1. C

    Pacific University Optometry alternate list

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific university’s optometry school in January and was put on the alternate list. Does anyone have any idea what the likelihood of me getting in is or when they start touching the alternate list pool?
  2. D

    Any ideas as to why dentistry has dropped so much in the rankings?

    https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/dentist 2017-#1 2018-#2 2019- #4 2020- #2 2021- #9 2022- #47 Within a 4-year period, there was not much movement, but there was a sudden drop in 2021 and especially in 2022. Just curious to see what you guys think.
  3. D

    UPenn vs. UTHSC (IS)

    UPenn: Pros: high rank, P/F, and non-ranking could give me better chances to make it into a desirable residency Cons: far away and expensive (~90k) UTHSC (IS): Pros: Closer to family and friends (Holidays and such), good clinical school, economical in comparison (~50k) Cons: Graded and...
  4. J

    The Mechanics of the DNR List

    Hello SDN I'd like to know. Can anybody here with any special insight on this, explain exactly how a candidate ends up on a Do Not Rank List? Does any faculty members, Program Directors or current residents have an specific vivid examples? If so drop them here so the masses can learn what not...
  5. P

    PCOM vs OUWB

    PCOM Pros Location - Philly is amazing and its 30 min drive from my family, which is a really big support system for me I'm really interested in primary care, so I don't care much about extra competitive specialties (derm, plastics, etc) Strong community Reputation - very good reputation...
  6. C

    Wisconsin SMPH v MCW v Ohio State v Cincinnati

    I have been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at a few medical schools and I’m trying to decide which makes the most sense to move forward with. Note - I also have a few pending II’s and want to be certain I would rather go to a different school before withdrawing from my II. I’m...
  7. D

    Thoughts on these MedPeds Programs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your thoughts are on ranking these three medpeds programs? I'm primarily interested in what you know about the programs and assuming all else equal, which you would rank higher. Miami/Jackson Memorial MedPeds Stony Brook MedPeds Rutgers MedPeds I would...
  8. mcmoog


  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical How Does Your Top Choice Med School Rank in Accepted’s Selectivity Index?

    We just updated our Medical School Selectivity Index which provides you with the latest average acceptance rates, average MCAT scores, and average GPA for different medical schools based on U.S. News and MSAR data. The highest, hardest, and lowest in the Med School Selectivity Index: The Mayo...
  10. BearsBeetsBattlestar

    Psychiatry Residency ranking

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate your opinion about the programs that invited me for interviews. I’m an IMG, and I don’t know much about the reputation of the programs, whether they’re malignant or not and so on. I’m aware that my choices should be made based on my impressions about...
  11. S

    PhD/PsyD Clinical Neuropsychology Internship Site Rank Help Thread

    I am having some trouble ranking my internship interview sites and thought I would consult the board for some opinions. Specifically, I'm trying to ascertain the general perception of these site's reputation and prestige. While prestige/reputation is certainly not my only consideration, and...
  12. 3

    Updated Rankings of Podiatry Schools

    1. Midwestern Arizona 2. Des Moines 3. California 4. Temple 5. Dr. William Scholl 6. Kent State 7. Barry 8. New York 9. Western I used 4 year graduation rates, pass rates on part I, part II, and part II cspe, and match rates to calculate this list. I put the most weight into 4 year graduation...
  13. M

    Dell vs UTSW 2019

    Both are great schools, and I loved the interview day, facilities, and meeting the students. However, I am torn between the two - which to rank as my #1. I am not entirely sure which specialty I will be going for, but there's a high chance I would like to do something like Derm, Optho, or...
  14. S

    Interested in hearing from others!!

    I just received my matching result and I am very happy with the outcome. I got advice from my home PD to list a particular school at the top and I did. She worked hard for me to get an interview with this school and gave me guarantees that they would rank me high enough so if I put them at the...
  15. C

    Disappointing match

    I am very heartbroken :( I ended up placing at my worst school. I really did not expect to be here. I received tons of positive post-interview communication and decided to follow up on some of it and let it sway my school rankings. I really feel like I am the only one who could have made this...
  16. I

    How to overcome low rank undergraduate school to top med school hurdle?

    Hello everyone, I’ve been searching the forums about this topic for a while. From what I read it does look like the prestige of your undergraduate university matters to top medical schools. I know it would be a privilege to get in anywhere and I am by no means expecting to get into any top...
  17. C

    Post Bacc Research During Gap Year

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on SDN, so I hope this works out. I'm currently a junior at a well known state university (won't specify for security reasons lol), and I have been a research assistant in one of the psych labs on campus since the summer going into my sophomore year...
  18. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  19. S

    MD What is "noise" versus being realistic (residency & career)?

