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Aug 23, 2020
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Hey SDN,

I'm writing because I received a call from someone in the admissions office at NOORDA on 2/25/2022 and the person I spoke to was a male, had a monotone voice and informed me that they received my application and that it would be moved onto the admissions committee for review. They said I would hear back within 4-6 weeks on whether or not I am offered an interview. I thought this was odd because I've never had any other school call me, just email to confirm they got my application but I just thanked them for calling and went on my way. I wish I could remember their name but I can't.

Fast forward to today... I got an email saying, "We regret to inform you that your application will not advance through the admissions process for this cycle, as the February 1 primary application deadline has passed. Unfortunately, the Office of Admissions is not able to grant exemptions for this deadline." I submitted my application on Feb. 1st at 10:26pm and received an email from AACOMAS confirming my submission.

After reading this email, I called admissions and they told me if I didn't have my application verified by AACOMAS by 5pm on Feb 1st, then I missed the deadline. That's understandable. However, what I am confused about is why would someone call me to tell me my application is moving forward and then I get an email saying it's not.

Did this happen to anyone else?


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