1. D

    MD Help -- Dual Applying Psych & Pediatrics vs FM?

    My main question / TLDR: Since Psych is not a guarantee bc of my grades, do I dual apply to Peds or to FM as my "backup"??? or BOTH??? Is triple applying even possible, or more like very ill-advised? Hi everyone, you probably need a lot of context with this. I'm a US MD MS3 female. I always...
  2. S

    Specialty Choice: Anesthesia or Surgery?

    Even before I started medical school, I was hoping and dreaming of becoming a surgeon. I worked with surgeons and anesthesiologists in a level 1 trauma center for a year before I started school, and I loved the stressful situations, the communication skills you develop, the general "type of...
  3. K

    Hello everyone

    Hey :) It's beautiful to find such a community. I would really appreciate some advice. I'm 30yo, with a dental degree, a MSc and a PhD. Currently I will be in the 5th year of medicine (My phd was in parallel with medical school, you can't imagine what I went through). So here's my problem. I...
  4. F

    Which is a better job?

    I have worked at Walgreens since 2018. Started as a floater and became staff. My pharmacy manager moved to another store so I was left by myself with no other pharmacist. On days that I was off pharmacy would be closed (super busy location) and I would go back to over 1000 in the queue and a...
  5. Lugh

    What to look forward to in (insert specialty here)

    Hi, I want to hear why people chose their specialty and at what moment did they realize they picked the right career.
  6. J

    Chances of Endo Residency 3.41 GPA 2 years private practice experience

    Hey everyone. I am a general dentist aspiring to become an endodontist. I graduated dental school in late 2019, and have been practicing for over 2 years. I fell in love with molar endo and want to become an endodontist. My overall GPA from dental school was a 3.41 GPA, and I am currently...
  7. S

    Frantic about what specialty to go into FM, psych, Neuro, IM???? Need advice

    Okay I'm a third year D.O. Canadian (need visa) with level 1 score of 428 (just passed) and 50-75th percentile class ranking and no usmle. Long story short I wanted to do psych and Neuro in undergrad and still am very interested in these subjects, coming into medical school I was aiming for...
  8. speedy g

    Questions about diff specialties and lifestyle of medicine

    Hey everyone, I'd like a career in academic medicine and shadowed nsgy and ortho the other day (applying to MD next cycle so still a long road ahead). I was thinking a bit into the future and kind of wanted to ask what the end goal of it all is. For those gunning ortho/nsgy/other comp long...
  9. C

    OBGYN vs. Gen Surg vs. What Else? Advice for a (probably too far) forward-thinking male M1

    So I'm an M1 at my state's allopathic program. I'm non-traditional, 27 yo, with a wife and 9 month old queen. Medicine is my passion. I'm super thankful to be where I am. I think it's incredible that I get to learn all this awesome stuff about the human body and then actually use it to make...
  10. C

    Medicine as Humanitarian Work/Missions

    Any students or Docs out there interested in medical missions long-term? Maybe not even long term, but making medical missions a significant part of your practice like practicing in US and going on short term trips throughout career? I was recently accepted to my state’s MD program and am...
  11. D

    RESTORATIVE DENTISTS: What are some things you wish your specialist colleagues knew?

    Hi, I'm a prosthodontics resident and I'm preparing for an interdisciplinary presentation to future endodontists, periodontists, and orthodontists. I'm trying to develop guidelines that specialists can follow to help guide them through treatment with the restorative goal in mind. Ever refer a...
  12. F

    MD & DO Which specialties deal with the nicest patient population and which specialties deal with the rudest patient population?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted y’alls opinions on this topic. I’m trying to gather as much info so I can have an educated opinion on what specialty I’d be interested in.
  13. H

    Air Force Air Force ortho specialty

    I’m new to this forum, I am applying to dental school next year, but I want to specialize in orthodontics. I really want to do orthodontics through the Air Force but reading some of these threads I’m just confusing myself more. Can anyone clarify the process of going through dental school, ortho...
  14. B

    Is FM a dying field?

    Somewhat conflicted on my current interests. I really like the career flexibility, job flexibility, and diversity that comes with general fields like FM. However, I sometimes worry about its projection moving forward and I’m also unsure on the compensation having heard very great things and...
  15. Piglet2020

    Ophthalmology (and others) interest - step score?

    Hello, I’m a MS2 and I’ll be taking step next summer. I know ophthalmology is a competitive specialty (~240 avg step) but I think it’s something I’m really passionate about. (Even reading research articles on ophthalmology = fun for me, could be a sign this is my calling?? Never got bored...
  16. H

    Consider potential specialty in choosing a PhD lab?

    Hey there - I'm a first year student at an MD/PhD program setting up my research rotations for the summer and next year. I was wondering if it's important to consider a potential future specialty when choosing a PhD advisor. I know any notions about what specialty I will go into are likely to...
  17. D

    MD How do I pick a specialty?!

    I've read and posted many threads over the last year trying to narrow my specialty choices. I have finished all of my core clerkships and still waiting for the "Ah ha!" moment. Well actually, I have completely given up on that. I just finished listening to 10+ of the Undifferentiated Medical...
  18. F

    Choosing an MD vs DO Path..