    Hello, This is my first post, so feel free to redirect this thread or let me know if I need to change anything! When I was first accepted, I was incredibly overjoyed at the opportunity: I am the first in my family to attend a grad school of any kind, and this is a huge opportunity--not just...
  20. bschaefer97

    Mayo Clinic Medical School - Arizona

    Does anyone know how the new Mayo medical school in AZ will stand up against other MD programs across the country? I assume it will take a while for it to gain any sort of prestige, but just wondering if it would be worth applying to for admission in 2019. Thanks for any help!
  21. R

    Allergy/Immunology Rankings

    Hi all, I'm an international medical student looking at doing an final year elective in Allergy and Immunology in the US, as this is a career I am interested in pursuing in my home country (a developed country like the US). Can anyone shed some light on what are the best/most prestigious...
  22. G

    My Idea to Improve Doximity Rankings

    Sooo I know the topic of doximity rankings (especially based off reputation) has been beaten to death but I was thinking about what could make the rankings more useful. What do you guys think? (I'm copy pasting a part of my e-mail to them) ____ After reading about the methodology for...
  23. E

    Who would you rank higher, a new university sponsored or a community based program?

    So I think I have decent chances of matching in 1 of 2 prospective programs... One of them is a university-based IM residency program, this program has been going on for 2 years now, it is in a level 3 trauma center. They will complete the cycle with the 2017 residents. The medical school is...
  24. D

    IM program ranking help ROL

    Hey guys! I'm starting to make my ROL and I am having trouble ranking these hospitals. My interest after residency is cardiology or Heme/Onc, so fellowship placement and research are important factors. Since I am an IMG I am unsure about a program's "reputation" (how strong is it, the name...
  25. BurritoKiller

    How would Virginia Tech Carilion fare in the USNWR rankings?

    Since it's a new school, it's not participating in the USNWR research rankings. I'm wondering approximately where it would be, as it touts itself as a research-intensive school but only received $7 million in NIH funding last year. To be fair, it's the smallest school in the nation (42 per...
  26. C

    Penn State Hershey Rank

    Hey all. I will most likely be attending Penn State and could not be happier. For curiosity sakes, I was wondering if anyone has any clue or guess as to where Penn State would rank in terms of research and care in US World & News rankings. They are Unranked which means they do not submit their...
  27. Engineering&Dental

    Free iPhone App for Angle Ranking

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dat-angle/id1114175055?mt=8 Hi guys, an app I've been working on to help study for the Angle Ranking portion of the DAT just went live on the App Store. It's free. I decided to create some affordable apps after seeing how expensive is it to get prep material...
  28. C

    Penn State Hershey and SUNY Downstate US World News Rank

    Hey all, Im asking just based on pure curiosity. My decision to attend a school would never come down to a probably-biased ranking but i am just interested in knowing. Both Downstate and Penn state are unranked, meaning they did not give their info to be ranked. I was just wondering if anyone...
  29. K

    Help Me Rank (Med-Peds)

  30. G

    I'm terrified I won't match (anesthesia 2016 match) - advice on ranking?

    Hi forum, It's just a few weeks from matching and stress is setting in hard. I'm at a mid-tier US Allopathic med school with below average step scores (210 step 1, 222 step 2) and mostly Bs on my transcript. I took an extra year in school because of a very legitimate health reason (not psych). I...
  31. D

    Would these schools be mid-tier or low-tier?

    Just wondering... what is your general impression of the "tier" these following schools belong to (mid or low): Saint Louis Temple George Washington Rochester Iowa Tufts
  32. D

    UTHSCSA vs. Texas Tech Lubbock vs. A&M

    Hi Guys! I've prematched at Lubbock and A&M and have interviewed at SA, and I am stuck on how to rank these schools. I loved the atmosphere at all 3 and love different things about each one. UTHSCSA: Love the circle curriculum, the location, and having 4 months to study for Step-1. Dislike...
  33. B

    Miami Vs Mayo-Florida Neurology

    Hey everyone. I need some advice from people who know more than I. This thread is really more about program styles than these schools specifically. I interviewed at both and REALLY like both programs, people were great at both programs. I'm going to rank these as my top 2 but I can't put one in...
  34. Soon2BMD2020

    MATCH Ranking Texas Schools

    Hello :) I have interviewed at a few different schools and need some suggestions/help on making my rank list. These are the schools I need to rank: UTMB A&M UNT-TCOM UTHSCSA Texas Tech El Paso I would love some advice. Thank you!