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  2. M

    MD/MPH and Residency Match

    Hi everyone, I will be beginning medical school this fall and was recently admitted to a 4 year MD/MPH program at my school. While I do have a genuine interested in public health (majored in college), I am also pretty confident that I am interested in specializing (something like rads, gas...
  3. CrystallineMind

    Choosing medical specialty.

    Hello. I've been long time lurker here on SDN, this is my first post though. I'm 4th year medical student (from a 6 year program) and for about a year I'm very confused what i want to do later on. So I figured out maybe someone will have some useful tips or information for me. So here's some...
  4. D

    Help with choosing Emergency Medicine

  5. A

    Best Husband and Wife Specialties

    In your opinion, what specialties would be the best for a MD couple? Taking into mind, family income, time to spend with kids, etc.
  6. G

    Gas vs Rads

    Current MS3, really struggling with specialty choice. Did a search for Gas vs. Rads and many of the threads were very outdated so I figured I would start a new one. Just looking for advice from people who have struggled with a similar decision. About me: MD in west, low 230s step 1, mostly...
  7. M

    Schools for Neurology

    I have a graduate degree in neuroscience and am really really banking on being able to match to Neurology. It's the whole reason I became interested in medicine. To what extent does the school you attend affect your likelihood of getting into a particular specialty? What (if any) schools are...
  8. I

    EU Citizen and NON-EU MedSchool looking for residency in europe.

    Hello! I'm a 5th year med student from Venezuela looking for residency options in Europe. I have Portuguese Nationality by descent. I would love if someone has some information about Belgium or Germany residency and specialties, what steps to take (besides learning the language) and if I'll be...
  9. E

    Help me decide on a residency: Obgyn vs. Other

    Any help would be super appreciated! Currently a 3rd yr (female) medical student, have +/- narrowed my choices down to Ophtho and Obgyn. Things that I value: 1) Interesting subject material (I love neuro and physics back in the day so for me: Optho > Obgyn) 2) Relationship with patient...
  10. E

    Why you chose Obgyn despite stressful Lifestyle. Any regrets?

    I'm an MS3 strongly considering Obgyn -> The main things holding me back (and making me consider a different medicine/surgical specialty like Ophtho) is the relatively more stressful lifestyle and schedule in Obgyn. 1) Any advice or words of wisdom? 2) For upper year residents, fellows, and...
  11. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Urology vs. Obgyn

    Any advice would be helpful. I'm an MS3, aiming for a specialty with medicine and procedures/minor surgeries. Important to me: Patient interactions and care Lifestyle (more-so in terms of work-life balance than $)
  12. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn vs. Other

    Any help would be super appreciated. Have narrowed my choices down to Ophtho and Obgyn. Things I'm looking for: 1) Interesting subject material (I love neuro so for me: Optho > Obgyn) 2) Relationship with patient, "involved" patient interaction; using my skills in patient communication...
  13. E

    Help with Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn

    Any comments or advice would be great (Profile: I'm a male MS3, and want to stay in the U.S.) I'm more interested in the level of patient care in Obgyn I'm more interested in the subject material and work-life balance of Ophtho Things that I strongly value/are important to me: -Patient...
  14. L

    Loans :-( Fast payback?!

    Hi all, My topic is concerned with loans most of us aspiring doctors are all too familiar with and an important decision I have coming up. Let me start with a (somewhat) brief background: I have a very, shall we say, "different" background. I always wanted to be a doctor, did well in high...
  15. ElJamo17

    A sedentary PA specialty??

  16. NicktheTooth

    Does NYU do CAD/CAM Training?

    Just curious is NYU does CAD/CAM training? If so to what extent?
  17. S

    UK Surgical Training Question

    Dear Surgical Trainees, I just wanted to ask when does a surgical trainee start to operate, and when can they do independent operations. I am happy to hear from all surgical specialties. Best,
  18. S

    Letters of recommendation for specialty and GPR

    So I applied for a specialty and unfortunately did not get any interviews. I am currently applying for gpr's and was wondering if I should get new letters of recommendation. A couple of my letters were based on my specialty and don't know if it will affect my application to a gpr
  19. neur0cat

    Curious - Do you get to rotate for every specialty?

