1. O

    What should I do when I don't match? I am applying ENT

    I just wanted to sort of map out next steps in my life and I am weighing options and such. What should I should do when I don't match? Try to find a job and reapply? Give up? What happens if I find a way to survive the year and don't give up? medical school didn't go my way but I really like...
  2. K

    Interventional Cardiology vs. General Surgery

    I am a 3rd year medical student, in love with both General Surgery and Interventional Cardiology. These have been my favorite clerkships, by far. I love the thought of being able to immediately fix problems and I love doing things with my hands. I don't love clinic, but I enjoyed surgery clinic...
  3. 3

    Disappointed with clerkship selections

    Is anyone else disappointed with some of the clerkships they chose? When picking programs, the only reviews to rely on were SDN and APMSA 2019. I'm not sure how other places are, but my school didn't have a good resource for seeing what previous graduates thought of various programs. I've...
  4. X

    For Sale USMLE/COMLEX 1-3 and Clerkship Review Books

    USMLE/COMLEX 1-3 and Clerkship Review Books Bundle for $200+Shipping Condition: Kaplan Step 1, Step 3 Lectures: New; First Aid USMLE 2 CS + CK: New COMLEX 2 PE JB Review: used First Aid USMLE 3: new MTB Step 3: New USMLE 3 Secrets: New Case files: used Pocket Medicine: Used Please ask for...
  5. T

    Observeship in the US as an American international Student ?

    I'm an American student currently finishing medical school in Panama City, Panama. I'm looking to apply for a residency program but have been told that observeships are great for your resume because of the recommendation letters and the additional experience you get from them . Is there any...
  6. N

    MD Shortened Clerkships, same grading criteria

    Hi guys, So due to COVID-19, my school had to truncate all the remaining clerkships, so 6 week clerkships are down to 5, and 12 week clerkships are down to 10. However, the scary part is that the grading criteria and percentile cutoffs are unchanged. We tried to reach out to our administration...
  7. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand new. $25 and free shipping
  8. R

    For Sale Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, Brand New

    Family Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment And Review, Fourth Edition, brand new and still in wrapping. $33 and free shipping
  9. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount - $100 off

    Hello everyone, I have been using firecracker for 3 years now and wanted to share this referral code that can get you discounts on any of the plans including more than $100 off the 2 year subscription. Just post the link in the web browser so you can see the discounted rates...
  10. G

    Cook County Anesthesia Elective - Experience

    Just finishing my last week of anesthesia at John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, thought I would share my current thoughts about the rotation. At first glance being overwhelmed in a big city with a busy patient population I couldn't feel more welcome by the residents here. The relationship...
  11. M

    Attire in Clerkships/Rotations

    I am a very poor outfit selector. I needed help from many people to finally dress properly and match my clothes. I am confused about what shoes to wear in rotations. Should I wear comfortable running shoes with my dress shirt and pants? People say to wear something comfortable, but what about...
  12. H

    Anesthesia elective

    Can you please help me find an elective/clerkship in Anesthesia. I still didn't apply for a program as most universities require Step1 scores or do not accept international visiting students. If you know any program please let me know
  13. rs_med_student

    how do i deal with Murmurs ?

    i'm about to finish my 4th year in med school (our course is 6 years) one thing that really irritates me is the way physical exam is so glorified and they keep telling us hypothetical stuff about murmurs and stuff (murmur timing, change with position and maneuvers and such) when in reality...
  14. M

    Why do we pay tuition for rotations?

    Hi, I was told by a friend 5 years ago that paying tuition during rotations was like paying the school to work FOR the school. Soon I'll be in my friend's position and was wondering why the system is like this? Is there a way to reform this? Protest? So rotation years are FREE? I'm not asking...
  15. S

    Clerkship as an international medical student

    Hi there, I'm from Vietnam, and gonna be a final-year medical student in next year. I'll take USMLE Step 1 in the upcoming May. I'm planning to apply a clerkship program in the U.S to gain some clinical experiences; furthermore, I could decide whether the U.S medical environment is suited me or...
  16. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  17. R

    Top 5 Mistakes Students Make on their Radiology Elective

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a radiology attending who has been very involved in medical education throughout my career from resident, to fellow to now. I have worked at big academic centers as well as community programs and have spoken to many of my radiology friends about these...
  18. H

    Joining Navy HPSP during 3rd year

    I’m a 3rd year medical student who is strongly considering joining the Navy. I want to know if it’s to late to be involved in HPSP, if I’ll be eligible for military residency, and if couples matching with an HPSP 3rd year that I’m already dating is also possible. If not, any other options...
  19. P

    Where are clinicals done?

    I am currently preparing to apply to medical school next summer and I am curious how clerkships/clinicals work. I was under the impression that you were mostly localized to the hospital/school where you did your first two years; however, I have recently found information that suggested that you...
  20. medshousing

    Renting East Lansing MI Home away from home-room room to rent

    New Listing on MSU "Hello and welcome! We hope to provide you with a cozy and modern atmosphere to make your stay in East Lansing as enjoyable as possible. We are a short 5 minute drive to MSU, and offer access to a private bathroom for your stay. Not to mention an...
  21. medshousing

    Renting Marshfield Wisconsin short term housing New Listing on

    New Listing on "Perfect location for all medical professionals located in Marshfield Wisconsin. We are across the street from UW-Marshfield and 5 minutes from the Marshfield Clinic. We have 4 bedroom, 2 bath suites available- you can rent either one room for $400/month or...
  22. PickleRick19

    FM Matching Question

    Hey everyone, I'm a third year medical student who will be applying for residency in FM this coming fall. First, a bit of background: - 245 step 1 - Pass in family medicine core clerkship, barely missing HP (good comments on eval, pretty good shelf. I take full responsibility for the grade, but...
  23. B

    Any DOs rotate at Mayo (MN) for GS Clerkship?

