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  1. S

    Latest MCAT books for sale.

    I just gave the MCAT and would like to unload all my prep materials to a lucky someone who needs them. Please note these are the latest materials/books. so do not hesitate to contact me. I'm selling: 1) Full set of 10 TBR books- basically brand new/unused, not written in at all, completely...
  2. I

    MCAT books for sale! EK, TPR, TBR

    Hi everyone, I am selling my MCAT books. Please DM me @icyseal171 for any inquiries. Ships only to US. Mcat: Old edition set TBR + others: $75 shipping included This is the older edition for the MCAT prior to 2015, but it contains a lot of practice questions and concepts that are also in the...
  3. J

    Selling MCAT Prep Books (EK, Kaplan, The Berkley Review)

    Hi Everyone! I'm selling the following books (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE), message me if you'd like some pictures :) ExamKrackers 10th Edition BOOK SET (NEW, no highlights/writing): $150 including shipping The Berkley Review Printed 2017 (NEW, no highlights/writing): $140 +shipping Organic...
  4. D

    MCAT: Berkeley Review 2019 entire 10 book set and/or Kaplan 2018-2019 Complete 7-book Subject Review

    Message for details about reasonably priced, largely untouched TBR and/or Kaplan book sets. 2019 Berkeley Review complete 10 book set Completely unmarked, good as new. General Chemistry (2 books) Organic Chemistry (2 books) Physics (2 books) Biology (2 books) Psychology (1 book) CARS (1 book)...
  5. P

    For Sale Tons of MCAT books for sale

    Hi all, I have a ton of MCAT books for sale. See below for details. The books included in each set are pictured. - Kaplan 2nd edition set: All in new condition - Kaplan 3rd edition set: Everything in new condition except Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, which are lightly used - Kaplan 4th...
  6. M

    Best MCAT Prep

    So I'm studying to retake the MCAT in January. The first time I took the MCAT I used Kaplan and some AAMC materials. Right now, I'm using Examkrackers and Princeton Review books. I was considering taking an online course, but a lot of people on here are saying it's not worth it. I feel like you...
  7. BelleIndifference

    New set of 10 Next Step MCAT books

    New, unused set of Next Step MCAT books for sale. Asking $250—10 books total: 4 content review, 5 strategy and practice books, and 1 coursebook. Tons of practice questions in all subject areas including one book devoted to just science practice questions and one to verbal practice. Material...
  8. J

    MCAT Books for Sale! Need them gone ASAP! PM for prices!

    Examkrackers - Never used Examkrackers - older version used Kaplan TBR Verbal Reasoning - never used Princeton Review - Verbal Reasoning and Psychology/Sociology - both brand new never used Examkrackers Mini MCATs Examkrackers 1001 Questions - Physics, OG Chem, Gen Chem Examkrackers 101 Verbal...
  9. B

    NEW(2017/18) TBR LIGHTLY marked books for sale, $180 starting bid, free shipping

    Hey guys, selling my TBR books that I used for my test a couple months ago. I bought them last year at their location in Berkeley. I highlighted one page and a few words(maybe 10) here and there. Pretty much unmarked books. Here is the Ebay page where I have them posted. The Berkeley Review...
  10. Silver378

    MCAT Books- TPR CARS Workbook, Examkrackers, etc.

    Selling my MCAT books since I don't need them anymore :) The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) Workbook - $50 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Examkrackers MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning Passages - $12 Excellent condition, no...
  11. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week: Ask me anything about how to prep for the MCAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the MCAT? Where can you find the best MCAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the CARS section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the MCAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are here to help! Ask...
  12. S

    For Sale Kaplan (Third Edition) MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Online + Book

    I'm selling my set of Kaplan MCAT test prep books (third edition) for the new MCAT. The seven books are in like new condition, have not been written in, contain the MCAT one-sheet subject booklet, and have complete access to the online test bank (has not been used before). I could arrange a...
  13. mcat prep

    Books for sale: MCAT, DAT & OAT. Slight damage due to incorrect shipment handling

    Review Guides & Workbooks (Q&A): MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Review Guide, $14.99 (was $50): MCAT BIO: Biology and Biochemistry Review Guide by Gold Standard [Slight Damage] 1927338271 | eBay DAT Biology Review Guide, $14.99 (was $30): DAT Biology Review by Gold Standard 1927338093 | eBay DAT...
  14. NoodleSloth

    Selling MCAT books! (TPR, Kaplan, NextStep, ExamKrackers, AAMC) + some random novels

    Hello there! I'm selling a ton of MCAT books/sets as well as random books if anyone's interested. I have tried my best to keep the books in like new and unwritten/marked condition, but there are some minor imperfections that have been stated below. Kaplan Complete Set SOLD (Not pictured) I also...
  15. snail12345

    Selling MCAT materials- TBR and Kaplan

    I have the full Kaplan set of books- all the disciplines plus the book needed for the online course and the cheat-sheet/quick book I also have the new editions of The Berkeley Review for physics, gen chem, orgo, CARS. And the old version for the bio books (its almost the same as the new one) I'm...
  16. A

    For Sale Cheap SN2ed MCAT Books - MUST GO!!!

