1. A

    OU OKC COM VS OU Tulsa SCM (Oklahoma)

    Hi all! I was recently accepted to both the OU OKC and OU Tulsa campus. I am so happy to have been offered this opportunity at both campuses. I have been dreading choosing between the OKC and Tulsa campus for fall 2024. I am Tulsa born and raised. I then later attended OU for undergrad. I...
  2. P


  3. VanillaClassic

    Touro-Nevada vs UIWSOM

    Hello, I am here to get some feedback from both schools. I am having a hard time trying to decide between the two schools. I am from Texas and plan to come back to Texas after medical school. For specialties, I am leaning away from PC and more towards anesthesiology or orthopedics. UIWSOM (San...
  4. D

    MD How do I pick a specialty?!

    I've read and posted many threads over the last year trying to narrow my specialty choices. I have finished all of my core clerkships and still waiting for the "Ah ha!" moment. Well actually, I have completely given up on that. I just finished listening to 10+ of the Undifferentiated Medical...
  5. A

    Case vs. Temple (IS) vs. Louisiana (OOS)

    Hey guys, just want to get some opinions on this one. I'm stuck between the three. Case has that new shiny building. Temple's got that extra good curriculum. Louisiana's got that early patient exposure. Overall, I want to be a good clinician and all three offer ample opportunity for that. Which...
  6. C

    Post-Bacc Choices

    Hello everyone! I have been stressing about which post-bacc would be best for me of the ones that I have been accepted to. I have received admission into San Francisco State, Chatham University (Masters in Biology: Non-Thesis), CSU East Bay and Elms College. I have been weighing the benefit/cost...
  7. thestylishgeek

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Sorry for having the same question as another fellow Cali applicant. Also wondering if I am applying to too many/the wrong places. My closer friends all are applying to 20 ish schools, but I've read forums that say it's too many? Thank you very much for the help in advance! My stats are: cGPA...
  8. C

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Hey guys, just wanted to get 2nd opinions on my list of dental schools to apply to. Right now I feel like I have too many, and want to eliminate some that I might not have a better chance of getting into. For example, I heard that Midwestern Arizona has an emphasis on community service, and I...
  9. F

    Stanford vs Columbia vs Northwestern

  10. P

    Post Bacc - Tufts or Wash U

    I'm trying to decide between the Tufts Pre-Med Post Bacc and the University College Wash U St.Louis Post Bacc programs. Does anyone have personal experience with either of these programs or advice for choosing between programs in general?
  11. T

    GW vs UM

    George Washington vs University of Miami Hello everyone, I am having a tough time here. The big thing for me is that I would prefer GW but feel it might hinder me from getting into a more competitive specialty. GW Pros Honors/Pass/Fail (compared to Miami's grading) Commitment to community...
  12. D

    Do I go to the highly ranked school, or the school where I want to live?

    I am extremely proud to have been accepted in PT school this year. I committed to GW and have been all set to go. GW has a great program that I loved when I visited. I also love Washington DC, and grew up nearby. My parents live in the area and I am planning on moving in with my boyfriend of 2...
  13. J

    [Canadian] UDM vs. Louisville (OOS)

    I was accepted into UofL a couple months ago.. but now I have also gotten into UDM. I dont know which I should pick. Some things that are important to me are: -where I can be most successful (is one less difficult/stressful than the other?) -where I will be put in a positive position to...
  14. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Worth sending Letter of Interest/Intent?

    I've been fortunate enough to receive a couple acceptances, but I haven't heard from my top choice. I wanted to send in a letter of interest with a couple of updates. I was recently hired to continue as a TA for the spring semester (didn't mention this in my app), have had some research progress...
  15. M

    MWU-AZ or UL or UK

    I am fortunate enough to be accepted to these three schools, All three of them are great in their own aspect. If you had the choice between the three which one would you choose and why? For me personally i am gearing towards UK because of the smaller class size and the technological advances...
  16. B

    Help! Choices UMKC, Houston, Washington

    I have an extremely difficult decision to make. I got into multiple schools, which I am grateful for, and have narrowed it down to three. But I have to pay out-of-state tuition for all my schools since my state does not have a dental school (woohoo-- oos life). My top choice was originally...
  17. Alemo

    How do I gauge teaching and supervision in a residency program?

    I am an M4 who will soon be creating a rank list for psychiatry programs. I've been able to compare a lot of objective features in places, like climate, location, areas of particular strength/emphasis, and resident profiles. But one thing I haven't been able to get a sense of is "what it would...
  18. bigeman101

    Is a Clinical Letter of Rec Essential??

    Here's the situation: I worked as a CNA for a year and recently quit because the management was terrible and they all got fired. I was going to get a letter of rec from my boss there but that's not possible now. Now I have two choices: I can go to work another CNA job and get a letter of rec...
  19. N

    Major Choice? Biology or Healthcare Administration?

    Hey everyone so I need some constructive advice. I am a sophomore and my goal is to become an oncologist. Currently I am a biology major but my heart isn't really in biology. I enjoy taking the pre-requisites for med school but all the extra things on the list of courses for the major don't...
  20. M


    So, I was just accepted off the waitlist at NYIT-Arkansas (Arkansas COM) and was wondering if I should stick with the school I had originally decided on, AZCOM, or should go with this newer program. The school is brand new, with amazing equipment and on a busy campus as well (which I think is a...
  21. D_Ts

    MPH or MSc choosing between London School of Hygiene and University of Edinburgh?

