1. U

    Vascular Neurology Fellowship Position Available

    The University of Florida Health Jacksonville has a Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease fellowship opening for the 2024-2025 academic year. This is a one year fellowship. Candidates for this position must be graduates or pending graduates of an ACGME certified Neurology resident training program. The...
  2. Spartan Osteopath

    How do you code P.D. postural deformities in EMR?

    Hello! I am working on a research project and I was wondering how postural deformities in PD are coded in EMR? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. L

    Position Wanted Neuro area (home country unrestricted license)

    ECFMG certified physician with an unrestricted medical license in Italy, experience in neurocognitive testing and therapy, and 2+ years of research experience seeking residency/fellowship/research position in the neuro area. Skilled multitasker with superior work ethic, teamwork, and problem...
  4. P

    Neuro Critical Care Salary

    Hello, just matched neurology! I was wondering if the NCC pathways offers a higher salary at the end of the fellowship; I love CC and neurology, but I wouldn’t do a 2 year fellowship if it didn’t pay significantly more… I have 300K in student loans here lol. There’s limited data on this; I found...
  5. F

    Neurosurgery IMG and research

    Hi guys, I’m kind of new to this forum but I thought I’d give it a shot. I just finished my second year of medical school and thank God passed Step 1. I go to an IMG school that is well known (not Caribbean) and has a near 100% match rate in the US each year. I have always been super interested...
  6. Sage of Pale Bones

    Should DO take USMLE 1 & 2 or is STEP 1 no longer needed (so STEP 2 only) as it is P/F?

    The specialty I want is not very competitive (PM&R or Community Neuro) so I am just wondering how many board exams I will have to take? Would applying with a P on COMELX 1 and a STEP 2 and COMLEX score be enough or will programs require I take get a P on STEP 1 as well as a STEP 2 score?
  7. Sage of Pale Bones

    Is not being keen on primary care a red flag?

    So in my personal statement I talk about my interest in neurology and PM&R, due to being helped out so much in my life by these doctors, and how I think the mindset of a DO and OMM training can be a great asset for these specialties. I do not say these are the only specialties I am considering...
  8. fellwynd2

    PhD/PsyD Whiny Neuropsychology vs Medicine Question/Rant

    I apologize for the whiny rant to come. I’ve posted on here before about my inability to decide between psychology and medicine, and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can’t keep putting the decision off. I’ve finally realized that my ability to not decide is partially based off of...
  9. I

    Position Wanted Neuro PGY1 looking for PGY2/PGY1 including diff specialties

    I’m a Neuro PGY-1 in Midwest finishing IM intern year and looking to transfer to other specialties (FM, IM, PM&R, radiology, or Neuro). Ok with either PGY-1 available positions or PGY-2 swap. Replay or message me if interested!
  10. postponemastudentloan

    Taking classes online?

    I’ve been told that taking pre-requisite classes online is a big no no, but I was wondering if it matters that I take a neurology class online over the summer. I know it’s not a prerequisite for medical school but it is a science class so I thought I’d double check if online classes are looked...
  11. K

    PA prerequisite grades

    Hello, I will be graduating this semester with my B.S. in Neuroscience. I’m trying to figure out what route I want to take and I’m stuck/would appreciate any advice. I am deciding between doing a 12 month accelerated nursing program for non-BSN holders or trying to apply for a PA program. I...
  12. attitudelikeasunrise

    PhD/PsyD How much do pubs/posters impact competitiveness for clinical neuro postdocs?

    I was hoping for some advice regarding future research pursuits and how they may impact (or not impact) my future postdoc, board certification, and career goals. Some background: * currently in the internship application/interview/ranking process right now (applied solely to adult-neuro tracks)...
  13. D

    Child neuro elective rotations

    Hi! I’m a third year DO student interested in child neuro. I’m hoping to stay in the Midwest for residency and am wondering where to do electives/auditions. I scored decent on step 1 (240s) and tons of volunteering but only have research from undergrad. Does anyone have any tips on the best...
  14. StoicHotMess

    IM Shelf: How to tackle neuro quickly using Zanki

    Using Zanki Step 2 Medicine deck with subsequent UWorld to prepare for the IM shelf. There is a seperate section from medicine just dedicated to neuro but there is about ~1,000 cards combined for it. I prefer to learn on anki and later on reinforce by doing the UWorld, but am not sure if that's...
  15. S

    MD vs MD/PhD?

    Hi there, I'm seeking friendly advice from people who have considered both MD and MD/PhD programs. Before you jump on me for not knowing if I want to do a dual degree or not and telling me I can't do it halfheartedly...I know. That's why I'm here. A bit about me: I've been pre-med since high...
  16. 8

    How many fellowships to apply to

    Hey everyone, So I decided to apply to neuro fellowship this year but was wondering if there's a certain number of programs we should apply to in order to have a better chance at matching. I'm a US IMG at a community program; don't have a ton of research, so I feel like I need to apply to more...
  17. DopaMiners

    Interested in Neurology Mentorship (from an NCS)? AMA

    Hi All, I'm a young(er) clinician working with the Academy of Neuro PT to develop younger clinicians, but I also thought it'd be nice to dip into a student-based forum. I lecture at multiple programs regarding Parkinson's disease and wheelchair prescription. I formed a podcast with some...
  18. RaginMD

    Best way to estimate your actual STEP score based off of practice exams? Also how to learn PHARM?

