this opening is still available: Rush University Medical Center Department of Diagnostic Radiology 1653 West...
  6. R

    USCE or research? which one is better for radiology?

    Hello, I am a last year medical student at a foreign medical school. I am planning to apply for radiology residency in the USA. I am in a desperate dilemma and I want to hear your reflections on it. As you already know USCE is said to be a 'must' for IMGs and I have been trying to get one but...
  7. X

    Matching University of Colorado radiology with a 234 Step 1 score?

    Is it possible? How is the program in terms of competitiveness? What would you guys recommend to have a high chance of matching there?
  8. C

    A starter Book for Radiology

    Hi everyone. I am going to do a rotation in Radiology next month. I am a final year medical student. I I have never rotated in Radiology before. I would like to read something and educate myself before I enter the rotation. Can you people suggest me a good and concise Radiology book to start...
  9. L

    Very uneasy about specialty choice

  10. rawrsy

    MD Personal statement resources

    Hey all -- am looking for some useful resources for writing a med school personal statement. Be it online, in a book or even just some personal insight/advice from your own experiences. Radiology residency is the goal, but will need to prep 2 versions at least -- one radiology-focused and one...
  11. umami!

    MD incoming MS1 seeking research advice (interested in rads, radonc)

    I've been reading a lot of similar threads (advice for incoming MS1, how to find research in med school, etc.) and I was hoping to get some more insight as someone interested in radiology and radiation oncology. My questions: My school doesn't have a radonc residency program. Other than doing...
  12. bojackson63044

    MD Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL!

    Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL! Florida Hospital is the flagship hospital of Florida's largest healthcare system. Our Radiology department reads over 2.5 million studies a year. We have great teaching faculty from Johns Hopkins all the way to Stanford. Our residents...
  13. E

    Call schedule in Interventional Radiology

    Hello IR docs of SDN, I've done some googling and there is surprisingly scarce information on this aside from 1 or two articles. What is the call schedule like as an IR attending and how often do you have to go in? From my IR rotation so far, I've seen that the fellows that go into PP have a...
  14. E

    Does Radiology Residency Prestige/Brand Name Matter?

    It is coming time for me to apply (!!!!) and as I read about radiology residency programs around the country, I am curious how much prestige matters post-residency for both a private practice career vs an academic career? Also, how does Duke (dream program in the south) compare to programs...
  15. M


    Hey Everyone! I was recently accepted into the UCSF MSBI program and am trying to decide if I want to go. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the program. If so, how difficult were the classes? Was it hard to make good grades? Any info that you might have to share would be great...
  16. CrystallineMind

    Choosing medical specialty.

    Hello. I've been long time lurker here on SDN, this is my first post though. I'm 4th year medical student (from a 6 year program) and for about a year I'm very confused what i want to do later on. So I figured out maybe someone will have some useful tips or information for me. So here's some...
  17. S

    Position Available Radiology PGY3/4 position available in SF Bay Area

    Hi all, I am one of the chief residents at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in the Silicon Valley. One of our current 1st year (PGY2) residents is moving to the East Coast for personal reasons, and we have a position that will be opening up starting July 1, 2017. We are looking to fill the...
  18. M


    Hey guys, I'm a 3rd year thinking about applying for diagnostic radiology (both DO and MD). Should I do auditions? Where have you rotated? For those who matched radiology, what were your scores (if you wouldn't mind sharing)? Did you do any research? Where have you interviewed? Did you have...
  19. M

    Interventional Radiology Case study

  20. O

    Radiologists traditionally don't pay much attention to the retina, but maybe we should.

    Usable medical image analysis seems far fetched but starting small has shown great potential. Using machine learning to evaluate the vessels of the retina demonstrated promise to diagnose diabetic retinopathy. Why can't we do the same with ovarian or liver lesions? Thyroid nodules? #ML...
  21. 2

    IR Away Rotations

    I'm about to be a 4th year in an average state school in Texas and I will be applying for DR/IR residency in 2018. I'm planning on doing 2 aways and I was wondering if you guys had any experience in any programs? Any recommendations? Places should I avoid? Looking at UCSF, Stanford, UCSD...
  22. B

    Tattoos and Residency

    So I am applying to medical school and I am planning on getting a sleeve. I am also hoping to get into the Radiology field once medical school is completed. I was wondering people's opinions on this matter and whether you think It is a big deal during medical school and residency as long as you...
  23. B

    Sleeve Tattoos and Rotations

    So I am applying to medical school and I am planning on getting a sleeve. I am also hoping to get into the Radiology field once medical school is completed. I was wondering people's opinions on this matter and whether you think It is a big deal during medical school and residency as long as you...
  24. Naijaba

    My experience applying to residency in Interventional Radiology (IR/DR)

    Hey all, I'm posting this here because much of what I wrote is applicable to DR just as much as IR. It's a long article; I wrote more than I thought I would, and yet still want to write more. Done is better than perfect, so here it is: My experience applying to residency in Interventional...
  25. V