    Fellow Osteopathic family, I want to rotate at Mayo MN for a GS Clerkship. Has anyone who has been a DO rotated before? Second, has any DO been accepted at Mayo for GS Categorical? Are they open to DOs? Thanks.
  24. K

    How significance is TOEFL in clerkship programs?

    Hello, I’m a final year Thai medical student who is insterested in Mayo clinic clerkship and have a step-one score of 270. But my TOEFL score is just 104 (R:29, L:30, S: 20, W: 25) <Trust me I tried and others said my speaking skill is actually decent but I can’t seem to improve my speaking...
  25. S

    Firecracker Full Product (USMLE STEP 1/2) Subscription (16 months)

    Hi! I'm selling a Firecracker subscription (Full Product) I no longer need anymore. It was lightly used in the USMLE Step 1 sections and completely unused for USMLE Step 2/Clerkships. All sections are reverted back to not covered. Good until Aug 28, 2019 (16 months). It is selling for $250/year...
  26. N

    Internship in Turkey

    Hello, everyone I'm medical student in last year and try to find hospital in turkey to do my last year (internship) so I get benefit as I want to take residency there, it will help me in many sides. The problem is my university asked to provide name of hospital which I want to de my internship...
  27. C

    Elective in Italy

    Hi, are there any Italian students here with elective advice? I'm planning on going to Italy at the end of the year for holiday and I thought it would be nice to try get an elective in around then. I've tried going through the international med students association but their clerkships are...
  28. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  29. M

    Plastic Surgery Sub-I Tutor

    The absolute key to doing well on Plastic Surgery rotations is meeting someone who will tell you the answers to the secret questions that you are guaranteed to be asked. In plastic surgery, for every operation or problem, there are classic questions that have been passed down through the...
  30. P

    Variation in third year grades between schools

    A friend at a private east coast medical school shared that his third-year grades don't really matter, since grade inflation is notorious at his school, with a third of his class honoring all of third year. As long as you put in some effort, you can expect straight honors. I attend a public US...
  31. P

    Chances of matching into an academic Ob/gyn program

    Hello everyone. So I've seen quite a few people posting about their chances of matching into their desired specialty but I haven't quite seen someone in my situation. So I come from a pretty small medical school in the midwest, not top 40. I got a 224 on the USMLE Step 1 in June of 2017...
  32. PickleRick19

    Pass in core clerkship in field of interest

    Hey everyone, First, some background. I'm a 3rd year med student with a 245 step 1 score, mostly high passes/honors in pre-clinicals (w/ one pass in a behavioral class), some research (one pub and another on the way), community involvement w/ volunteering at clinics, 2 mission trips, yada yada...
  33. simbakoolaid

    International Medical Student Curious About Military Hospital Clerkships For Civilians

    Hey hey! I'm an international medical student (United States citizen) looking to join the Navy after I graduate. I already contacted the medical recruiter about applying for the military match for residencies, but I'm also curious about what military hospitals allow civilians to apply to their...
  34. D

    Summer practice abroad. Help is needed

    Hi guys! I am a 3rd year medical student in Romania. I was thinking about doing my summer practice abroad ( Denmark, Sweden, UK ) but I have no idea where to start. Did any of you have the same thought? And if the answer if yes, what exactly did you do about it? What experience is expected...
  35. iamironman

    Which books you guys recommend to use during Internal medicine, pediatrics and ObGyn rotations?

    In 3rd and 4th year what resources should I use to nail the wards and also the boards/CK? Which are clinical books most important to get the most out of rotations? My rotations are going to start soon so a bit worried about this.
  36. P

    Advice on shelf exams

    I've been doing well on my clinical evaluations so far but the shelf exams always seem to be bringing down my final grade. I've been a studious browser of the forums in terms of finding appropriate resources to study for each shelf, and I've been pretty diligent in terms of budgeting time to...
  37. A

    Anyone have experience with AMClinicals (paid clerkship site)?

    Due to multiple eligibility issues and curriculum differences, I can't apply for an elective in the states the old fashioned way. So I'm turning to paid clerkship sites. Anyone have experience with this site in particular? How hands-on was it and what level of responsibility did you have while...
  38. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...
  39. B

    Thoughts on Away rotations?

    You guys have been awesome in answering my questions and as I am making my schedule a large one remains: Away rotations. I go to school in the east but I am from the Midwest. My goal is to eventually end up in Texas/California because I have friends/family there. I was originally thinking...
  40. Q

    FM sub-Internship or IM clerkship

    FYI, this is an international student who plans to match IM residency. Which rotation will boost my profile most? The IM clerkship is at oncology department of MSKCC. In the same module dates, UCSD also offered a sub-I rotation at FM. They all stated that this is the final assignment, and...