TOUROCOM - New York Discussion thread 2008-2009

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Premedgirl, I hope you won't find any of my comments offensive.

Do plan to retake the MCAT early, and try your best to do well on the PS and BS sections. Unless your pre-req science grades are very high, they really want to see strong MCAT scores on science portions. 25 MCAT is still very hard to get in, especially for this coming year cuz it gets more and more competitive every year.

Definitely go for more patient experience. I had higher MCAT score and GPA, w/ close to 2000 hours in clinical experience and ~700 hrs research, and lots of other extracurricular activities during college but I'm only on high end of high list. I did, however, send in my DO application on the due date somewhere in mid March and no DO letter and I don't know how strong my LORs are cuz I never read any of them.

I think I'm lucky for sending in my application that late to still get this far. I interviewed w/ Dr Gray and I think I did pretty well. At the end of the interview he said "you answered some really tough questions that I'm not sure if I could answer".

No offense taken. I completely agree with you. If you don't mind my asking, what did you do for your clinical experience?

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I have some shadowing experience but only about 8 hours. Most of my patient care experience that I wrote about in my application was as a patient myself or caring for family members and teammates. I played college sports and I spent many MANY hours in training rooms and was constantly around injuries and illnesses. I think I really need to add to this to give myself a better shot.

I sent my application out pretty late last year, in the end of November. Another mistake I don't want to repeat.

Thanks for your help, Gold!

Cool, your GPA sounds good. As mentioned above, apply early. The MCAT I think is your issue. Try to shoot for 2 or 3 points higher and you will be golden! I think you stand a decent shot getting in this year but start working on that app / MCAT just in case.
I volunteered for ICU department at a local hospital, 4 hrs per week for a couple years. Wasn't satisfied w/ the experience, too limited in patient interaction, so I spent a whole summer 10-14 hrs/week tending to a stroke patient at the rehabilitation center. That was my major bulk of clinical experience.

I shadowed my aunt (MD & DO) for a week and shadowed an MD internal med physician for about 24 hours. Also shadowed 16 hours a group of MD & DO residents w/ their attending physician.
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For those of you still on the wait list or waiting to hear back from the school, they recently moved offices so the paperwork is a little back up from what they told me when I called them up.
I had been accepted off the wait list already, i just called to make sure they got my letter and payment.
I'm a member of the TOUROCOM class of 2011. During the last two years I stayed at the International House , which is a dormitory for graduate students. It's located a few blocks north and and a block west of Columbia University on Riverside Drive; down the street from Barnard and Manhattan School of Music. Grant's Tomb is basically across the street on the Riverside Drive side. The 125th Street station of subway route 1 is about a 5 minute walk.

It's a 15-20 minute walk to Touro from there, down 125th street mostly.

The majority of the rooms are in the South building, and they are disgustingly small, less than a hundred square feet each. The bathrooms are shared with the rest of the floor. There are lounges. The North building is nicer with suites and decent sized bedrooms. I lived in the South building, and the room costed me about $1100 per month, including internet (Columbia's network), power, and 120 dollars of credit for the cafeteria. There is also a pub near the cafeteria that is open after 10:30. It's pretty cheap.
My goodness! Sounds like life is pretty expensive over there isn't it?
hello all.. just posting here to let ya all know that i'll be withdrawing from the incoming class of 2013, so someone is about to get a phone call :)
DrFresh...whoever and wherever you assured that us waitlisters love you =)
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How concerned is everyone with the slow movement of the wait list? Do you think this is representative of the last couple of years, when 90+ people were accepted from the high list? I am in the middle of the pack currently, and wondering if I should start my app for next year. Also, is there a guarantee at Touro that high wait list applicants who are not accepted are placed on the early admission list for next year, without needing to reapply?
Yes, I would be very concerned at this point. It doesn't sound like the list will move like it did last year. This year is much more competitive in ANY med school for some reasons. Maybe cuz of the economy.

