1. Futuredogtorwoof

    VEG NERD ER Program

    Anyone know when we hear back about applications for the July 2024 program?
  2. N

    PA vs MD for disaster medicine

    Hey all, I know PA vs MD is a common question but I couldn't find any threads on disaster medicine specifically. I'm a third year undergrad currently; I want to go into a healthcare career specifically doing domestic and international disaster response. I am interested both in patient care and...
  3. CatMomExtraordinaire

    SA ER Salaries

    As I'm finishing up my internship, looking at SA ER positions in my home state I'm struggling to find out the "going rate" for salaries. My internship is in the midwest, but looking at places on the west coast and I'm not really sure how to get an idea of salary ranges to know what is a...
  4. Sweet Orange Juice

    How to Calculate Potassium Replacement Therapy using Potassium Tablet and Potassium Chloride Infusion?

    So, as far as I know, to calculate the potassium deficit, the following formula can be used: Kdeficit (in mmol) = (Knormal lower limit − Kmeasured) × kg body weight × 0.4 But how do we select the dose for Potassium Tablet and Potassium Chloride Infusion? Can someone give me an example? Many...
  5. ArteryStudyPainting

    Recent malignant EM Programs?

    Hi! Are there any programs that have have been noted as malignant EM programs or otherwise not-the-best/sketchy? Specifics would be awesome but not necessary. Thanks!
  6. L

    Training in fellowship?

    Can someone that has done fellowships share how much additional general EM training can be obtained from a fellowship? I am at a 3 year EM program and am afraid I will feel incompetent coming out of residency. We have trouble with many procedures and see relatively low volume per shift. We are...
  7. C

    EM Doctors//Opinions about EM

    In your opinion, why do people on SDN and other medical forums advise people so heavily against training in emergency medicine? I’m really interested in it but almost every forum I read says it’s one of the worst fields. Do you agree with this?
  8. D

    Picking a clinical rotation site

    I’m in a dilemma between picking a clinical rotation site for 3rd/4th year. I have the option to go to a site that has a bunch of residents (almost all core) including EM residents but it’s really far from any family/friends. I’m 90% sure I want to pursue EM. second location is about 15...
  9. K

    Emergency RN to MD

    I'm looking for advice!! I'm currently working as a nurse in a busy NYC emergency department, and have a wish to go back to medical school. I'm currently finishing up my post-bacc classes while working full time, so my plate is pretty full. The conundrum I seem to be in is deciding which cycle...
  10. bangity

    Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery (Free Educational VR360 Resources)

    Hi all, My name is Bang Quach. I am a 4th year Oral & Maxillofacial resident at University of Florida-Jacksonville. The VRiMS is a new training program for residents/trainees that utilize VR Headsets (360 videos) recorded using the Insta360 camera, using YouTube as a host, and viewed using the...
  11. B

    Navy Is matching into a civilian residency difficult after completing a tour as a GMO?

    Background: I am applying for Navy HPSP. I would like to do a military residency in EM but I don't mind spending the 3-4 years as a GMO either. After medical school, let's say I don't match into a military residency. If I serve my HPSP time as a GMO, how difficult will it be to match into a...
  12. adrenalinejunkie

    MD & DO EM residencies that allow 3rd years to rotate?

    Making my 3rd year rotation schedule and along with our core rotations: FM, IM, etc, we need to do 1 elective and 1 GME elective (specifically at a GME site) during third year. I plan to do my elective early on (EM at a local hospital to get my feet wet) and I want to do my GME elective in April...
  13. J

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hi! I am currently a third year medical student and was wondering if anyone had any insight or information on doing a residency in pediatric emergency medicine. I have previously worked in an ER for two years prior to med school and I have found in med school that I absolutely love peds, but am...
  14. G

    How to keep learning after medical school?

    To EM residents and attendings out there: Going into EM intern year, I'm expecting even less structure in learning than there was in medical school. How do you actually continue medical education? Not the CME for credit stuff but the real stuff. Looking for a structure or method that might be...
  15. E

    Jobs in San Diego area

    Hey, everyone, Looking for EM doc full time jobs in San Diego area. Spoke with Team Health who are saying the market is very tight here and they aren't currently looking to hire, not surprisingly. Just curious, does anyone know what the salaries are like here? I don't have any connections I...
  16. M

    IMG from India interested in EM

    HI, I am IMG from India, that means I need visa for matching and my profile is 207/230/cs pass. I have Sloe’s but due to my low scores and visa status I have been subject ti condescending veiws on matching into EM. I love EM, i had the best 2 months of rotations when I was in EM. How do I...
  17. Doohickey550

    FM and PEM

    Hi all. I posted this in the FM forum, but someone suggested that I should post it here. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (formally or informally)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete an EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency...
  18. Doohickey550

    FM to PEM

    Hi all. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (official or unofficial)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete the EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency departments consider me for a job? Lots of pediatric ERs hire regular pediatricians, so...
  19. frosted2

    ER docs... do your paramedics transport patients without ROSC?

    Florida father dies after ambulance breaks down; took nearly one hour to get to hospital Where I work, we work on scene for 20-30 minutes and call the code if we don't have ROSC. Obviously, everything in medicine is situational, but it is often an exception when we transport patients who do...
  20. Mat the coolcat

    List of new EM programs?