    Hi, I'm a med school applicant and I'm wondering if you get to rotate in every specialty (or sub specialty) during Y3/Y4? Another related question is that do certain programs/schools have niche specialty areas that tend to influence rotation choices etc? For example, the time spent on a...
  20. A

    PsyD Neuropsychology Track Programs

    Hello everyone, I'm very interested in applying to clinical psychology PsyD programs that emphasize neuropsychology, preferably through a set track of some sort. Anywhere in the country is fine as long as it's not a diploma mill. My search for this emphasis/ track is more out of a personal...
  21. M

    Care to help an M1 with career direction?

    Hey y'all, I'm an M1 who is trying to decide on two things 1) Which specialties to begin to investigate 2) Research I wanted to begin doing research and it would ideally be into a field related to my future specialty. I have been talking to my advisors and have decided a few things about...
  22. PinkyPiePony

    Specialty ideas for someone who loves everything about OB/GYN except...

    Hi! I'm an incoming MS1 and so far I feel like OB/GYN is the only specialty I could really enjoy. I like the mix of medicine, surgery, procedures, and primary care. I've had enough exposure to OB/GYN that I know I would be really happy doing it for the rest of my life. However... I want to...
  23. premac

    Endodontics 2017

    Hi everyone, It's that time of the year! Hopefully the application process is going very well for all of you (and studying, for those of us that are taking ADAT soon) I don't see a lot of activity regarding this super awesome specialty on SDN, so I decided to make a thread for this application...
  24. S

    Recommendations for specialty or department to rotate in Thailand Chiang Mai University

    I'm planning on doing a 4th yr international rotation at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I will be there for a month. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what department would be a great experience to rotate in? Departments: Anesthesiology, Community medicine, FM, IM, Ob/gyn...
  25. G

    Best specialty for someone interested in diagnosis

    Hi M1 here. We recently had a chance to diagnose standardized patients. This was the first time they had let us workup a patient and turn it into a diagnosis. I found it really exciting and realized that this is why I wanted to do medical school. What are the best specialties or fields for...
  26. Advance

    If you had to pick a specialty which would it be?

    It's a little early to decide a specialty but many applicants have shadowed multiple dental specialties and I am curious to see which one is the most popular amongst the forum.
  27. R

    Does undergrad research define your specialty in med school?

    I have obtained a research assistant position to a professor who researches cancer cells, which I find pretty interesting and would love to learn about. However, that is not my ultimate goal because I do not want to become an oncologist. If I were to stick by this professor throughout my...
  28. D

    Internationally educated dentist, specializing in Canada/USA after accreditation?

    Is there any dentist who graduated from a non-accredited university (outside Canada & USA), got accreditation through the equivalency process and pursued a specialty in USA or Canada? Especially OMFS (Oral & maxillofacial surgery) Is your degree viewed inferior to those applying with a Canadian...
  29. Pakku-man

    Are there physicians that practice general IM and their specialty?

    Hello everyone. Taking money out of the equation (obviously a procedure based specialty will be making quite a bit more than a general internist), do some specialist advertise and practice general internal medicine in the outpatient setting. To emphasize my point, say I specialized into...
  30. L

    Some questions about Preventive/Preventative Medicine?

    First post woo! Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior undergrad trying to figure out some details about what preventive medicine is. I want to help people on a larger scale(local-national level?) and I also want to retain the ability to treat people directly (main reason for becoming a physician)...
  31. R

    Nephrology residence

    Hello, I am a medical student from Peru. I am coursing the 5th year of Medicine. Here, most medical schools consider 3 years of Basic Sciences, 3 years of Clinics and 1 year of Internship. After you graduate, you recibe the title of "Médico Cirujano", which could be considered as General...
  32. M

    Need your insight!