    ALL BOOKS IN BRAND-NEW CONDITION UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE PM WITH OFFERS - EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! NOVA MCAT Physics Book ($25 or best offer) Kaplan MCAT Flashcards ($20) ExamKrackers MCAT ($20/book or best offer for all) 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning (plus FREE techniques book) Verbal...
  17. fleur64

    mcat material!

    - TPR Psych/sociology - TPR hyperlearning science workbook - Kaplan biochemistry book - Flashcards - EK verbal 101 Super cheap since I am going to med school and just want to get rid of these books! message me if interested!
  18. Gilakend

    For Sale 2013 The Berkeley Review Books (OChem, Physics, Bio, Gen Chem, CARS)

    I have the set of 9 books that I am selling. Will do paypal for payment. Will post pics if wanted, very good condition. No writing or markings in the books. Would strongly prefer to sell all together. PM with for more info if wanted or with offers. Will ship from Ohio or Michigan. Thanks!
  19. R

    For Sale MCAT Books

    Kaplan Test Prep's 'MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2nd edition - Biochemistry, Physics and Math, Biology, Chemistry, Behavioral Sciences, CARS, Chemistry, and Summary Book $50 + shipping (Orig. $120) Nextstep Strategy and Practice & CARS Book - Psychology/Sociology, CARS...
  20. F

    For Sale MCAT Books (Kaplan, EK, TPR)

    1) Kaplan (2015): Excellent condition, never opened, no writing/highlighting -7 Content review books -High yield problem solving guide -Lesson book -Quick sheets -Verbal reasoning and writing review $60 all + Shipping 2) EK MCAT 1001 (2nd edition): No markings except for Biology -Organic...
  21. A

    For Sale Kaplan MCAT2015 Books

    Complete Kaplan MCAT2015 Books All books in completely new condition - no markings at all. All books 2015 edition. Only selling as a set! Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review Organic Chemistry Review Physics and Math Review General Chemistry Review Biochemistry Review Biology Review...
  22. C

    For Sale MCAT books - EK, Kaplan, TPR (+hyperlearning)

    TPR (2012) - in good shape, no markings except hyperlearning verbal - Verbal Reasoning Review - Physics and Math Review - General Chemistry Review - MCAT inclass compilation - Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook - Hyperlearning MCAT verbal (this has a small amount of writing) EK (9th edition)...
  23. JustinM88

    Substituting some premed classes with self studying MCAT books?

    I am aiming to take the MCAT this June. The problem is I won’t have enough time to knock out the rest of my pre-med classes which includes: Physics II, Biochemistry (aced OChem I and got 104% in OChem II class under a UT Austin prof), and the Biologies (somehow I skipped bio’s and went...
  24. W

    MCAT 2015: Kaplan, AAMC Official, EK, NS, + FL tests

    I am selling a few different things from multiple companies. I can bundle them or sell them individually: - Berkeley Review updated Organic Chemistry Part I and II (only first 10 pages of part I highlighted) ~$50 for both - NextStep MCAT Verbal Practice (10 of the 12 tests not taken) $15 -...
  25. justdoit1234

    Selling The Princeton Review Hyperlearning (TPRH) Verbal Workbook (MCAT)

    Condition: It's like you're getting it right off of the printing press. Original book with no markings (did not write in pencil and erase either) or highlighting. 2012 edition. Trying to get rid of the book ASAP. Also, have the whole princeton review set (hyperlearning verbal, physics & math...
  26. A

    Lots of MCAT books for sale - great shape (TPR, ExamKrackers, Kaplan, Novas)

    The following set of books make a comprehensive study package for the MCAT. (I am located in Los Angeles, CA -- shipping not included in rates) 1) Exam Krackers - 2016 9th Edition Complete Study Package -- $175 -- Like New (books NOT sold separately) 2) The Princeton Review (TPR) 2015 Science...
  27. R

