1. A

    Spay neuter externship recommendations

    Hi all! Does anyone have recommendations for externships where you can get good spay/neuter experience (especially HQHVSN)? I looked into the ASPCA spay/neuter alliance in Asheville but unfortunately all of the slots are filled up until I graduate in 2025. I am located in MA but willing to...
  2. A

    VIRMP Timeline Help

    Hi everyone, I’m a third-year veterinary student, and I’m a bit confused about the VIRMP application timeline given that there are multiple separate deadlines. I have heard that it would be beneficial to do a week-long externship at hospitals I am interested in applying to. My question is...
  3. Vet2022-20224

    Externship Lodging

    Hi! I am starting to set up my externships and besides the random networking and AIRBNB does anyone know of a page where vet students may post places to stay for 2 weeks at a time (with pay of course, but not as ridiculous as lets say a hotel)? Looking for houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas...
  4. H

    CBSE and Externships for Dental Anesthesiology

    Which programs require CBSE? I only know OSU requires it. It’s seems like the majority of the programs don’t require it. Should I take the test? Or is it better to have a score even though the schools don’t require it? I want to avoid spending so much time, money, and efforts to take the test...
  5. Futuredogtorwoof


  6. sss1219

    2021-2022 PM&R Away Rotations

    Figured we could use a place to discuss how applications have been faring for everyone this year Anyone been lucky enough to snag a spot anywhere?
  7. N

    OMFS externships

    I am currently a dental student trying to build my application with externships. There are no formal externship programs in my country, but I am getting in touch with my university OMFS professor and asking him if I can shadow him. Will this count as an externship? I am trying to do this during...
  8. UNCafDDS

    AF OMS externships - hands on or observation only?

    Can anybody comment on oral surgery externships at AF bases (Lackland, Travis), as far as extern responsibilities? I am especially wondering if an OMS externship at Lackland or Travis is mainly hands on or hands off? Can externs take/shadow call as well? Thanks for any input related to Air...
  9. D

    Externship Anki Deck - Topics to include?

    Hello everyone! I plan on making an Anki Deck at some point in the future once life gets a little more settled down. I was just curious what topics you all think I should include that could help you brush up on things, such as anatomy, instruments, and other potential pimpin' questions. Once I...
  10. GrabYourCoat

    Clinical Experience through Agency

    Hi everyone, I’m an IMG who graduated in 2018. I want to get settled into the US healthcare system. I’m going to give STEP 1 and 2CS by the summer and STEP 2CK right after. The problem is I need LORs by September. Has anyone used a reliable agency for clinical experience/LORs? I found some...
  11. R

    Neurology for Neuropsychologists: Resources?

    I attended my 1st neurological case conference, as a new NP extern in the neurological dept of a hospital. I did well in all my neurophysio, neurobio, and NP courses, but still did not understand maybe 1/2 of the neurologists' vocabulary. I know google is my friend, but what other resources have...
  12. D

    Question on Externing OMFS

    Hey everyone, Quick question on OMFS externing. Does it look bad to some programs if you were to do all your externships in 1 city? Would the programs assume that, because you did all externships in city X that you will rank all the programs above theirs, causing them to not rank you as high...
  13. D

    OMFS Externship Questions

    Hey guys! D1 here and am seriously considering the OMFS route. 2 quick questions on the externship process: If there is a school/city I know I want to end up in, should I externship there closer to the application cycle? Or does it not matter when I do it. The reason I ask is because I plan on...
  14. H

    Best Externships for OMFS dreamers 2019!

    Hey fellow OMFS dreamers, the 2019 application cycle is almost upon us. Could people list best externships to check out before application cycle opens up !
  15. M

    IHS dental externship

    Hello, has anyone done the IHS externship between 3rd/4th year of school? If so, where did you go and how was your experience?
  16. 3

    Perio Residencies with lots of funding? Advanced techniques?

    Which perio residency programs come to mind when you think of a program doing lots of exciting new procedures or more advanced techniques? Things like AOO/Wilckodontics? Other exciting stuff that maybe wouldn't be in the normal realm of most perio programs. I am a D3 looking at externships in...
  17. R

    # of practica prior to internship?

    I'm a 2nd year student currently on my 1st external practicum. I'm interested in neuropsychology, but not sure if I want to have a specific NP practicum next year- I want to develop my therapy skills further. My current site has actually been great for assessments (already done several...
  18. DVMDS

    Kaiser SF Bay Area Foot & Ankle Externship Question

    My husband will be rotating at Kaiser SF for one of his externships/clerkships in April. For anyone that has rotated here, did you end early from the rotation or was it by the books with the start and end date as stated online? I know Swedish (Seattle) last year finished on a Tuesday even though...
  19. 3

    Perio Programs Overview

    I know this question gets asked a lot but I haven't seen a recent thread giving an overview of different programs. OMFS programs are usually overviewed more in depth on SDN, and I'd like to start that for perio. Can anyone give insight into your perio residency or what you have heard about...
  20. Sortie

    Are there opportunities to study abroad while in dental school?

    Some dental schools (i.g. UPenn and BU) have programs where you can go abroad. However, I was wondering if this is commonplace for dental schools or not. I checked one of the dental schools I'm interested in and they made no mention of international programs on their website. I've also heard of...
  21. PsychologistLizzie

    What clinical experience can I get as a first year PhD student?