    Hey all, Trying to compile a list of new EM programs that started interviewing residents for their inaugural class this year for educational purposes. If y'all could comment on the other ones it would be much appreciated. The ones I'm aware of are: California -St. Joseph's in Stockton...
  21. ShinySephiroth

    "The Good Doctor" and His Specialty

    I'm on episode 6 of season 1 and I am extremely confused - the surgical residents seem to always be doing Emergency Medicine. I've worked in an ER for a few years and our surgeons rarely come down. I mentioned it to my wife because I was so frustrated with it (huge bus crash just happened in...
  22. thejangler2013

    $$$...Help me, Rural ED Hourly Rate, what is appropriate? (ed boarded)

    Hello Everyone I am a 3rd EM resident in good standing who is applying to Rural Emergency Departments in the upper midwest. Time for a real job!. I am focusing on rural emergency departments on the lower side of volume range. Ex 9k-14k patients per year with mostly 12 and 24 hours shifts...
  23. DoctahB

    Compensation of an FP in an ED

    Hi All, MS4 Strongly considering EM & FM. Not that compensation should be a deciding factor, but wondering if anyone has any insight as to the compensation of a Family Med Practitioner working in an ED as compared to an EM-train (yes, I know it depends on location). Additionally, can an FP...
  24. DoctahB

    Compensation of an FP in an ED

    Hi All, MS4 Strongly considering EM & FM. Not that compensation should be a deciding factor, but wondering if anyone has any insight as to the compensation of a Family Med Practitioner working in an ED as compared to an EM-train (yes, I know it depends on location). Additionally, can an FP...
  25. Gooser2019

    ER Medicine....to specialize or not to specialize

    Colleagues! As a 4th year student, I've been struggling with what I want to do after graduation. A little background... A couple years ago I thought I really wanted to be a surgeon. After gaining some experience with board-certified surgeons and surgical practice, I gained a lot of respect...
  26. B

    Help signing up for last minute rotation

    I go to a Caribbean school and am interested in going into EM. I know it is competitive, especially for IMGs. I am currently doing one rotation now for a SLOE and am in need for one more for August, before I apply for the match. I am having an incredibly hard time finding another elective and...
  27. ChrisTheAwesome

    Code Blue Short Film

    Not sure if it is the right forum but I didn't know where else to post this. I am making a short film and I want to have a code blue scene. There will just be a blank screen though so all you will hear is the audio. I want to make it as realistic as I can so I would like to know things people...
  28. GatorsKW14

    Rotations during interview months

    I am applying for emergency medicine audition rotations and already have July, August, and September filled. There are still a couple of places I would really love to rotate at, but I realize that the rest of the fall months are usually busy because of interviews. Would it be a really bad idea...
  29. D

    Competitive applicant for EM residency

    So I'm an OMS-1, still interested in pursuing a residency spot in EM. I know Step 1 scores are #1 priority, but given that I'm a DO student and the upcoming merger is pretty much eliminating most AOA-associated EM residency spots, what else can I do to set myself apart from other applicants...
  30. Asclepius293

    International EM Docs?

    Hey all, Are there any EM docs out there that specialized in international EM, do contract work through military/foreign service, do locum tenens internationally, or have done relief work with doctors without borders or something like that? Really interested in the variety of experiences...
  31. T

    IMG friendly Emergency Medicine Clinical Rotation

    Hello, I am a 4th year looking for a 4-week Emergency Medicine Clinical Rotation in the US that is IMG friendly. Does anyone have any experience with one? Cheers!
  32. M

    Keeping a dog alive in an emergency

    Hello all, this may seem a bit unorthodox, I am not in the medical profession at all, I am actually a ships engineer but two weeks ago something happened to me which has had my mind turning. I work on vessels which transport passengers, their cars and often pets. Actually there are a number of...
  33. ISU_CVM_2021

    ER Externships for Current CVM Students

    I am a first year student at Iowa State University CVM and am looking for some externships for winter/summer breaks over the next few years. I am very interested in emergency work. I am already spending time here in our hospital's small animal ICU, but am looking to expand my experience. I am...
  34. Asclepius293

    Emergency Medicine in the Navy

    Hello all, M1 here checking out emergency medicine. I’ve wanted to get involved in the Navy for some term and was curious how the field of EM was within the service. I’ve read a few threads on here but was curious if any current or past Navy EM docs would be able to weigh in. I was going to...
  35. Noisewater-TDX

    Mass casualty training?

    Does your school do any formal mass casualty training? I know here at LU we have the option to go to a mock events, but is there really any good way to prepare for something like what happened in Las Vegas last night? I've only every been in the ER as a nurse with a "mass event" where we had 6...
  36. papi_md

    is working as emergency response team considered clinical experience?

    Since i didnt get any reply last time might as well ask here again. Just finished red cross training as a first aider last week. If i join the emergency response team, will it also count as clinical experience?
  37. S

    Thoughts? EMT program

    I am 19 and a full time college student studying microbiology for my second year. I recently decided I am interested in going to medical school, but I have no real experience in the field and will definitely need to change that by the time I'm doing applications. I'm considering taking a course...
  38. macastat

    Reinvigorate your career, cure burn out - Rural Emergency Medicine job opportunity

    Reinvigorate your career, cure burn out - Rural Emergency Medicine job opportunity, magical Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin (unique, unglaciated geography) - bluffs, valleys, oak forests and artesian streams. Renowned Waldorf school. One patient per hour with 25% admit / transfer...
  39. A

    My residency application experience and advice

    I applied to 130 EM programs, not because I was told to, but because I thought it was a bad place to save money. I got 8 interviews. If you include home and away rotations, that's 10 interviews total. Still pretty confused about the number. AMG, MD school, step scores 230s both, Pass. EM...
  40. M

    ER residency advice

    Hello everyone! I could really use some advice please. I didn't get into an EM residency. Honestly academically and scores wise I'm not a very competitive applicant but I did multiple audition rotations and was told repeatedly that I excelled and was a great candidate. Unfortunately it seems...