1. O

    Rank List Guidance

    I'm having one hell of a time trying to order my rank list. Location is semi important, but so is my significant other's preference (couples matching into peds). I also know that I want to do an IR fellowship. I have narrowed down my top 6 to: UPMC Cincinnati U Illinois - Chicago Einstein (PA)...
  2. K

    Rank list 2017

    Hey guys! Echoing similar posts from the past, what are your opinions on the following list of radiology programs (DR). Thoughts based on quality of training and your "feel" of the program if you have interviewed at any of them (some are blending together as interviews are ending) - Thanks...
  3. D

    J1 to H1b Swap during residency

    Could some one enlighten me if a J1 to H1b swap during residency is viable? Specifically, I'm looking at likely H1b for a radiology position as a PGY2 and J1 for my intern year. Does the two-year home country requirement apply in this case? I can't seem to find much about this anywhere. I...
  4. H

    Position Swap PGY2 radiology-radiology swap July 2017

    Hi there, I'm currently in my intern year and will be starting PGY2 (R1) radiology residency in a program in Manhattan, July 2017. Looking for academic/affiliated programs on West Coast, in Northeast (preferably Philadelphia region) or large cities. Please message me if interested in swapping...
  5. L

    Radiography Supervisor and Operator Permit EXAM in California

    I'm an MD and would like to get my Radiography Supervisor and Operator Permit and want to know if there are any study materials for this exam. Seems to be a paucity of information on this exam online. I was wondering if anyone can help guide me in the right direction. Thank you
  6. M

    Wanted: Osborn's Brain Textbook for $ or services

    I am in need of purchasing Osborn's Brain as seen here: I am willing to purchase at the $399 sticker price should anyone have a copy. Alternatively, I run a book scanning business and am willing to trade this book for $1,500 in free services. On average a 1,000 page book costs $30 or so. Thats...
  7. R

    What are my chances of matching in a higher tier radiology program?

    Hi, I know many people ask this question... But I really have no clue. I´m an IMG who graduated in mid 2015 and have been working in a private clinic for radiology ever since. I have +270 in the step 1 and aim for a +270 in the step 2ck which I will take in a couple of months. I may get a case...
  8. MissRPB

    Radiology Residencies

    Hello! My friend is looking for veterinary residencies in Radiology. I heard an intern at ASEC mention a radiology residency (possibly offered by a VCA), but we haven't been able to find it on the match or just from googling. If anyone has information or knows of any other potential sites for a...
  9. D

    Does a radiology resident need call to become a good radiologist?

    I think the answer is a definitive yes!!! In order to break the chains of dependence, you need the experience of making independent choices as an attending radiologist does. The only way to get that experience is call. There is an article called Call- A Rite of Passage that explains the reasons...
  10. D

    Should you make a fellowship decision based upon trends in the market?

    I think that a fellowship should be based upon your personality type and what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. But I think that market trends should also play a role in your decision to choose a fellowship. There's an article with some of this information called How to Choose a...
  11. I

    Position Swap PGY 2 categorical surg swap for my R1 radiology

    Any pgy 2 gen surg categorical residents (preferably at a level 1 trauma center) wanna swap for R1 radiology spot at a great hospital in New York?
  12. E

    Moonlighting During Fellowship - IMGs

    Is it possible for an IMG to moonlight internally during fellowship, particularly for radiology fellowship? Any experience, info is highly appreciated.
  13. P

    Working in a radiology department for clinical experience?

    Hey all, I graduated college in May with a few pre reqs left to cross off.. Truthfully I've since then questioned if Medicine was for me so I'm only taking one class at my local CC while working at my local hospital. I'm a "patient care assistant" and I'm told I will be placed in the radiology...
  14. P

    Did anyone actually ENJOY their surgery prelim year?

    Hi all, MS4 looking at prelim intern programs prior to starting an Interventional Radiology residency. Technically, I can do a Transition year, prelim med, or prelim surgery program. It's my understanding that intern year generally sucks no matter what you do (hours, scut work, etc.). Of...
  15. D

    Reapplying this year. Dual applying. Need guidance

    So, I applied to radiology last year and did not match. I am planning on dual applying this year into internal medicine and radiology. However, I do not know what to put on my ERAS experience page. Since not matching, I have some research experience in radiology. And, I did some externship in...
  16. A

    Help with number of transitional/prelim

    DO here applying for ACGME radiology this year. Wondering if anyone can shed some light as to how many transitional/prelim programs they applied to/interviewed at and any advice with the process? I have heard conflicting opinions on the matter. At the risk of sounding lazy I have been...
  17. J

    Veterinary radiology specialty?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can provide input on diagnostic radiology in the veterinary world. Is it as isolated from the patient as it is in human medicine? In other words, do they almost exclusively interpret radiographs and simply instruct the primary care veterinarian on the diagnosis...
  18. D

    IMG planning on landing a top radiology program. Can I do it with this roadmap?