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine does not have MPH it only offers different streams of MSc , I have applied there and to MPH in University of Edinburgh but am not sure which one to choose! I am an international student my passion is towards Medicine for which I am planning to apply...
  22. CrystallineMind

    Choosing medical specialty.

    Hello. I've been long time lurker here on SDN, this is my first post though. I'm 4th year medical student (from a 6 year program) and for about a year I'm very confused what i want to do later on. So I figured out maybe someone will have some useful tips or information for me. So here's some...
  23. L

    Cornell vs. UCSF: which is better for non-trads?

    Hi! I'm trying to decide between UCSF and Cornell, and would love to hear some informed opinions. I'm on the older end of things, and am looking for a program that doesn't feel too much like undergrad/academic summer camp. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  24. J

    veterinary science major for pre med

    Hello all, long time lurker and first time poster. I wanted to get some advise because when I used our handy dandy search engine I couldn't find any results. I am currently trying to plan out my undergraduate career to go as swimmingly as possible and I am trying to choose my major. I know...
  25. J


  26. A

    Accepted to two private schools, need advice!!

    So I have been accepted to Western U and Roseman and am really torn now that the excitement has worn off and the price tag shock has really kicked in. I'm working on applying to a 3-year HPSP (missed the 4-year deadline) and hopefully the NHSC as well. Being that there are no guarantees to...
  27. S

    Medical Center versus Private / Jesuit Institutions

    I'm incredibly excited to say that I have been accepted to both Regis University and University of Nebraska Medical Center! This is an incredibly hard choice for me... as they both have pros and cons in my mind. The main factor that I think draws me to UNMC is the fact that it is embedded in...
  28. libertyyne

    Subform School Choice

    The individual school subform does not work for this function as people go there for specific schools rather than talk about decisions regarding multiple schools. Can we get a subform for this purpose or be allowed to debate the merits in the main pre-allo form?
  29. Tigrane

    Do Physical Therapists get (randomly or not) drug tested?

    I'm still young and for the past few years I've had trouble figuring out and solidifying a decision of what I'd like to do. When I was younger, like as a kid, I always aspired to become a doctor. I read up a ton on the subjects and dove pretty deep. My interest in pursuing that career dwindled...
  30. F

    Criteria in choosing a PT school

    Hi everyone! So I'm between three schools at the moment: UIC, Northwestern, and Ohio University. I got a great feeling at both OU and NW, but a meh feeling at UIC, although I know all three programs would be great options. In choosing a program, is it bad to go with the better logistical fit? In...
  31. L

    Letter of Intent Question

    So Temple University is my #1 choice. I am OOS. I recently got into NYU Dental (also OOS). I was thinking about sending a letter of intent to Temple - after my Fall semester grades are posted for the AADSAS academic update (will be all A's hopefully - maybe one B+). I really like NYU, but Temple...
  32. J

    Need help deciding between TX medical schools

    Hey y'all, So I got accepted to UTHSCSA, A&M, and TTHSC. I would love to hear from med students what they considered when choosing a medical school and what advice they would give to themselves if they had to do it over again.
  33. Nick9933

    Should I go to Ross or accept this job offer?

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and can offer some help with my decision. The basic low down is this. So about a week ago I found out I was accepted to Ross, which was the only school I applied to. I eagerly paid the $1,000 deposit and started planning my island adventure. Then...
  34. D

    Help Please !!

    I am a freshly graduated doctor in Jordan and i want your point of view on my situation. My goal is to practice ophthalmology. I have 2 choices, one is to stay in Jordan and do a 4-year residency program that is without salary. The residency program is at an army hospital with more than a 100...
  35. F

    Uni choice?

    So basically, I have offers from the university of Nottingham and Birmingham for medicine. Not really sure which to choose. Yes I know, there are no 'bad' med schools, its down to personal choice etcetc.. I'd just really appreciate advice from anyone who knows the pros the pros/cons of either...
  36. L

    University of Minnesota vs University of Colorado

    I'm struggling to decide which medical school to attend- UMN Twin Cities vs UC Denver. As far as I can tell, both universities are similarly ranked and are good prospects. I'm from MN so my family and friends are there. But Denver is Denver and I love the idea of settling in Colorado in the...
  37. B

    Medical school choice algorithm

    I've been working on a tool to help me make big life decisions, like which medical school to choose. The genesis is that I'm a lawyer (my wife is a physical therapist), and I've been thinking through possibilities for my career. Also thinking about things like where to live. Here's the website...
  38. N

    Advice Please!

    So, my cGPA is a 3.45 and my sGPA is a 3.02. I have not taken my MCAT yet so I understand that it is difficult to give advice without this piece, but I would take a course and for arguments sake assume an old scale score in the upper 20s, low 30s. I have shadowed an MD in the field I want to...
  39. U

    Why I wouldn't choose USF again.

  40. R

    #1 choice private school vs state school (not so cheap)

    I've been grappling with this a long time, I've had the fortune of being accepted to my #1 choice private school and my state school both are very reputable schools but now the tough part of making an important decision. It honestly comes down to guilt and finances, First off I've worked for 2...