    What I've taken so far: UWSA 1 NMBE 16 and 17 I also plan on taking 19 (or should I take 15?), then I'm going to take a "full length" back to back exam of NBME 18 and UWSA2, 10 day before my test. I have 3 weeks left and my scores have been going up (yesterday my NBME 17 was a 225), but my...
  19. P

    Position Available Neuro PGY-2 Position Available

    From my program coordinator at UKY. We got approved to add another resident to my class next year. Currently our department has an opening for a PGY 2 resident physician. If you are interested in this position, please submit your documentation via email to neuroeducation at (sorry...
  20. C

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off

    Free trial and coupon for USMLE AND MCAT, at "Royal15" 15% off
  21. N

    Neuro Internship List

    I am in the process of preparing an initial list of internship sites that I might apply to this fall. I've spent a lot of time making searches in the APPIC database, but am finding it somewhat difficult to navigate - I was hoping that someone might be willing to share a centralized list of neuro...
  22. Iben_Sina

    Neuro match 2019 for DO student applying with Comlex only

    Hello everyone, I am new to SDN community and I don't know if this is the right forum to post my question here, so I apologize in advance if it is the wrong forum. I am currently third year osteopathic medical student and I am very interested in pursuing neurology MD residency program, I would...
  23. K

    Research year in Medical School

    Hi! I was wondering what people thought about taking a research year to help with applying to neuro. The field seems to value heavily value research and there are lots of MD/PhDs in the field. I came into medical school straight from undegrad. During undergrad, I was in a heavily basic science...
  24. A

    Neuro Prelim - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a US-IMG applying this year and I really need help. Not much guidance from my school and a little pressed for time with apps this week - any advice asap would be very helpful! I had 3 main questions: 1. If I'm applying to Neuro and IM programs, is it bad to apply to prelim IM at...
  25. K

    FAILS mnemonic for CT before LP

    I keep hearing this mnemonic mentioned "FAILS" for when to do a CT before LP, does anyone know what it stands for?
  26. anab21

    MD Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  27. anab21

    Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  28. G

    Biochem vs BS Bio Concentration Neuroscience

    Okay so my uni has a pretty sweet deal for biochem: I do not need to take physical chem with calc or physics with calc- I take upper level chem electives and bio electives as well as advanced biocem . I work in a lab and present a topic and learn lab skills My uni also has a BS in Bio with a...
  29. D

    Congenital Cardiac vs ENT vs Neuro

    Hi All, Ive read SDN for ages now, the forums have really helped inspire me to be a surgeon. Im currently pre-med and so know Ive got a bit of time to decide, but as the title suggest I can't decide/would like some advice on the following surgical specialities: Congenital Cardiac, Neurosurgery...
  30. RaginMD

    Surviving 1st year burnout

    I know I am definitely not the only one but as the end of 1st year coming along I'm getting more and more burnt out and depressed, which is bad considering our last course of the year is Med Neuro and its a nightmare! First med neuro exam is Tuesday and that means that I missed out on my "spring...
  31. A

    Pre-med with a graphic design major?

    I am very fickle-minded. I had my future set to becoming a neurologist / neuroscientist / neurosurgeon / something along that field. I find the brain to be extremely fascinating and I wanted to pursue something that involves research and clinical trials with the brain, but thinking about it, I...
  32. N

    Chances of obtaining Post-Doc in Neuropsych w/o completing an internship with a neuropsych focus

    Hey Everyone, Thank you for taking the time to check out my post. I am currently making my way through the whole phase II of internship rankings, needless to say obtaining a internship with a focus in neuropsych has been very difficult for me. It is looking more likely that I will complete an...
  33. J

    Neurology - Number of Programs to Apply

    Hi, I am currently a 3rd year medical student interested in applying for ACGME neurology residency. My medical school class size is huge (in the 200's), but we only match 1-3 neuro residencies per year. So I don't really have too many alumni to turn for advice. I apologize if this type of...
  34. J

    Neuro tips from prior USMLE/COMLEX test takers?

    Can anyone that has taken the USMLE or COMLEX give more detailed advice as to what Neuro concepts were tested. Any advice is much appreciated!!!!!!!! :)
  35. Ineedhopenow

    Fasciculations vs clonus vs spasms

    Can someone explain to me the difference between fasciculations, clonus, and spasms? Thank you!
  36. R

    Good neuroscience related ECs?

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of ways to get involved with anything neuro-related? -I'm doing pharm/neuro research. -I'm also hoping to volunteer at an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities. -I'll be shadowing a neurosurgeon. I honestly really love this...
  37. ZappaPrez

    Wanted: SIRS-2 & RBANS

    I am looking for the SIRS-2 & RBANS (Any form, preferably A) Thank you [email protected]
  38. B

    Acute Disseminated Panencephalitis vs SSPE

    How do you distinguish between them? ADE: multifocal periventricular inflam & demyelination post measles, VZV, or smallpox/rabies vaccine SSPE: no Ab to M component => failure of clearance => inflammatory/demyelination/gliosis years later. Is the only difference the timeline (and that SSPE...
  39. C

    Advertisement USMLE step 1 now by Draw it to Know it

    Remember 1st year of med school? No worries. Get ready, fast, for the USMLE, Step 1 with Draw it to Know it. With Coupon: Royal15 ;)
  40. L

    Specific questions regarding a DO-PhD for neuro

    I've browsed through a lot of the threads on the differences between a DO and an MD, why anyone would ever want to do a DO-PhD instead of an MD-PhD, why you would even bother with the PhD when as a physician you can do academic research anyways, etc...And I don't feel like my questions have been...