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Apr 2, 2003
The best coast (west coast)
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I just reviewed a couple of Osteopathic school websites and noticed they're very state resident friendly ( COMP & TCOM) - meaning they accept > 90% of in-state residents.

Is this applicable to all of the schools?



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Apr 25, 2003
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TCOM is a state funded school and like most state funded schools are mandated by state law to have a certain percentage of the class in-state students. COMP is a private college and may accept anyone the please, the fact that the class is heavily CA residents has more to do with the applicants preferences(many people want to stay close to home). To answer your question, private schools can and will accept students from any state, most publics must have a certain number of in-states in their class(usually harder to gain admissions if you are out-of-state student).
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