    Position Wanted PGY-2 or R1

    Hi, I matched intro IM Prelim this year and I'm looking for any PGY-2 in IM or R1 seat for the next year. I have green card and I have no geographic preference. I have decent scores. Please let me know if there is any seat available. Thanks.
  26. M

    Fellowship dilemma: Interventional vs. MSK with interventions

    Current R1 in a top 30 DR program trying to figure out what the hell I want to do. Being that I'm in the limbo year between the DR/IR combined residency and the end of one year IR fellowships, I'm not sure what my best options are. I love doing procedures, but I'm not sure how much I LOVE the...
  27. O

    Nice intro to ML and Radiology

    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | DECEMBER 19, 2016 At RSNA 2016, the key buzzwords were “deep learning,” “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence.” Vendors and major academic centers are developing a wide array of artificial intelligence neuro networks to aid radiologists in clinical diagnosis...
  28. E

    Interventional Radiology. Does my Prelim Year Matter? Surgery? Medicine? Transitional?

    So I will be applying IR this coming year and I've read a lot about this prelim year requirement. More specifically, some programs require a surgical prelim which is fine but others "strongly encourage" or do not specify. My questions are: 1) How necessary is it to do the surgical prelim year...
  29. G

    Gas vs Rads

    Current MS3, really struggling with specialty choice. Did a search for Gas vs. Rads and many of the threads were very outdated so I figured I would start a new one. Just looking for advice from people who have struggled with a similar decision. About me: MD in west, low 230s step 1, mostly...
  30. RadiologyPD

    Radiology Faculty--Answering Questions/"AMA"

    Hello, I am a Radiology PD who was asked by an SDN administrator who is friend of one of my former fellows to participate in this thread. My understanding is that there may be at least one other PD (by the handle of "Radiology_Advisor") who will participate for now. Here is the request I...
  31. D

    Position Swap Radiology Swap R1 PGY2 starting in July 2017

    Hello. I am interested in swapping out of my program (academic well respected hospital in the Bronx, New York) to another program with greater opportunities in IR So that our years match - I am current in my prelim year starting this radiology position, R1 PGY-2, in July 2017. Thanks.
  32. Mass_Effect

    Pros & Cons of Community Programs vs. University Programs for Diagnostic Radiology

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages for Community vs. University programs specifically for Diagnostic Radiology. As far as I know, if you're trying to pursue academics or a fellowship, then you need to go into a university program. Are there any benefits...
  33. D

    Position Swap PGY 2 Radiology Swap July 2017

    Hello! Currently in my intern year will be starting my R1 PGY2 year in diagnostic radiology in Long Island, New York City. Looking for anyone who like to swap positions, preferably anywhere in the west coast. Some unfortunate family circumstances came up and am looking to swap to be closer to...
  34. doctorsdoctor

    Practicing Radiology in (EU,NZ, AUSTRALIA) after residency training in PH

    After finishing radiology training in the Philippines for 4 years I plan to go abroad (New Zealand/Australia/Europe/Dubai). So I have researched and my best chance of practicing medicine abroad is to train residency here in my home country Philippines, and later on take a fellowship program...
  35. L

    Unmatched DO Applicant

    So I got the bad news today. Didn't match Ortho in the Osteopathic match. Thought about doing EM and applied to it, but decided way late that I'd rather scramble than commit to a life of ER medicine. So I am stuck in a seriously bad place. Still haven't accepted any DO positions such as TRI's...
  36. R

    NY vs California

    Hey all, I'm currently trying to put together my rank list but am having some difficulty. I am originally from NYC and really liked NYU. However, a part of me has always wanted to move out west, and I liked UCLA as well. I know that these are both excellent programs of similar caliber...
  37. E

    Radiology Away Rotation Switching Elective

    Hey guys! I'm doing an away rotation in Radiology. The away will be after my home rotation. I was wondering if its a big deal if after my away rotation I ask to switch the elective to something else in the same department? Ex. lets say my away is for a IR but I really liked Peds rads. Can I...
  38. m3db01

    Integrated IR and Step 2 CK

    Hey guys. I wanted to know if IR programs want Step 2 CK to be taken before you apply. I know the general strategy is to take Step 2 if your Step 1 was low to try and improve, and to delay Step 2 if you did well on Step 1. Does this also hold true for integrated IR? I got a solid Step 1 score...
  39. Naijaba

    Deep Learning in Radiology

    Hi all, I'm pretty interested in the incorporation of deep learning into radiology. I've setup a blog to help track the emergence of deep learning companies, research articles and expert discussions all with a focus on radiology. My first post is a survey of the landscape of companies...
  40. 8

    Best MSK fellowship for sports imaging

    I'm very interested in sports medicine imaging. Are there any MSK fellows here or people who have done MSK fellowship that know if there are certain programs that are more geared towards this aspect of MSK radiology? I'm only an R1 so I have time to look around. I'd just like to get an idea or...