1. M

    Chances of getting residency interviews or matching with a misdemeanor

    Hi, Everyone. I am applying for residency for the family medicine match 2023 circle. I had a misdemeanor conviction in 2019 for driving without car registration and insurance. the state doesn't expunge records. I have beaten myself up these past months for the terrible mistake and wanted to know...
  2. W

    Residency/Fellowship outlook with expunged misdemeanor charges

    Hey everyone! Im a med student at a T20 school who’s currently interested in internal medicine and PM&R. Ultimately, I would like to go into cardiology or pain management, both of which are competitive fellowships. I was also charged with an MIP for alcohol and possessing a fake ID when I was a...
  3. T

    Applying with a Misdemeanor

    Are there any dentists/applicants/dental students that have checked yes on the "have you been convicted of misdemeanor or summary offense" What was your experience in regards to all of that? Did you mark no because it was expunged, what was your experience with that? Thanks so much you guys...
  4. P

    ERAS Expunged Arrest Disclosure

    Hello, I’m a 1st year DO student and I wanted advice on applying to residency considering my history. I have been arrest twice for possession of MJ. The first arrest was in 2015 (when I was 20) and the second arrest was in mid 2017 (when I was 21). I’m in the class of 2023. The first arrest...
  5. P

    Dismissed Charge Disclosure

    So a few weeks ago I had an interview at my dream school. I can't be sure, but I think that it went really well. My issue is that at the start of the summer, I was charged with a minor in possession of alcohol misdemeanor a few weeks before my 21st birthday. I talked to an attorney and was able...
  6. O

    Sealed juvenile record, what are my chances ?

    I know this question has been asked multiple times as I have read many posts about this but I had my own questions for members with some expiernce about this. When I was 13 years old I was arrested and charged with both a felony and a misdemeanor both for vandalism (I had graffitied 2 different...
  7. T

    Excessive speeding misdemeanor and amcas

    Hi, I submitted my primary for verification a week ago, so its still in the works. I was speeding in vermont during a road trip and got a criminal citstion to go to court for excessive speeding. Ive tried to explain my case to the state attorney on how i regret my actions, understand why they...
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  9. Z

    Plagiarism, Failed Course, Notation on transcript. No chance at med school?

  10. ME1221

    Misdemeanor Clarification

    Hi SDN, I have been browsing the forums looking for an answer to my question, but am still in need of some clarity. Not sure if the language has changed over the years or what. Under misdemeanor the application states: You must indicate if you have ever been convicted of, or pleaded guilty...
  11. P

    Advice on how to find a job, background problems

    Hello, I recently just received my license in 2017, been applying everywhere and anywhere in my state. I have 2 things on my background. both misdeam but one of them is a drug related charge (selling)... Im not involved in that anymore whatsoever.. so I get past the interview part and got...
  12. W

    Accepted to several pharmacy schools with 2.1 GPA & criminal history

    Hi all, I wanted to share my story with any future applicants to show that even in the most unfavorable scenario, it is possible to get admission offers. Last cycle I was a nervous wreck and I scoured these forums for any insight into my chances. I was certain that it was impossible for me to...
  13. D

    Background Check Certiphi

    So I have been accepted to an MD school in Missouri as long as my background check, drug screening, etc. gets turned in on time. However, I am concerned that the Certiphi background check will put me in a bad position with the school and they will revoke my acceptance. I was pretty vague on my...
  14. NeuroMap

    Doctors with felonies

    I've been a frequent visitor here at SDN and have read over many inspiring as well as downright negative responses to threads where the individual has a criminal history. So I am curious to see what the community would think my chances are of getting into medical school. Even more so, what are...
  15. O


    thanks for the help
  16. L

    misdemeanor from high school

    so long story short, my sophomore year of high school i got a car and my parents give mace to keep on my keychain for protection. my senior year one of my teachers noticed it and reported it to the principle and because i was on a high school campus and it's considered a weapon, i received a...
  17. YouGiveMeHeartFailure


  18. B

    what does a background check entail?

    So this is my first time posting. I'm trying to understand how the whole background check works. If someone called the police on you but you never got any citation or evidence that you were charged with something, does that show up on the background check? or if you ended up going to the...
  19. P

    Certiphi Background Check - Misdemeanor Marijuana

    I posted this on Pre-Pharm forum also but thought maybe some readers on this forum might have more insight...I have been conditionally accepted to 2 Texas Pharmacy schools to date. I have a misdemeanor possession of marijuana < 2 oz charge from 2015 for which I served 6 months probation and...
  20. W

    Potential legal discrepancy?

