1. G

    Is it Worth It?

    Hello, I am a sophomore pre-medical student and I was wondering whether if would be unrealistic for me to continue on this pre-med track. Freshman year, due to a general state of depression and indecisiveness regarding my career choice wrecked havoc on my grades, especially during the second...
  2. birchtree47

    Worries about prereq grades

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well :) So, I just rounded out the second half of my sophomore year and am looking back at my GPA. At the moment, my GPA is a 3.805, and will either be a 3.8229 or a 3.8035 depending on what I get in this one liberal arts class. Although I recognize that...
  3. S

    Should I drop ochem?

    Hi guys! I'm currently a sophomore taking 16 credits. I'm doing my classes online this semester and have been struggling a bit with keeping up. My ochem class is completely online; we don't have lectures and my professor rarely uploads lecture videos to canvas so we literally have to teach...
  4. I

    First-year Sophomore - WAMC as of right now

    Asian male at a pretty good public school. GPA: 3.9 sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: not taken yet EC's: Volunteer EMT - 300+ hours Leadership at a college club Volunteer at hospital - 80+ hours Research - 80 hours High school research where my data was published (senior year) This is all I have right now...
  5. T


  6. modernfam

    Extracurriculars for sophomore year?

    Hey guys, I'm technically a freshman right now, but I got my associate's degree with my high school diploma and instead of completing my bachelor's in two more years, I was planning to spend an extra year to bring up my GPA and polish my resume. When I was working on my Associates at a...
  7. T

    Rate my extracurriculars?

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, my classes are going well, and I think I have a solid plan for extracurricular activities, but I would like an outsider's opinion. Here are the 15 activities I have, or plan to have, by the end of my college...
  8. H

    Volunteering at food bank?

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm currently a sophomore volunteering at a food bank/soup kitchen as well as working in a psychology research lab. I love volunteering at the food bank while I don't really like my research lab. I do a lot of grunt work (data filing, transcribing, etc)...
  9. M

    Low GPA... What should I do?

    I just finished my sophomore year and I am very unhappy with my performance this spring semester... so now my overall gpa is a 3.14. I don’t know what happened, it just got the best of me I guess. Anyway, I was wondering if there’s still a chance I can raise my gpa enough (keep in mind I haven’t...
  10. M

    Early Assurance Question

  11. bsneuroscience

    Ideal Time to Take Biochemistry??

    ***Please feel free to correct me on the timeline process*** I'm a senior high school trying to plan out my college/premed schedule to try to fit in all the prerequisites in 2 years (because MCAT has to be taken before junior year/early junior year + you spend the rest of the year building your...
  12. spartan_scalpel

    Odds of getting into medical (MD) school?

    Bear with me, this might get a little lengthy. A little backstory may be useful, so I'll start at the beginning. I'm currently a sophomore at a less than stellar college--Ferris State University. However, I started my college career at Grand Valley State University. I was a freshman, pre-med...
  13. spartan_scalpel

    Odds of getting into medical (MD) school?

    Mistyped--can't/don't know how to delete. See my repost.
  14. B

    Take a W or a B in Genetics?

    So, I have a couple personal reasons for why I'm not doing great in genetics, however I don't really want to bring them up as excuses or anything. My main question is if you guys think I should withdraw from my genetics class, or settle with (at best) a B or a B+. I've had to settle with Bs and...
  15. B

    Seeking Genuine Advice for struggling Sophomore!

    Hi everyone, I’ll try to make this as short and simple as possible! I’ve struggled with classes since I’ve started undergrad at UF (currently in my 2nd year here majoring Biology but planning to change to Psych and minor in Health Disparities) which has mostly been due to poor mental health...
  16. SterlingMaloryArcher

    How early is too early to start thinking about SMPs/Post-Baccs?

    For example, could a freshman do anything to be able to "already know" they're going to have to do a Post Bacc? Wouldn't it be ridiculous to do very well for the next 3 years but in order for medical schools to forgive 1 bad year you need that extra year of post-bacc?
  17. chemdoctor

    Is it necessary?

    Just finished freshman year, graduating early. Had a few questions. Neuroscience major, premed aiming for MD schools. So I was wondering if it is NECESSARY to be involved in campus activities? In all honesty, I dont really like the campus activities, etc. is it necessary to be invocled? I see...
  18. latiere


  19. Sortie

    Does it matter which core course I take sophomore year?

    I took Gen Chem 1&2 last year. I received an A and B respectively in each course (My university doesn't assign letter grades like A- or C+). However, I was wondering if dental schools would frown upon me putting off Orgo until junior year, as I'd rather take physics and biology this year. What...
  20. C

    MD Where to go from here

  21. gph997

    Is there anything else I should be doing + advice? (MCAT Prep, EC's, etc.)

    Hello Everyone!!! I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my last thread (Where do I go from here? (MCAT Prep,ECs and etc.). This site has been tremendously helpful in my pre-med journey and I am very grateful for every piece of advice I receive :) I just wanted to post in an effort to...
  22. L

    Pre-dental Freshman

    hello, i am a freshman (and a half) kinesiology major desiring to attend a dental school. i graduated high school in May 2016 and I've been going to school year-round since. I plan to graduate a year early which would be in 2019 and I want the keys to success to being able to enter dental school...
  23. J

    MCAT Sophomore Year Thoughts?

    Hey guys, This is my first post so feel free to troll the newbie. I am a sophomore and plan to take the MCAT at the end of this year/ September 7th exam (next September obviously), hopefully after spending the 3 months of the summer studying. I will have taken all of the pre-reqs including...
  24. T

    FlexMed 2017

    Hi all, just wanted to start a discussion thread for this year's app cycle for Mt. Sinai's FlexMed program (http://icahn.mssm.edu/education/medical/admissions/flexmed) since I haven't seen anything from this year other than 'chance me' type posts! I was also wondering if anyone knows when the...
  25. A


  26. H

    Pre-MD-PhD Sophomore Check-in

    Hello, I'd be very grateful if I could get a little "check-up" (no pun intended) after my third semester in college. In addition to some *QUICK questions* under this very condensed repertoire, this is what I accomplished so far as a pre-MD-PhD college sophomore: - Completed 2 years of chemistry...
  27. H

    Pre-MD-PhD Sophomore Check-in

    Hello, I'd be very grateful if I could get a little "check-up" (no pun intended) after my third semester in college. In addition to some *QUICK questions* under this very condensed repertoire, this is what I accomplished so far as a pre-MD-PhD college sophomore: - Completed 2 years of chemistry...
  28. Tigrane

    I failed Freshman, Sophomore year and now I'm failing Junior year? Can I still be successful?

    I'm now a Junior in high school, and the last two years (Freshman and Sophomore) have been complete trash (Bs and Cs all around) and now my Junior is already slipping down to hell(I have two Cs, a D-, and all rest Bs and As). I am extremely worried because I know even if I get straight A's my...