I think you should start putting together this year's application. It's always better to be on the safe side right? You have nothing to lose if u do that.
Obed's last email says "the class is still filled". For people who have gone through this process before, once the class is filled, how much does the waitlist move?
Has anyone been noticing that the number of people behind you is remaining the same? Or is that just with me? Also I keep wishing we have a drop of like 20 again :S Good luck everyone!
well since you asked greenerd, I just wanted to write i'm pretty concerned at this point, but since we can't do anything about it, might as well not let it get to us. i guess that was contradictory, anyways could someone fill me in more on this early accept 2014 idea? thanks
Email from Obed on Monday. I guess there has been no movement as my number on high waitlist has not changed in 3 weeks. By this date, it is hard to imagine that much more change is possible . . .
just want to let you all who are still waiting know that I have withdraw from the waitlist to Touro NY, i was in the top 10 on the high wait-list as of the most recent update, so be luck to you guys
Thanks Ferrari, for the update and kind words. Also, congratulations on your top choice of school!
So my spot moved up by one spot only... Kind of discouraging... How's everyone else doing? What are you guys doing to pass the time?
Intensive studying and partying, simultaneously.
Yeah, I thought I read a study somewhere that being good at the one makes you better at the other. Especially when performed simultaneously. =)
just wishing that time will stop passing so slow... and waiting for more movement to occur
Email today. No change. Obed still said for 1 to 10 to be ready. But tell me, would not those already accepted be required to put up the money? If so, would they walk away from $2,000 to go to another school?
Going to your top medical school choice is def worth more than 2 grand. Also a few more spots might be opening up because Obed sent out an e-mail last week saying that a few people from the class of 2013 were asking about deferring for a year; Obed's response was that all they have to do is send an e-mail saying they want a defer for a year and it is done, no questions asked.
Thanks, Ejay. Did not know about email about deferring . . . Wonder if any on Waitlist will get early accept for next year?
Email today. No change. Obed still said for 1 to 10 to be ready. But tell me, would not those already accepted be required to put up the money? If so, would they walk away from $2,000 to go to another school?

People do all the time. I think somebody dropped out of our class in December of last year to go to med school on the west coast. I am sure they got their 33K out of him for tuition for the whole year.

PS I am sorry to hear that the list is going slow this year :(
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they would have only gotten half from him, cause loans get dispersed 2 times a year, which go to the school and then the refund goes to you, but either way, the second half I don't think would have been due til january
Only 2 things we can do at this point. Continue waiting and/or start on back up plan.
bah..yea I think a backup plan is in order..Hey so what happens if those of us that are left on the high waitlist are not given admission. Do we get some sort of preference for the next cycle?
Ejay, i hope u're right about the deferral thing. What email was that from? I sure didnt get that email from Obed, but i still hope u're right.
This was from Obed on June 18th, 2009; it was sent to the class of 2013.

"I have been asked the question by a few of your classmates and I would like to make matters clear. If you have an interest in deferring until next year you can simply send me an e-mail requesting a deferral. It is that simple and the seat remains yours until next year. There is no judgment made by us on your decision to defer."

So maybe the waitlist will move a few spots more...

I spoke to Obed today about what this early acceptance thing was all about. One thing is for sure. Being on the high wait-list does not mean you are going to get accepted to the next matriculating class (class of 2014). The further behind you are on the wait list, the worse off your chances are. PM me if you want more info about this.
Hey Chup
I would like more info on what you found out from Obed. It already seems ridiculous that they have so many people on the high waitlist despite knowing that they have had more applications this year than any other year. Also, approximately 20 seats were given to students from the masters program. so, instead of reducing the waitlist by 30 from last year, they increased it by that much. I feel like Obed and the team at TouroCOM gave us wrong hope that if you are placed on the high wait list, you are pretty much accepted, since they accepted everyone from the high waitlist for the last two years. The waitlist has only move by 34 seats in the last month. i doubt it's going to move by many more seats.
I was curious where the number 34 came from? I was originally given a number in the high twenties on the high waitlist and I have been in the top 10 on the high waitlist for over a month. What's up??? As far as I can track, the list has only gone down about 22 numbers for those around my ranking . . .
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also i went down 29 numbers... which is different from the two of you.
Hope those going elsewhere or deferring, notify Obed soon so we can get some movement going on the wait list . . .
If you're on the waitlist, I suggest adding to your application. Write letters of intent, get more letters of recommendation, shadow more, volunteer at clinics more, whatever you have to do, and tell the school about it. My friend has moved up the waitlist significantly after being re-evaluated after each new bit of information she supplied the school with.
If you're on the waitlist, I suggest adding to your application. Write letters of intent, get more letters of recommendation, shadow more, volunteer at clinics more, whatever you have to do, and tell the school about it. My friend has moved up the waitlist significantly after being re-evaluated after each new bit of information she supplied the school with.

Wait is this at tourocom and during this current year?
Wait... I submitted a letter of intent along with an updated CV. I then called Obed and specifically asked if it could help my rank number and he said that it WOULDN'T change my rank number, but rather it would be added to my file. What it would then be used for later, I don't know.
My friend confirmed this for me at UMDNJ-SOM, but who knows how adcoms work in other schools? I think it definitely doesn't hurt if you put it all out there if you are not accepted anywhere else at this point.
Any word from Obed today? I was having some email issues . . .
Nope, absolutely nothing. I'll let u know when there are updates.
OK. Another day and no word from Obed. Don't know what's going on with TouroCOM-NY. Seems to be some movement at least, at other schools. Not one person decided to defer? Nobody deciding to accept at a different school? Maybe I'm a little slow, but it just seems odd. (Time for all your conspiracy theorists to stand up and be counted!)
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