1. Lifeblood_20

    MD & DO Depression as a rising M4

    M3 here on my last rotation (4 wks left). I've struggled with mental health for years, but M3 year has been so stressful that things took a nose dive. I have a good support system, I see a therapist, I take meds, do what I can to take care of myself, but I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. I...
  2. P

    For all the average, non-genius high scorers out there. How did you do it?

    This post isin't meant for the high IQ's, but rather the average joes who grinded their way into A's and top test scores. I'd love to know how you did it and any advice you'd give to yourself/students about to start mcat/med school studying. Thanks!
  3. Alexd0223

    How to Prepare for Organic Chemistry?

    I am a sophomore chemistry major, and am about to take organic chemistry. I have just recently finished gen chem 1 and 2 in the spring and summer semesters, and earned A's in both. From what I hear, Orgo is a completely different animal. I have just under a month before the class starts, and...
  4. P

    Struggling with Diversity Essay

    I'm working on the quote on quote diversity essay and I'm struggling to find a topic that I can tie in with medicine. I'm a pretty privileged person so there is no reason to go down that path. I've also a traditional med student so I haven't had any cool jobs either. I do have a hobby of art and...
  5. rzees

    Tablet vs 2-in-1 laptop

    Hey guys, I will be starting in August, and have heard a lot of people telling first years that they absolutely need to get an iPad to take notes. Thing is, I have a 2-in-1 laptop where I can flip my screen so it is the same as a tablet. I even have a pen to go with it. Is it still worth...
  6. uchiha_21

    Tips for a Undergrad

    Hey everyone! I just finished my Sophomore year at my undergrad college and am wondering if anyone can offer tips to help me prepare for Optometry School admissions. I don't have the best GPA, in my Freshman year, I've dealt with a lot of personal problems and thus I started with a GPA of 2.45...
  7. K

    General Admissions & OTCAS 2019-2020 OTCAS Applicants

    Hi everyone! I am making this thread for those who are applying in the current cycle so we can all share tips with each other on the application process, interviews, and potentially find those who are admitted into the same school! Has anyone applied to Creighton/got an interview yet? I have...
  8. Z

    Advice For MCAT Newbie

    Hello Everyone, So I am a junior right now and I've lately been having cold feet about applying to PA schools due to my underlying goal to become a physician. Long story short, entered into college in the 4+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, realized I didn't want to pursue rehab but rather...
  9. Tgfu34

    Underrated Tips Prior to OMS-1

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted and I have ~5 months until orientation week. I was wondering if could receive some recommendations as to what I could be doing to further prepare myself for medical school to make the transition smoother. It could be life hacks, suggestions for books to...
  10. M

    Interview Prep Class of 2023

    Since interviews are coming up, we should all be preparing! Let’s work together and share all of our tips, ideas, or questions. What worked for you in the past? Have any questions that leave you stumped? MMI vs student panel?
  11. F

    What are my chances of getting into a DO school?

    Hey all! So I have my first interview in two weeks and I am FREAKING out. Will you guys give me your honest opinion on my chances of getting in? Stats: GPA: 3.69/3.58 science MCAT: 501 (126,123,125,127) Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences/ Chemistry and Spanish Research: Biochemistry...
  12. O

    OAT Tips and Tricks 2018

    Hey all, I'm making a post with a few handy tips for Test day that I haven't seen posted yet. 1. During your break (or extra time), raise your hand to get a new whiteboard and trade in your used ones. The Prometric centre I wrote mine at had non-erasable laminated paper and sharpies. The...
  13. 8

    PCAT Tips & Tricks

    Hey guys! So I'm taking the PCAT for the first time in September, and I was wondering if anyone has any little tips and tricks for when taking the exam? Like things to either help eliminate wrong answers or shortcuts for certain questions to help save on time? Or like when to use/not use the...
  14. C

    Any Tips on figuring out pattern folding?

    I have gotten pretty good at angles, cube counting, and hole punching. I've been practicing using BC, however TFE and pattern folding have been tough, and I can't figure them out especially pattern folding. Any tips would be great.
  15. J

    Personal Essay- Leadership

    I am having a hard time with a supplemental essay that states "Please explain a leadership role you have taken on and what you have learned from this experience. (1000 characters)" I am having a difficult time coming up with a leadership experience. I have been searching around for examples and...
  16. C

    Gross anatomy section of NBDE pt 1..

    hey guys, first post here on sdn.. I'm a 3rd year dental student and have been studying for the part 1 boards and so far have done decently on every subject... EXCEPT gross anatomy. I have been using the first aid nbde pt 1 book, have the mastery app, and also have the dental decks available if...
  17. G

    PhD/PsyD What are your best tips for thriving in grad school?

    I apologize if we covered this recently, but I thought today was as good a day as any to share the nuggets of wisdom we've learned in graduate school. Let's share the love! :highfive: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll start: Try to put your...
  18. alwaysstaypositive

    Letter of Recommendation advice

    Hello SDN community, What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pre-pharmacy student looking to earn a letter of recommendation from science professors? What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pharmacy technician looking to earn a letter of recommendation...
  19. A

    How much did your MCAT scores improve?

    I'm scheduled to take the MCAT September 1st, which means I have roughly 4 months to study for the exam. I haven't started any MCAT study as of yet. Im going to do a few weeks of self studying starting tomorrow and do the princeton review ultimate in class course next month and complete a few...
  20. M

    Finished Uworld, now what?