    Can really use some input! I am a senior premed student extremely interested in pursuing forensic pathology. I have high GPA, research + paper, shadowing, and awesome extracurriculars. The only thing is my MCAT score is sub-average. I did not have enough time to study for it, and my score...
  19. S

    general guidance with specialties

    Hi everyone! First time posting in the medical student forum, so I apologize if I have posted this thread in the wrong area. I just wanted to reach out for some general guidance with respect to this issue (I will also have to put in a lot more research, this thread would just be to point me in...
  20. ugagrad1116

    Torn Between Specialties

    So I am a third year medical student trying to decide what specialty to choose. I originally thought I wanted to do OB-gyn and have officially declared that because my school makes you declare around this time. But I'm torn between OB-gyn and something more surgical. Reasons I had chosen...
  21. R

    MD & DO M3 trying to find a specialty

    Very confused M3 trying to navigate the waters of different medical specialties, and I was hoping I could get some help. Some thoughts on my likes/dislikes so far: Likes: Being in the OR I love the big long cases I got to be a part of in gen surg, like ex-laps, thoracotomies, etc. However...
  22. C

    Specializing as an international student trained in US dental school

    Hi, I am currently a D3 attending an accredited US dental school. As you may have assumed from the title, I am an international student who has no US citizenship nor a green card. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will have any limitations in applying to specialty programs. I am specifically...
  23. A

    Specializing in Perio

    Hi I’m a dental student now. I am married with a small family right now. Does anyone know how competitive it is to get into Perio? I am probably ranked right in the middle of my class. I’d like to know how competitive it is and also how much more competitve are the programs that are free or...
  24. G

    Question about specialty - psychiatry

    hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyway, I am curious about psychiatry. I am in undergrad right now, and psych is an interest of mine. What is it like? I know that is broad but any info or experiences about encounters is psych rotation would be great. Also, I’d love to...
  25. Piglet2020

    MD Help me choose - M1 Considering Multiple Specialties to Explore

    Hello, I’m an incoming M1. I haven’t decided which residency to pursue as I want to explore what’s out there. More about myself: F in early 20s, quiet & introverted, don’t mind seeing blood but prefer less surgery-heavy specialties I’m aiming for a less competitive to mod competitive specialty...
  26. X

    MD Whats a good specialty for someone who doesn't have a strong passion for medicine?

    I have realized going through medical school, especially 3rd year clinical, that I do not have a strong passion for medicine. Especially as of late, I have just been going through the motions and trying to avoid anything medicine related as much as possible. Some may say I am just burned out...
  27. M

    Expressing an interest in psych

    Hello! I'm a premed (sophomore) set on being a doctor (not a psychologist). When thinking about specialties, my primary interests would be either IM or psych. In terms of research, I currently do lab work in a basic science/translational psych research lab, and am leaning towards ultimately...
  28. upth3PUNX

    Schools with strong psych curriculum/residencies

    I'm looking to apply to schools this cycle with great psychiatry curriculum. Does anyone know where I could find either a list of schools offering residencies in psychiatry, or ones that educate significant numbers of psychiatrists?
  29. Piglet2020

    Do you choose your residency or does your residency choose you?

    Fun question^ Wondering since I know I’m bad at picking multiple good options (like a kid in an ice cream shop). Thoughts? How do you know this specialty is the one? Is it like a spirit animal where it chooses you?
  30. P

    Peds Specialty Dilemma

    Hello everyone, I am 5th year Medical Student in Europe (6yr MD program), step 1 mid-250, 10 pubs mostly in surgery, 10 poster/oral presentations in european conferences, great LoRs from US-trained surgeons who were my professors and gonna have 5 month electives in US in peds and surgery. I am...
  31. M

    Why is ENDO residency so competitive?

    Is it the lifestyle/salary? Most people I talk to hate it..
  32. Kakarrott

    Medical Genetics?

    Hello there, I want to ask you guys about this branch of medicine. I found it quite recently and there seems to be quite a little info about it. Most of the information I found was here in years old threads, so I decided that hopefully, I can get some new perspectives and insights. My first...
  33. T

    Competitive Specialties for Foreign Medical School Graduates?

    I cannot find the info I'm interested in in the forums, or here... (Apparently I cannot post a link, but the document I'm using is:) NRMP-ECFMG-Charting-Outcomes-in-the-Match-International-Medical-Graduates-2014.pdf It's at ecfmg This document has a lot of information on many of the more...
  34. T

    Hospitals with hottest residents/doctors?

    Just for fun, nobody get mad! I'm wondering which hospitals you've been to or experienced with the hottest doctors/residents or anyone who works there, and maybe what specialty they were too.
  35. F


    So, I've always been interested in repro (and genetics), and it looks like not every school offers reproduction courses? I'm not sure yet if I want to actually specialize in repro or not, but I would at least like to take repro related classes for my electives. So how about your school? Is...
  36. 56101991

    Endodontist Job Market

    Any endodontists care to share what your experiences have been like in the first few years out of residency? Is it difficult to get full-time positions and have busy schedules? What are some starting salary figures one can expect (will finish residency with roughly 400k debt)? Thx.
  37. germindian123

    Gap-year between dental school and residency?

    Hey guys. Just wondering if people do this often? Like a gap-year before applying to a residency program. Like a year of a lot of continuing ed in stuff you like, research, practicing GD, university position, dental service work, etc. Is this stuff discouraged or do they want applicants who...
  38. B

    Army - 'Snowbird' year question

    Quick question on the snowbird year (army)... I know that in between graduating dental school and beginning a specialty residency you have to do a 'snowbird' year before beginning your residency (assuming you've been accepted into a specialty straight out of dental school), but is the same true...
  39. umami!

    MD incoming MS1 seeking research advice (interested in rads, radonc)

    I've been reading a lot of similar threads (advice for incoming MS1, how to find research in med school, etc.) and I was hoping to get some more insight as someone interested in radiology and radiation oncology. My questions: My school doesn't have a radonc residency program. Other than doing...
  40. W

    Prosth Residency - Mayo clinic

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Mayo Clinic Prosth residency interview. Thank you!