1. sorayah

    What are EC's that are interesting/make you stand out?

    I have the usual clinical volunteering, shadowing, research, etc. Just was curious to know for those already accepted or are applying to med schools, what are some activities you've done that are interesting and you'd think would make you stand out? I've begun starting a charity event, raising...
  2. SoulReaver69

    Amcas activity that I quit date mistake

    Im in an interesting situation. I was volunteering for an activity that I listed on amcas for 180 hours and only finished around 50 ( not including the extensive training). I decided to quit because it was not for me and I replaced it with another volunteer activity. My biggest issue is that I...
  3. T

    Rate my extracurriculars?

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, my classes are going well, and I think I have a solid plan for extracurricular activities, but I would like an outsider's opinion. Here are the 15 activities I have, or plan to have, by the end of my college...
  4. Alt-Dimension

    Any books/websites I could go to or any activities I can do?

    Hi, I'm a high school student interested in practicing medicine and being a doctor. In case you're wondering, medical school is undergrad where I'm from, so I'm technically also a pre-med student. I'd love it if anyone here could suggest some books, websites (YouTube channels are great!), or...
  5. BTC0821

    AMCAS Most meaningful question

    Hi all, so I have 2 of the 3 available most meaningful activities already selected, but I have a third one that I would like to check but am not sure if it would be a good idea to or not. So I became an EMT in the fall and due to work and school, hadn't gotten a position until May. At this...
  6. broken down muffler

    Priorities in med school

    People keep telling me you need to set unconditional priorities in med school, activities that never get brushed off. i.e. going to church on sunday, weekly dinner with parents/family/SO, daily yoga/exercise, etc... I'm curious to hear what are yall's daily or weekly priorities, and how...
  7. halmoni

    Not mentioning a hobby in my activities section?

    In my PS, I talk about a hobby (editing and translating comics for fun, wasn't employed by any means) but I'm not sure if I should mention it on my list of activities or not. Would it come across as fishy if I don't mention every activity I've done, especially if it's referenced in my PS? My...
  8. Mr. Peanutbutter

    AMCAS Activities Section Suggestions?

    Hi All, New applicant for the 2018-2019 cycle. I'm having a bit of difficulty conceptualizing how I'm going to enter my descriptions in the activities section of my MD app and I was hoping someone who's applied can help clear a few things up. I've read a few articles on the section but none of...
  9. halmoni

    Choosing types of experiences for MME's?

    I've been working on writing my activities for AMCAS, and I'm having some trouble picking out my 3 MME's. My adviser wants me to pick one clinical experience, one non-clinical volunteering experience, and one research experience. He pretty much brushed off my suggestions for my MME's, since they...
  10. Z

    Modeling as an extracurricular?

    Would it be alright for me to list modeling as one of my extracurricular activities? I went to a casting call for my state's fashion week as a joke with a few of my friends, but was called back as a runway model. After that, I was signed to Ford modeling agency a little bit before my freshman...
  11. SterlingMaloryArcher

    What are your activities/experiences thus far? How long did they last and how many hours per week?

    How many have you juggled at one time? Feel free to share what makes some of them (if any) "Most Meaningful Experiences" :)
  12. F

    Entered wrong hours on AMCAS activities section??

    Advice on what I should do? I know I can no longer edit this on AMCAS since I've already been transmitted, but would it be advisable to tell the schools?
  13. ArtMajor

    Where to List Publication In Progress

    Under my activities section of AMCAS, I have a publications category for a publication for which I am second author. I was thinking of using the rest of the description space to list a publication which has been submitted and is in review, and one which is in progress. Since I am not giving...
  14. L

    Completing application as a Non Trad

    I just finished all of my pre-reqs and have started preparing for MCAT and application. What do non-trad students put on their applications under awards and activities? As an undergrad I was in many clubs and organizations, but currently I spend most of my time adulting. How can I impress the...
  15. biancadoc

    Activities/work experience from college (12 years post grad)

    Hi all, Any thoughts for how to approach activities and work experience from a long time ago? I graduated in 2005, and while a lot of my experiences (including all three of the ones I have as "most important") are current, I have stuff from my college days that I want to include, like working...
  16. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Anyone willing to look over my Work/Activities section?

    I was wondering if someone would be willing to look over my work/activities. I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly, and I'd appreciate any feedback!!
  17. PreMedHeart

    Listing paid TA position on work/activities?

