1. D

    2027 Personal Statement Readers

    Someone over in the VMCAS Questions and Rants thread recently posted that there hadn't been a Personal Statement Readers thread created for this current application cycle yet, so I figured that I'd go ahead and do that while it's on my mind. Since VMCAS now opens up in January, that means...
  2. D

    Supplemental questions

    Is your application incomplete until you have sent in your supplemental questions? I am turning in my application by this weekend but I am going on vacation until July 10. I'm not sure if I will have time to work on my supplemental questions. Should I try to finish it before I leave for...
  3. A

    Past Supplemental App. Questions?

    Is there a thread going (or an old thread) of past Supplemental App. Questions? Here are the schools I'm interested in: UNC, UC San Fran, UL Chicago, USC, Pittsburgh, U of Washington, Wisconsin, UC Denver, UC San Diego, Northeastern
  4. L

    Vet School Supplemental Applications

    Howdy! Which schools don't require a supplemental application for vet school?
  5. E

    Question about supplemental application

    hey guys! Do schools only review your application if your supplemental application is also submitted?
  6. A

    Nova Secondary: "List all dental schools that you are applying to"

    Hey people, so I was just going through the NOVA secondary application and one of the questions asks to list all the dental schools that I am applying to. My question is, should I list all? I am applying to >20 schools and that is way above average. Does the school already know how many I am...
  7. D

    Additional Coursework in Naturopathic Medicine

    Good Morning! I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good online Naturopathic Medicine Program. I am not trying to become licensed as a ND (my state doesn't license NDs anyways), I'm just looking for a way to supplement my knowledge later in life. At this point, I am only...
  8. Football823

    UF Supplemental Question

    Idk if I am missing something, but I don't understand the one question for Florida's supplemental. It asks for Program of Study underneath degree goal. The options it gives are audiology, education (with sub-categories), business administration, and plant medicine. Does anyone know what to put...
  9. shellsterpie

    Secondary/Supplemental App Confusion

    I am a bit confused about the supplemental application process and had a few questions! 1) I am submitting my AADSAS within the next day, but am I allowed to submit it without completing the "Program Materials" quadrant? Some of the schools' pages on AADSAS have a question section such as "Why...
  10. predental808

    Secondary Application advice

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice foe the secondary application. A lot of schools ask... "Why ___ School of Dentistry?" Would you recommend to highlight many aspects of the school, or just focus on maybe 2 unique things that really stand out to you? At first I was...
  11. S

    Supplemental Questions 2017 AADSAS

    Anyone else stressing hard over these or am I overthinking them? How heavily are these weighed by schools? It really annoys me how we have to complete these before being able to submit to certain schools :/ My main application is literally waiting to be submitted
  12. M

    SCO supplemental application?

    I submitted Optomcas application to SCO today and only to find that SCO supplemental application is not available, saying "Online Applications Closed We're sorry, but online applications to Southern College of Optometry are currently closed. SCO accepts applications from July 1st through March...
  13. F

    Submitting supps and verified application

  14. W

    Got a Supplemental from Boston, not verified no scores.

    I am going to be verified by end of August. I have a 3.54 and 21, 21,20 Aa,TS, pat. Most sent me a supplement application, but I don't have GPA and DAT scores up. Is this a normal occurrence, or are they seeing what I don't see? I took DAT 8/9 submitted app 8/12 Im guessing everyone gets a...
  15. J

    Maryland Application Bug?

    So, is anyone else having this problem? When I try to submit my application for University of Maryland School of Dentistry, I get to a page that says 'The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator."
  16. A

    Should you follow up with dental schools after submitting applications?

    Hey everyone, I submitted my AADSAS application about a week ago and had a question about following up on the status of my apps with the dental school. I know some dental schools specifically say "please refrain from calling or emailing our office regarding your application status", so I'm...
  17. B

    Orthodontic programs supplemental application stuff

    Does anyone know of any Ortho residency programs that don't require any or at least don't require much extra outside of the PASS application? I noticed 2 so far that don't seem to need anything aside from a 2x2 photo, but I was hoping someone might know of a few that don't have a lengthy...
  18. DocJuan

    AMCAS, Secondaries, Public Health Intentions

    So I have a specific interest in global health policy and management. I intend to pursue an MPH and indicated as much for several schools on my primary (I'm hoping it won't have some sort of negative impact on my likelihood of getting an interview). While filling out secondary applications for...
  19. DocJuan

    Redundancy in Secondary Applications

    So I'm perusing through the supplemental applications of the schools for which I've submitted my primary and I notice a lot of questions that I very clearly and specifically addressed in my work/activities. For example, I'm working on one supplemental that asks: " Are you currently volunteering...
  20. Ollivander

    How much money would applying to 28 schools cost in total?

    How much money would applying to 28 schools cost including supplementals?
  21. mcbnerd

    NYU Supplemental App

    "When you submit your ADEA AADSAS application, pay the application fee via a check or money order made out to NYU College of Dentistry with your ADEA AADSAS ID number noted on the check. The color photograph may be submitted in hard copy, or digitally as a JPEG." - ADEA's Supplemental...
  22. V

    Western supplementa

    Anyone having trouble accessing the supplemental for Western?
  23. M

    Utica College supplemental question?

    One of Utica's PTCAS supplemental questions is: "Utica College is located in a small city (60,000) in upstate New York, approximately 4 to 5 hours from major cities such as New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal . The area around the city is mostly rural in nature with the southern foothills of...
  24. R

    Dental School Payments + Interviews

    Hey Everyone, I am confused about how dental schools go about cashing the checks we send in for the supplemental. None of my checks have been cashed by any schools, even the three schools that I got an interview from. When I called two of the schools that I did not get an interview from, they...
  25. Gracie_1984

    Supplemental Application Turnaround: Does it matter?

    So I get the general premise: Apply early apply early apply early or you will die. I got that. Okay. My question is: do medical schools look at how long it took you to fill out a secondary? I have had people say that they don't care: they know that different people have more things going on...
  26. Possum737

    UNC Supplemental Application before taking the DAT?

    I am currently filling out the UNC supplemental application. I plan to take the DAT on September 29th. One of the questions on the supplemental asks to explain your DAT scores. I hear that submitting the application sooner rather than later in preferred however I do not have my scores yet...