    Hello everyone, I've recently completed Uworld. I've finished three passes and I've understood the basic concepts. My question is now that I've completed Uworld, what more can I do to increase my knowledge? I've completed First Aid, Pathoma, and some anki decks. I'm taking an NBME in a day or...
  21. drkayz

    Starting clinic soon! Advice?

    Hi friends! I'm about to start clinic in the next few months and was hoping for some insight from those of you already there. At my school we have our initial treatment plan work-up appointment where we take x-rays, full perio charting, take impressions for models, intraoral photos, etc. I...
  22. throne

    The Best SAT Math Book

    For any students looking to gain valuable skills or raise their score on the Math section of the SAT, I highly recommend buying Dr. Steve Warner's "28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score". The book is pure magic. Why? I improved my SAT Math score 100+ points in 1 month with this book. It's...

    General Admissions & OTCAS Any Tips to Strengthen Application? (Applying 18-19 cycle)

    Hi everyone! This is my first time making a post on here, but I've been constantly checking this forum for months to give me an idea of what to expect when it's time to apply to OT programs (so much anxiety already....) I will be applying this summer during the 18-19 cycle. I was wondering if...
  24. J

    Washington State University Pharmacy (WSU) - Interview 2022

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone interviewed with WSU Pharmacy before? If so, can you tell me more about your experiences? and Tips and advice? Thanks!
  25. neutralobserver

    Retaking March 24th and used all AAMC resources already.

    So I had intended on taking the Jan 25th exam, and I still am, but voiding it due to practice FL scores not at my target (510+). :( I am planning on going for the March 24th one, but I have an issue. I have used all the AAMC resources (3 practice FL's, SB's, OG, etc.) and I used most of my TPR...
  26. M

    Reading Comprehension Strategy: Search and Destroy

    A quick tip on the RC section of the DAT: Search and Destroy Paragraphs are numbered, therefore: –As you quickly skim the passage, write down a brief (1-4 words) summary and keywords of each paragraph. –The list you make should help you quickly find the answer to each question by identifying...
  27. TwinOne

    MCAT Retake: How to study while working full time

    Hi everyone. I took the MCAT September 9th and received a 508 (127/125/126/130). I did sign up to retake on March 24th but I have been on the fence on whether or not I should retake. I feel like I can do better but am worried that because I haven't been studying much and am now working full time...
  28. C

    Interview Tips for Pharmacy Residencies

    Hey everyone! This is always a very anxious time as residency applications close and interview invites start to roll in. When I was in your shoes just 5 years ago, I remember scouring as much information as I can from SDN to be prepare for my upcoming interviews. With that, I got one of my...
  29. S


  30. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  31. Asklepian

    Interview Tips for MS4s

    Hey guys! If you're in the midst of the application cycle for this year, it's a very exciting time for you! I thought I'd go ahead and throw down some unsolicited advice that might be of help. Your time during the interview season is precious (and so is your money). Some tips: Geographical...
  32. Y

    Am I on the right track?

    Hi, new poster here :). I am a college freshman at a low-average state university (~200 ranked), and my major currently has yet to be declared (I'm most likely going to choose Biology or Chemistry as my major). I am currently taking 15 semester hours in the fall of 2017, and am enrolled in one...
  33. C

    CPJE streamlined!!!

    Alright guys, as you guys know in the world of Infectious Disease and antibiotic stewardship, we start patients on broad spectrum antibiotics and then after the C&S reports comes back we streamline our therapy to avoid unnecessary toxicities, etc. Now that 2017 May, June and July results have...
  34. illinichief89

    What to do on Transplant Sub-i?

    Hello, I am doing a Sub-i in transplant surgery in August... but I don't really know what I am doing in surgery still. I never rotated through a transplant service during my 3rd year. Does anyone have any experience doing a Transplant Sub-i that could share some tips with me on what I should do...
  35. Doctor or bust

    MCAT in one month, how should I best prepare

    Alright, so I finished content review which was through the Kaplan books mixed with some of the TPR books. I took an AAMC FL after content review and scored a 502 (124/127/125/126). It seems as though my science courses are my problem and I'm having a bit of trouble with them. Throughout content...
  36. RedDevil202013

    How to efficiently study for Biology?

    Hey all! So I am currently studying for the DAT and everything seems to fine material wise except for Biology. I am still in the Material review phase so I'm not practicing much of what I'm going over but it just takes too much of my study time. I'm taking notes as I am going through Cliffs AP...
  37. S

    First time writing MCAT? Here's what to expect on test day + tips from my own experiences

    Hey everyone, I'm not a frequent posters on SDN, so I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. When I first wrote the MCAT, I spent many hours searching for information about the test day experience (e.g. different testing centers, protocol, rules, what to wear, etc.). I've now written...
  38. O

    Can someone help?!

    Hi everyone, I am planning on starting to study June 1st, till around mid august (no specific date yet) and within that time I am planning on using the following material for my DAT the first time. I will be using DAT destroyer, DAT bootcamp, and Course Saver. I am a little confused on how to...
  39. T

    Tips on observations

    Hello all. i have only done 1 observation and it was for an assignment in class that only required one hour. It was so awkward though, i felt like i was intruding or would be in the way if i asked questions or followed them around so i was...a corner observer :sorry: i need to do observations...
  40. C

    101 MCAT Tips and Must-Know Topics: The Complete List

    Just saw this post and thought I would post it here. The tips are pretty useful if you are taking the MCAT tomorrow like me. 101 MCAT Tips and Must-Know Topics: The Complete List