    For Sale MCAT Books (M'sia/S'pore/nearby)

    Hello all, I recently (2 months ago) ordered the 9th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package (EXAMKRACKERS MCAT MANUALS) through Amazon and would now like to sell them cause I've decided to take a different path. The books are like brand new, in their original box cover. Only have...
  28. M

    2015 MCAT Study Schedule + Materials

    To start off with a little background info: I took the old MCAT and still have my old materials, which are the EK set and some supplementary TPR books. I am currently waiting to get the new Princeton Review set but I'm looking to supplement with some other materials. Physical science, especially...
  29. 7

    For Sale MCAT 2015: Kaplan 528 (2015 ed) & Kaplan Complete Set (2012 ed) for sale!

    Open to negotiations on all books. Message me! :panda: Last updated: 03/28/16 Kaplan 528 (2nd ed) $25 OBO - very good condition, writing in <10% of book Kaplan (2012ed), brand new, $15 + S&H (~$7 media mail) - Biology - Ochem - Gchem - Physics
  30. namesthegame21

    For Sale MCAT 2015 Princeton Review Complete Bookset (New) + More

    The following individual books are included in the Complete Set: (Mostly all in NEW condition) · MCAT Biology/Biochemistry Review w/3 Practice Tests (Only book with handwriting/highlighting in first 9 chapters) · MCAT General Chemistry Review w/3 Practice Tests**(These are full length section...
  31. C


    The 2015 Princeton Review workbooks are generally part of the class package with the review books, I think.. I've already sold my review books, but still have the workbooks which are brand new. No marks/highlights. Selling for $100 as a set-- pay via Paypal, Venmo, or cash if you're in the...
  32. L

    Selling MCAT Books/Material including TPR 2015 for new MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am selling a variety of MCAT books. A lot of these are great for extra practice questions and reviewing of material. Message me if you are seriously interested!! I have the following: -The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (MCAT2015) by AAMC Fourth Edition -The Princeton...
  33. I

    TPR Vs. Kaplan Courses and Books 2016?

    Hey! I want to sign up for an MCAT class, but do not know which company (TPR or Kaplan) to register with. I plan on taking an in-class course and I am looking for books that explain the concepts well (...I'm sure everyone is). I have heard the 2015 TPR books are full of mistakes and are...
  34. HDr

    For Sale 2015 ExamKrackers MCAT Unused.

    I am selling the 2015 MCAT ExamKrackers book set. I recently decided I am more interested in dentistry so this is why I am selling them. Price: $175 Email me if interested [email protected]
  35. Roayer

    Best way to Prepare for the Psychology Section MCAT?

    Ok, to those who have done well on this section....What did you do? I am lost trying to even start studying for this section. I am scheduled for 5/20/2016 and keep hearing how bad all the review books are. What books/study aids do you recommend for this section. I have taken no psychology or...
  36. S

    MCAT Review Books for Sale

    Selling both new and gently used Kaplan MCAT review books - Physics, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Verbal Reasoning. Please email me at [email protected] if interested!
  37. P

    For Sale SN2ed MCAT Set Complete

    Complete SN2ed set plus Princeton Review Verbal Workbook. All books are in excellent condition with none to minimal pencil markings inside. As can be seen in the pictures, in some of the books (TBR Bio, TBR Gen Chem, O. Chem, EK 101 Passages, and EK 1001 Biology) the pages are attached via a...
  38. D

    For Sale MCAT/MED SCHOOL GUIDE BOOKS FOR SALE: Berkeley Review, Examkrackers, The Princeton Review and more!

    Hello! Getting rid of all my MCAT books and guides on medical school admissions! I hope these will help you as much as they helped me! *full set of Berkeley Review books (Chem, O Chem, Physics, and Bio Parts 1 and 2) in good to very good condition, minimal highlighting in first pages of...
  39. BBVET123

    Princeton Review MCAT 2014 Book Set for $80

    Hi, I'm selling my Princeton Review 2014 MCAT Book set for $80. This set is not the current edition (previous Princeton Review edition), but I recently tutored two college students preparing for the 2015 MCAT with this set. There are some concepts not included in these books (new info on the...
  40. F

    Selling MCAT Study Materials - Berkeley Review & ExamKrackers

    Hi Guys, First year in medical school and no longer in need of MCAT study materials. I have the following books for sale, individually or as a group (excluding shipping). If you live in the Philadelphia/South NJ area, we can meet in person to avoid shipping costs. Books are in good condition...