    Good news: I've just been accepted! Background : I was cited a couple years ago for underage drinking, which was all dropped in a day or so and nothing ever came of it. My lawyer assured me it was taken care of, that it was not an arrest, and I could put no on all the forms when asked about...
  21. H

    Marijuana possession misdemeanor

    Hi all. This is a new account for anonymity's sake. Looking for some advice. I was caught with marijuana a few weeks ago and took a plea deal for probation without verdict which means that the offense will be completely expunged after about a year. I made a mistake and will unfortunately have...
  22. Dr. Penguin

    Misdemeanor dismissed not dropped

    In 2011, as a 19 year old, I received an MIP misdemeanor. I successfully completed the pretrial diversion course which, per the court website in my county states... "The participants benefits by having the charges against him dismissed and his record expunged after successful completion of the...
  23. Judson

    MD cGPA=3.57, sGPA=3.51, MCAT=509, but one Red Flag

    Help me pick out my schools / WAMC! Below are my current stats and even further below is a list of schools I am considering applying to. Keep in mind that I have a non-violent, non-drug related misdemeanor (offense date = Jan 2010). I was a stupid kid that turned his life around. Please...
  24. R

    Should I disclose an infraction if it is never asked for?

    I have an infraction which is about a year and a half old which is classified as a civil ordinance violation (not a felony or misdemeanor). I will be applying to med schools next year. The AMCAS only asked about misdemeanors and felonies and most of the secondaries that I have started looking...
  25. D

    Misdemeanor not listed on AMCAS because of me being unaware but on background check

    **DISCLAIMER** *I am posting this for advice and am in a state of SHOCK/ANXIETY, so I would appreciate it if you could reply with HELPFUL non-trolling/rude comments* In 2008, two days after my 18th birthday, I received a reckless driving citation. There was a misunderstanding with the police...
  26. W

    Reapplicant Advice? Pretty Please

    So I applied this year and unfortunately have received no II’s, I know it’s not over yet, but it’s getting late. So I’m writing to get some advice on what to do for the next cycle as my situation is complicated. My stats are a little low for MD but I thought I made up for it with ECs, grad...
  27. M

    Criminal Record over 10 years ago

    Student Doctor Network, I was in and out of trouble in my younger years (16-17) and was arrested multiple times and charged with a few crimes. I was young and stupid back then, I am now 32 years of age and have turned my whole life around. I went from a high school dropout (10th grade) to...
  28. O

    Other OT-Related Information License & expunged misdemeanor case

    I want to apply to become a occupational therapy assistant. But I am worried about the background check the state does when I apply for a license. Some background about me: I was a honors student (took engineering, computers, health, related courses) who graduated high school at age 16 and...
  29. Green63

    Dental Assisting theft record??

    Hello I am new here I apologize if I have posted on the wrong thread. I would like to go into dental assisting school my only problem is I have 3 misdeamonor with theft record from 6 years ago. Has anyone ever been disqualified for this? I would like to go to college this following year, I also...
  30. S

    affect of infraction

  31. D

    Misdemeanors and Medical School - Encouraging Anecdotes

    I wanted to make a thread for future applicants that may find themselves in a situation similar to my own. About a year ago I made a stupid mistake and wound up with a petit larceny charge. In the pursuit of anonymity I have made a new account for this, and I will not share too many details. I...
  32. braces or nah

    AADSAS Question - Arrest

    Hey guys, Long story short, last year I was arrested for possessing marijuana, I took part in a conditional discharge program and my charge was dismissed after my successful completion of the program. I'm currently in the process of applying to dental schools and on the AADSAS application it...
  33. A

    Misdemeanor charge and podiatry?

    I recently was arrested for petit theft. It is my fist offense and my charges will be dropped after I finish an intervention program but I am applying to school within the new few months. I am wondering what my chances are of getting into podiatry school? Anyone have experience with a criminal...
  34. S

    Do I need to report this?

    A couple weeks ago I received a ticket for reckless driving by speed in Virginia, which is a misdemeanor. I've spoken to a lawyer who says that since my speed was less than 20 over the speed limit (anything over 80, regardless of posted speed limit, is reckless driving in Virginia) and I have an...