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  1. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    All Branch Topic (ABT) HPSP GPA

    I hope I’m posting in the correct place (I couldn’t find a premed section.) I have been accepted to medical school and will be starting this fall... I have an extremely low GPA but this was remedied by having strong grades for my last 120 credit hours (~3.7). I’m curious to know what GPA does...
  2. M

    Pre-med with a foreign degree

    Hello, I am a 30-year-old mom with two children. As a non-traditional pre-med student, I have found a lot of helpful information and inspirational stories here. However, I have not yet found someone with a foreign degree pursuing a medical career in the U.S. I have a bachelor's degree in...
  3. G


    Hi everyone, I am a junior currently. I transferred from a two year college to a 4 year this semester. I am wondering...when I apply to med school, will my gpa from the two year school count in my gpa calculations that calculate the gpa med schools will see? Or will only my gpa for these last...
  4. A

    GPA calculations

    So I see on two different AADSAS pdf files different ways to calculate your gpa. One says an A+ is a 4.33 and the other doesn't account for A+'s. Which one is correct?
  5. S

    Grade Conversion for Canadian Transcript

    Hi! First time posting here! I attended University of Toronto in Canada and am applying to MD/DO schools. Is there a grade conversion scale for DO schools? I know for AAMC says there is an grade conversion (I can't include links since I'm new) lol The one similar to my school is #85. I was...
  6. batRDH

    Dental school low gpa

    Hey guys! So I have a undergrad GPA from a foreign institution which is about 3.17 after conversation to American scale. I also got my associates in dental hygiene with a 3.12 cumulative GPA. I want to know how my gpa is calculated by AADSAS because my dental hygiene gpa was calculated on a much...
  7. A

    Philosophy major. Messed up big time, what are my chances?

    Hi there!. I'm a student at UCF with a goal of now pursuing a D.O because i believe an M.D would be unrealistic at this point. Here's my statistics. I'm a philosophy major with a biology minor. Statistics: Philosophy major : 35 credit hours left Biology minor : 17 credit hours left I started...
  8. B

    3.06 GPA with 43 credits, whats the highest GPA I can get? 120 credits to graduate.

    I've been mostly focused on a student organization I'm starting and I work full time. So my GPA is pretty low (3.06). But now I have much more time to focus on classes. What is the highest GPA I can get? I graduate with 120 credits. Thank you in advance.
  9. S


    I am a non-traditional freshman student entering my second quarter at UW-Seattle. (I was in a dual-enrollment program in high school) Currently a Music Performance (BM) and I DA'd into Biochem (BA); so I am a double major. Depending on how my GPA looks (mainly my sGPA) at the end of this year...
  10. S


    please ignore I posted in the wrong section
  11. ramixjp

    AADSAS Calculated My GPA Wrong

    Hi guys. So long story short, I submitted my application on August 3rd and my oGPA was calculated to be a 3.49 and my sGPA was calculated to be a 3.61. Four months later I now realize that there has been a huge mistake.. they double counted a full-year business course that I got a 2.0 GPA in...
  12. S

    MHA Sophas GPA

    Hi....I'm an international student. I just submitted my SOPHAS application.I got my transcripts verified by WES, so i got my WES gpa. Will that change after sophas verifies it? I mean will sophas calculate my GPA again
  13. G

    gpa question

    I am a sophomore in undergrad currently and plan to finish undergrad with a biology degree. I have taken two anatomy/physiology classes with labs and made an A in both of them. However, these two classes are not in my 4yr degree plan. Will they still be fully counted in my cGPA and sGPA? or will...
  14. Emily427

    Do DO schools look at transcript GPA?

    Hey guys, So my AACOMAS cGPA and sGPA are substantially higher than my transcript GPAs. Will schools be looking at my transcript GPA? If they just take my AACOMAS GPA into account, I'm pretty much a shoe-in for most DO schools. However, I feel that my transcript GPA is so low it may look bad...
  15. C

    Grad School GPA versus Undergrad GPA

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting here. So pretty exciting stuff. I finished undergrad at a good public institution with a 4.0 GPA and 512 MCAT. Have an interest in understanding the larger policy picture of healthcare in addition to medicine, so have began an accelerated one year MPH...
  16. B

    3.0 GPA, 57 Credits so Far. How high can I raise GPA?

    A 3.0 GPA seems low for med school admission, so if I were to work hard, how high could I raise it? If I add a minor (18 credit hours more) could it help my chances to raise my GPA? Also, I do volunteer at a free clinic, I'm in research studying Parkinson's, what else could I do to dramatically...
  17. B

    Do these count as BCPs??

    Would these classes be considered BCPs? I think most of them should be, but I'm not positive about all of them. 1. Human Brain & Disease-we learned about brain disorders, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy 2. Neurobiology 3. Psychobiology-technically a psychology-department class, but we learned...
  18. Nirvana48

    Q about community college classes

    Some background info! I graduated from Pepperdine last year and I was going to apply to medical school this cycle but I'm deciding to wait until next cycle to improve my MCAT score and etc. After graduating I took some classes at a community college for fun / to prep myself for my MCAT, which I...
  19. F

    GPA scale

    I was looking up how the AMCAS does grade conversion and I'm not sure which grading system type I'd follow. The AMCAS has grades with +/-, half-step (AB, BC, etc), and ones without any +/-. My university doesn't give out -, so the point scaling is off for the +/- category (making my gpa lower...
  20. R

    3.0 GPA Ivy League University/4.0 GPA CC

    I transferred to an Ivy League University with a 4.0 GPA from my CC, and will be graduating in May with a 3.0 GPA from my University (does not include grades from CC, only credits). I attribute my decline in grades to emotional issues that I encountered when I moved to attend University. I have...
  21. wave11

    BCPM: What counts as math?

    Would Discrete Math I and II count as "math" under BCPM? I'm finishing up my math minor and would prefer to take those courses to complete the minor, as I am extremely interested in Discrete. I would prefer for them to count toward by BCPM gpa (would like the boost if I do well in them :))
  22. L

    GPA Calculation

    I recently transferred schools from another institution. When applying to medical school, how are my separate GPAs accounted for? Do they use some standardized method to calculate an overall GPA?
  23. N

    GPA Calculations for Transfer Student

    Hi guys!!! I wanted to know how medical schools calculate the GPA of transfer students who attended schools with two different grading scales. My first school had the A/B scale and my current one has the A/A- scale. What's really confusing me is how I go by calculating my overall GPA from both...
  24. Vtrev23

    Does anyone know exactly how AADSAS averages retakes?

    When I started school in 2010, I got 3 C's (9 credits total). I figured things out and have averaged a 3.9 ever since (about 110 credits later). I retook those classes and got A's. At my university, a retaken class replaces the first grade, so my GPA is pretty high, but I know that AADSAS does...
  25. N

    No More Grade Replacement for DO schools?

    I am a first time applicant, however this news is so disheartening and without any notice, and I am trying to scramble for alternatives. I want to know what you guys as re-applicants options might be, after retaking courses this year and realizing that those retakes wont count towards this...
  26. A

    GPA calculations for AP credit

    I do not need to fill any med school requirements with my AP classes. However, my school placed my AP classes on my transcript with grades of CR based on a credit/no credit grading system. Does this mean that they will be calculated into my med school gpa as Cs like they do with all credit/pass...