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  1. D

    Colorado biomedical science masters degree

    I’m really interested in University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical sciences. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program like how many people get accepted to professional schools afterwards? What is the program like? How is the final test at the end and how did you...
  2. jt1906

    UGA Online Masters of Comparative Biomedical Science 2021

    Hey guys. I don’t know if anybody on here is looking for this but wanted to start a thread for prospective students and admitted students. The program is very new so I figured it would be nice to start a thread to get information out there.
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  4. S

    Rutgers Biomedical Sciences Masters - New Brunswick 2019-2020

    Any one get accepted?? for this upcoming Fall 2019 semester. If so, GPA? science and cumulative MCAT score?
  5. J


    Hey guys! I start my masters in biomedical sciences at barry university this coming august of 2018 for the one year track. i am on the pre dental track and im looking to start dental school asap after my masters. Is it possible to apply to dental school this coming june (before my masters even...
  6. D

    What are my chances? Low Stats

    I am losing hope and would just like to have some opinions and advice on where to go from here. I have applied to dental school twice, but I know my stats are really low. I have a lot of dental experience, leadership and volunteer experience. Here are my stats: undergrad cGPA: 3.1 undergrad...
  7. S

    2018-2019 University of Miami Miller School of Medicine MiBS Program

    Hello! I've searched far and wide for a thread on this new program at Miller and can't seem to find any. I've recently been accepted and just wanted to gage the applicant pool/know if anyone else had been interviewed and/or accepted. Cheers
  8. W

    Alternative Medical Career: Open Position for Medical Writer/Director

    Medical communications is a burgeoning industry with a high market demand for highly-skilled and experienced individuals to fill medical science leadership positions in various arenas (e.g., private communications groups, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, etc.). This fast-paced, exciting...
  9. J

    SMP personal statement

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone here who got accepted into an SMP program or is currently enrolled in one? How much did your Med school personal statement differ from your SMP personal statement? I keep seeing mixed signals online on reddit and on SDN about it, some people dont change it at all...
  10. C

    Need to pull my GPA up

    Hi everyone, So my freshman overall GPA is 3.37 and my sGPA is 3.1... I just finished my first semester of sophomore year and it should be somewhere around 3.5/3.5. My GPA goal is 3.7/3.7 and to get that I pretty much need As everywhere. What techniques do you use to manage that? I'm in...
  11. F

    PCOM Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    I was wondering if you guys thought I had any chance of getting into PCOM biomedical sciences program for the fall of 2018. My Stats: cGPA: 2.87 GPA over the past 2 years: 3.08 MCAT: 492 (retaking) I have made significant progress over the last 2 semesters, making deans list. Do I have a shot?
  12. L

    Larkin University MBS

    This thread has been posted before with little avail to Kingelyk, but I have to ask again. Is anyone familiar with Larkin's Master program? I plan on utilizing it to improve my Med School chances, but as a fairly new program I have to be suspicious about its legitimacy. I know the Pharmacy...
  13. astrostellar

    Master's programs associated with a med school (but not SMP?)

    Hey all. Trying to get a grasp on SMP/master's ideas before I come close to graduation. I know traditional SMPs are akin to the first year of M-1 curriculum, and other master's in medical science/biomed/physiology are also popular, but is there any truth to my thinking that it would be better...
  14. C

    Mt. Sinai MSBS Program

    I just got accepted into the MSBS program at Mt. Sinai and I was planning on accepting the offer. I was wondering if anyone knew any information about how much this will help my med school chances, their linkage programs, and/or any other pertinent information because I've been having trouble...
  15. S

    Marquette University: Biomedical Sciences

    Hi- In advance, thank you for the responses. I was wondering if there were any Marquette alumni on SDN who could give me some feedback about Pre-Med at Marquette. I read about the Biomedical Major on their website. In theory, it sounds like a great program, but I would appreciate some input...
  16. D

    Which of my Biomedical Engineering Classes Count Towards the Science GPA?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took: Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II...
  17. F

    Liberty University Biomedical Sciences Program vs PCOM-GA Biomed Program

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum this is my first post. I was accepted to Liberty University's 2 year Biomedical sciences program which is 39 credit hours $580/hr. I was told I would be given a guaranteed acceptance into LUCOM if I maintain a 3.5 in the program and receive a 500 MCAT. 20 students...
  18. Fancy312

    MWU MBS 2016

    Hi guys, Just wondering the timing of when you guys submitted your app and when you heard back? Anyone still waiting?
  19. T

    I'm so confused on what to do

    So I have a 3.3 gpa and got a 1240 on the new sat on my first try prior to studying (equivalent to an 1860 on the old one) and I plan for that score to go up after studying and taking classes. I have taken anatomy and physiology, forensics, and biology honors. Next year (im currently a junior)...
  20. D

    Post bacc, SMP, or Biomedical Science?

    Hello I need some advice/input on trying to figure out if a post-bacc, SMP, or MS in Biomedical Science is best for me. My Ug GPA is 2.9 :( and and I am currently takin a GRE prep course and will take the GRE early June. I have about 100 volunteer hours and my goal is to eventually have a...
  21. M

    Special Master program in canada

  22. E

    Non-SMP, Research-focused Gap Year Programs - NonTrads

    Hey fellow Non Trads, (I hope it's alright if I post this question here too) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one-year masters programs (or other gap year type programs, aside from NIH, etc.) that provided interesting courses and preferably some structured research...
  23. BiomedicalScienceStudent

    Barry University BMS Program

    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the Barry University BMS Program. If you have any questions, ask away! I will be more than happy to give you my perspective on the Program, what is involved, and much more!
  24. Fancy312


    Hello All, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that applied to these 1 year masters programs and still pursued dentistry. I recently took my dat (literally yesterday) and did pretty bad, don't ask, I did horrible :oops: My initial step is to apply to these, programs, but I have a...
  25. S

    Will 2 Cs tank my chances of getting into engineering schools?

    I'm a high school senior and I got 2 Cs last year. 1 was first semester in AP stats and the other was in first semester of honors anatomy and physiology. I really screwed up first semester and these classes were quite hard for me. But I those were my only Cs ever. I got A+ second semester both...
  26. hank19

    Trouble with Intro Classes

    Good evening SDN, First off I want to apologize for this being my first post, and something that many people may be irritated with seeing (especially on a Friday night). I've been a member on SDN for a little while, scrolling through posts every so often but I haven't really posted or replied...