    Hi. I'm an international student and I have quite recently begun to seriously consider radiology (in the US, that is). I'm a year 2 and have 4 years until graduation. This gives me a lot of time to prepare for applying abroad. I know that radiology is a highly competitive field, but I feel like...
  19. M

    DO interested in radiology

    I'm becoming more set on going into radiology however, I don't know where I really stand in terms of competitiveness so far (Just started my 3rd year). I know I won't get any top programs but I'm curious if I'd be competitive for some midwest university programs? USMLE step 1 = 227 COMLEX level...
  20. CuriousBastard01

    Pain Management - Hospital vs Private Practice

    I would like to get some opinions here. I am at the point where I am starting to think about my specialty. I do believe I am competitive enough to match into good residency programs. I am thinking about orthopaedic surgery , rads and anesthesiology ( then go into pain management). Ortho is...
  21. A

    Osteopathic Radiology Chances

    Hello all. I am currently a 4th year in New York and I'm in the process of filling out residency applications. Up until a few weeks ago, I was not sure about which specialty to choose. I am still torn between a few, but because I've always been interested in physics, I found radiology may be a...
  22. C

    Will AI replace Radiologists?

    Better and more accurate question is; When will AI replace radiologists? This is really happening. Look at that TED talk, here; Is this really happening? Should we concerned about it? I am :(
  23. S

    Any chance of matching radiology?

    So I'm a 4th year DO student looking to apply for DR residency but I'm not too sure of my chances of matching and if I should risk it. I've talked to a few new residents at different programs and they said if I apply broadly I should have a good chance, but I'd like to know what you guys think...
  24. N

    Upcoming Critical Care Webinar Series

    Critical Care Webinar Series - Pulmonary Embolism: Management Beyond Anticoagulation Please join the Society of Interventional Radiology Resident, Fellow, and Student Section with Dr. Perminder Gulani, Critical Care Attending at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Jacobi Medical Center as he...
  25. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...
  26. T

    How to become a diagnostic/interventional radiologist?

    Hey guys, I have been interested in radiology for quite some time, but I am still confused on how the training after medical school works out. I understand that the majority of diagnostic radiology residency programs require a separate pgy 1/translational year followed by the four year...
  27. F

    Loan Repayment for Emergency Medicine, Radiology, or Pathology?

    I'm still in high school so these specialties aren't definite, but I figured this forum would be better as the question would be answered by people with experience. I was very interested in getting loan repayment through working in an undesired area, but it appears that only those in primary...
  28. D

    Radiology Salary Steady

    Hey all, I compiled some AMGA salary data for radiology and was able to get data all the way back about 10 years. The AMGA is one of the top two survey companies that obtain "the most accurate" salary info for hiring (the other being MGMA). Now, the caveats to this is that these are mean...
  29. J

    Great community Radiology programs in Northeast region

    Aways are coming up and I am currently looking for great community level programs in the Northeast to hopefully target. Not necessarily info on aways but more on resident training quality and environment, just hoping to hear some input on what others have experienced or heard of programs in the...
  30. V

    Florida hospital radiology residency

    Deleted post
  31. A

    TMS and tDCS

    TMS and tDCS are emerging therapies in a number of neurologic and psychiatric disease areas. Publications are building up in support of their use e.g. : Until now, there hasn't been much clinical use. If research continues to be promising, I'm...
  32. P

    Specialty selection and visa status

    I am a 3rd year US medical student, I am not a US citizen and I am on an F1 visa. I initially came to the US with a J1 visa through a high school exchange program and I already have the 2year home residency requirement which I have not yet fulfilled. My issue is that I am ineligible for H1b for...
  33. A

    Allopathic Radiology Residency as a D.O.

    Hey guys, I am a 3rd year DO Student looking to match in an allopathic radiology residency. Anybody out there have any experience they can share regarding what helped them on their road to matching into an allopathic program? Specifically how important is step 2 and did you do multiple...
  34. I

    USMLE Radiology for IMGs? Any success stories?

    When in med school I was told that radiology was impossibly hard to get in the US for IMGs. But in the last few years Ive read that it is not as competitive as it used to be (doom in job market I hear). But there are barely any discussion groups on this forum about Radiology IMG match 2016/2015...
  35. R

    Rank List Help!

    Hey guys! I wanted to know your opinions on the following list. I have an idea of where I want to rank them based on location but wanted to know your thoughts on how they should be ranked based on quality of training and I guess "feel" of the program if you have been on any of these interviews...
  36. E

    Junior Faculty Position in Alternate Pathway

    Dear colleagues & attending radiologists, I've found vast amount of information regarding the ABR alternate pathway hovewer I couldn't find any info for compensation after fellowship a.k.a 'junior faculty' years. Is it like eg. pgy-7? I'd appreciate any info you can share.
  37. M

    USMLE Step II necessary?

    I have a step 1 222 and comlex I 541 and I'm interested in matching to ACGME diagnostic radiology. Is it necessary that I take the Step II CK or will the Level II CE suffice?
  38. Radiologyreviews2015

    Midwest Help

    Hey all, I thought I'd change it up here and ask some opinions on some programs I'm having trouble separating in the Midwest. Too many Californians/NE people on SDN! Haha. So far, I have CCF, Indiana, Wisconsin, NW, and UPMC as my top 5. I did not get interviews to Mayo, MIR, or Michigan (1st...
  39. K

    FREE Medical Journals - Radiology - 1982 - present (Woodland Hills)

    Some years 10+ are bound already with Physicians name. Radiology(RSNA) 1982 - present American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) 1982- present Pick-up only. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA Located in an upstairs office. Please contact me via email at [email protected] as I will not be...
  40. T

    Nuc Fellowship after Rads

    Just wondering if any of you guys have any insight into a nuclear fellowship after radiology residency. I love the nucs part of rads, and just wanted to know why it seems so unpopular. It's never listed on the top 5 fellowships that radiology residents go into on the various program pages on...