    I taught chemistry lab as an instructional aide and would like to list it on AMCAS. I know teaching/TA is an option on this, and I'm not sure if this of as a job or a for credit thing. This was my primary form of student income and I didn't get any class credit for it...Should I list it as paid...
  18. TheRedSnail

    Not listing shadowing under Activities section

    Hi all, I have 15 experiences that fit perfectly in my activities section but I don't have Physician Shadowing listed. I have over 100 hours of shadowing in multiple specialties but I was going to mention this more in my personal statement. Even outside of shadowing, I have enormous exposure to...
  19. P

    Help in deciding the order of activities in preparation for re-application

    Hey everyone, Per the thread I created here earlier, I have decided to skip a cycle before re-applying, to put my best foot forward: SO, now I'm trying to decide the...
  20. J

    Writing about Shadowing and Other EC's

    Hi All, I have tried searching other threads and none seem to answer my question. I have about 80 odd hours of shadowing, 5 different physicians, and I am curious about how I should write about them in my AMCAS. All under one title or separated? should I talk about the exact experience, or...
  21. D

    How are my extracurriculars? What are my chances?

    This is a long post but thank you for your time! My current GPA is 3.67 with an MCAT score of 510. :) Freshman Year: Leadership Program (ELP) Revelle Programming Board Research Summer Intern Sophomore Year: Varsity Rowing Team Hospital Volunteer Revelle Programming Board Shadowed an oncologist...
  22. S

    Question answered

    Thank you!
  23. GBCrzzyy

    AMCAS Work/Activities

    I filled up all 15 of my slots and I think they are all worth having in my application - definitely no fillers but I wanted to list two of my certifications: I'm an EMT-B and also a CVT (Certified Vet Tech). The latter requires an Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology and then a...
  24. H

    For experiences, is it hours completed or hours expected to complete?

    Title says it all, I have 6 on going experiences, 3 of which started in March. Do I list the # of weeks as the number I expect to complete over the next year or so, or simply the 10-12 weeks I have already completed?
  25. S

    Recomm letter about a activity missed in the application

    Hey Guys, I haven't realized this until just now that I did a medical volunteer last summer. I think I'd be able to get a recommendation letter from them (which is great b/c my other letters are from science professors/research lab). However, b/c I just remembered this, I did not put this in...
  26. LIC2015

    Work/Activities: Experience Name for Publications?

    I'm listing multiple scientific publications as an activity, any recommendations for Experience Name? They're obviously listed as Publications under Experience Type but would using that as the name be redundant?
  27. J

    AMCAS Activities - To Include or Not Include?

    I am struggling with deciding to put piano instruction in my AMCAS section. I was taught for 12 years (from 2001 to 2013) and stopped official instruction literally two weeks before I started college. However, I have played the piano in my downtime many times since then. I actually wanted to put...
  28. LIC2015

    How to list two distinct job functions in Activities section?

    Hi Everyone. I work as a research associate (glorified research technician) at a medical school in a neuro-epigenomics lab, the bulk of my focus is on basic science and animal research. I also have another distinct role as a semi-official Lab Safety Officer position. This itself is a part-time...
  29. R

    AMCAS (Work & Activities) Question

    I am still unclear as to how much writing I should target for each of my experiences. I have a well-thought out CV that has been revised numerous times and it very good in my opinion. I am wondering whether I can just use that to enter the descriptions for the different experiences/activities...
  30. P

    Club Sports Team

    I was on a very intensive club sports team during college for 3 months and I quit due to an injury. Would including this activity on my application be risky since it's not something I stuck with/might suggest lack of commitment to ADCOMs?
  31. thisischelsea

    Most Meaningful Activities: I have 4 and I need to choose 3.

    Hey everyone! I have four different activities that I believe are the most meaningful 1) My technician job at school (I learnt a lot of collaboration skills, intrapersonal skills, communications skills. I also have spent 3 years at this job.) 2) Study abroad + Shadowing in France (I pinpointed...
  32. S

    AMCAS work and activities

    Trying to figure out what to put in my work and activities. I want to make sure I properly represent my achievements while still being relevant. I have the usual, undergraduate research, clinical and volunteering, but there are a few hazing things I'm unsure if I should include: 1. membership...
  33. D

    Re-applicant - what do I do?

    Hey all, I applied to only MD programs last year (for the Fall 2016 acceptance round) with the following credentials: sGPA: 3.48 cGPA: 3.54 MCAT: 34 Service/Shadowing: 35 hrs shadowing an ophthalmologist 50 hrs shadowing a nephrologist 150 hrs volunteering in a medical health camp in India 50...