    Hi all! I was hoping I could get some advice. I'm an incoming clinical-school psych student. I know that externships are not typically available for 1st-year students, so I was wondering what I can do now and which experiences will make me most competitive. I am primarily interested in...
  22. N

    Position Wanted ECFMG Certified US-IMG in Chicago Looking for Clinical or Research Positions

    PGY-1, assistant or associate physician, externship or research positions in the following specialties: internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine-pediatrics or psychiatry Willing to relocate without any geographical limitations. I would be able to start as soon as May...
  23. C

    3.5 cGPA, 3.43 sGPA, 4k Hrs ClinEx, MCAT Planned

    Hello all, I am a 22 y/o Virginia resident and want to know my chances at medical school acceptances. I had a bit of bumpy start to my undergrad performance, but have a strong upward trend starting my junior year, receiving high GPAs. When I took up my hospital jobs, I worked full time, while...
  24. goodvibes27

    Externship question

    What visa does a non-US IMG require to do a internal medicine or family med externship? If you’ve done an externship and are a non-US IMG, your input would be invaluable to me. Thanks!
  25. R

    How to rank/choose 1st externship

    Question for upperclassmen/psychologists. My end goal, as of now, is to be a neuropsychologist. I'm a 1st year PhD student in the nyc area and am participating in the "match" for my 1st externship for next year. I will need to have neuropsych externships 3rd & 4th year, so for next year, what...
  26. S

    FMG about to graduate in 1 month, need some advice on my decision on getting USCE via paid clerkship

    Hey guys, I need some advice on if those paid USCE is worth it, I'm in a very confusing place right now. So basically I plan on getting USCE this year, but due to some SNAFU last year, I ended up with nothing, and now with graduation coming in 1 month, I will end up becoming a graduate, and...
  27. R

    NYC Externship Invites 2017

    Haven't seen a thread for this year yet.. So far, my classmates and I have received externship interview invitations from: -Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center -Northport VA -William Paterson University -Brooklyn College Anyone else care to share? :)
  28. ISU_CVM_2021

    ER Externships for Current CVM Students

    I am a first year student at Iowa State University CVM and am looking for some externships for winter/summer breaks over the next few years. I am very interested in emergency work. I am already spending time here in our hospital's small animal ICU, but am looking to expand my experience. I am...
  29. allula37

    Exotics Rotation at Texas A&M

    Hey guys, I am investigating some externship opportunities and was wondering if any TAMU students could let me know what the exotics and zoo rotation is like in terms of case load, how time is spent, etc. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  30. Asclepius293

    Cut Summer

    My school just reduced our summer from 12 weeks to 9 weeks in order to start 4th year 3 weeks earlier for more residency application time and earlier elective rotations. Do any current 4th years see a benefit to this? I feel like I’m losing out on a full summer with externship/life experience...
  31. KCgophervet

    Externship Housing Options

    I remember being a 4th year and planning externships and having a difficult time finding places to stay for relatively cheap. I decided to pay it forward by offering a spare bedroom in my new place up for visiting vet students for a low price. I figured it would be nice to have a resource...
  32. saradan

    should I mention externships in my CV or PASS application?

    Hi all! Should we mention our externships to different residency programs in PASS application or in our CV?
  33. F

    Externship for 17/18 Cancelled - HELP!

    Hey everyone! I'm a PhD student from New York - through the psychpracticum consortium, I had accepted an offer for an externship for the the 2017/2018 academic year. However, a few days ago, I received a call stating that the training program at the site had been cancelled due to internal...
  34. D

    Low Step 1 - what are my reaches?

    hi! I am reaching out for advice because it has been impossible to get any from my assigned advisor. I am someone with a proven strong commitment to psychiatry but have a low Step 1 (205). I did have mitigating circumstances that my deans are well aware of and have been very supportive. During...
  35. nightstarlet

    University of Wisconsin externship recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for advice on specialty rotations at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. My older brother is a professor on the graduate campus and I am trying to schedule a externship at the vet school so I can get in a visit with them as well. Any advice on fantastic teachers or strong...
  36. G

    GPR externship

    Current D3, not looking to specialize but itching to get more hands on experience other than clinic work at school. Anyone find any good programs or a have a good list of programs? Or would it just be better to apply for OMFS externships? I'm just getting bored over here haha I know UT- San...
  37. Penelope Renee

    NCSU Externship

    Looking for advice from anyone at NCSU or who has completed an externship at NCSU. I will be completing an externship in advanced medicine the last two weeks of September. I was looking at the on campus housing options and wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation on which one to stay in, as...
  38. Threemethylcholanthrene

    Phlebotomy or Scribe?

    Hi all, Soon I will be receiving my phlebotomy certification after about 7 weeks of school and 4 weeks of externship at my local hospital (Banner). I have a strong chance at working full time as a phlebotomist after my externship due to the experience and connections I have gained at Banner...
  39. G

    Opportunity for Internship as GME Research Coordinator in Miami area

    Full-time internship opportunity as a Research Coordinator in Graduate Medical Education at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, FL. Title: Clinical Research Coordinator Department: Graduate Medical Education Hospital: Kendall Regional Medical Center Location: Miami, FL Position Class...
  40. DrAriPharmD

    What exactly is the difference between a pharmacy extern and a pharmacy intern?

    I'm having trouble finding a clear answer on this. I'm applying for different jobs now (CVS, Walgreens, hospitals, etc.) and some things I've looked up have said that an externship is unpaid and basically like shadowing. Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help people! :)