1. Connor216413

    Veteran and ft worker

    Good morning everyone, As the title says, I am a 23 year old currently working FT, finishing up the remainder of my service contract in the reserves, and am a ft student. I work in the aerospace industry and am finishing up my second year of school... so I have quite a bit of time remaining...
  2. moralis

    Where should I start? MD/PhD, maybe a bit late in the game

  3. A

    Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine/ New Schools

    Hi guys, This is a new school opening in Conroe (near Houston Tx), and I was wondering if anyone has information about whether this school will be accepting applicants during this cycle? Or are they going to accept applicants for the 2020 cycle? Also, are there any other new DO or MD schools...
  4. I

    High Demand Pharmacy Job in 2018

    I know that Pharmacy is saturated in most states and I know many people have warned of the impending doom that has befallen our occupation. However, I am creating this thread to seek help as to any specific place, area, town or city that has a good demand for the pharmacy jobs in the United...
  5. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  6. J

    MCAT Books for Sale! Need them gone ASAP! PM for prices!

    Examkrackers - Never used Examkrackers - older version used Kaplan TBR Verbal Reasoning - never used Princeton Review - Verbal Reasoning and Psychology/Sociology - both brand new never used Examkrackers Mini MCATs Examkrackers 1001 Questions - Physics, OG Chem, Gen Chem Examkrackers 101 Verbal...
  7. Franzliszt1

    Updated Lizzy M school selector?

    Hi SDN, Relatively new to these forums. I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of a school selector that incorporates newer data than the Lizzy M school selector from 2010. It would be much appreciated if you would share. Thanks in advance.
  8. mednovice12

    Most Collegey DO School?

    I'm applying this cycle and am trying to find out what type on schools to put on my list. I've been on here long enough to know that the best kind of DO schools are the ones you get into, but I just wanted to see which schools are the ones that have more of a college campus/learning environment...
  9. S

    NYU or Maryland?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time deciding between NYU and UMB. I'm a Maryland resident, so yes large cost difference. However, I don't like Baltimore and if it doesn't negatively affect my education or cripple me with debt in the future, the extra $ may be worth it for me to live the last...
  10. darkpauladin

    Rush's New Flipped Classroom Curriculum

    What I understand the curriculum to be: Flipped Classroom in small group sessions led by faculty for a mandatory 15 hrs/week (missing more than 1 session results in disciplinary actions); 2 cases/week with Wednesday off, ~50-90 pages of reading per case No traditional lectures (learn on your own...
  11. M

    New to MPH- need help!

    Hi all- I am graduating in May with my undergraduate degree in biology. For over four years I had planned on becoming a Physician Assistant. That was all I had prepared for- I worked in patient care for several years and have a lot of clinical experience. I applied to PA school but have gotten...
  12. Jimmyjohn7

    MCAT: TBR, TPR, ExamKrackers, & Kaplan

    >THE BERKELEY REVIEW (TBR) (New/Post-2015 MCAT) Lightly written in. Set: $250 Biology I & II General Chemistry I & II Organic Chemistry I & II Physics I & II Psychology Verbal Reasoning (Old/Pre-2015 MCAT) Written in. Set: $50 Biology I & II Organic Chemistry I & II General Chemistry I...
  13. B

    Selling My Microsoft Surface Pro (2017 like new condition)

    Selling my Surface Pro with Intel core i5, 256gb storage and 8gb of RAM. Also included is the premium keyboard case with Alcantara in cobalt blue, the new surface pen in platinum and the surface dock. The keyboard and pen accessories are both back ordered from Microsoft. Everything is in perfect...
  14. C

    help the newbie please!

    Hello! I recently decided that dental school is the ideal path for me after being pre-health for such a long time! However, i'm having trouble picking the right study materials since this is all new to me! What would you recommend I buy/study and are there any master posts with links to free...
  15. B

    What MCAT study plan should I use for the new MCAT?

  16. D

    reneging on research position

    Hi, I'm curious about what you guys thinking about reneging an offer for lab tech at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital (I have signed an offer letter)? I recently received a new offer to join a lab that started recently, that is also very small, but with research I am very passionate in...
  17. S

    For Sale Complete Kaplan 2015 set brand new

    All 7 books for the new mcat, brand new condition, comes with online resources. Price negotiable
  18. ringofkeys

    Should I get this year's DAT Destroyer?

    I have 2016's DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer, but have not used them because my whole undergrad timeline has shifted by a year. Should I get 2017's Destroyer's bc of the new content, or just stick with 2016? Or get the new dat destroyer and still use 2016's math destroyer? I am planning on...
  19. S

    What to do if want new letters of rec but already graduated?

    Can I take classes at a CC solely for LORs? Or sign up for more undergraduate classes?
  20. A

    Late start pre-med...

    Hey everyone, I came across this site a few weeks ago and finally decided to join. I have a lot of questions as I just recently decided to persue medicine. I have always been interested in health care, but I have been held back many times for various reasons. I attended a community college right...
  21. S

    For Sale Kaplan 2015MCAT set (minus the Biochem)

    selling Kaplan set (minus the Biochemistry) -Biology -Chemistry -Organic Chemistry -Physics and Math -Behavioral sciences -CARS -minimal markings selling for 90$ text me at 954 496 1126 for details...will ship next day
  22. F

    Established Post Bacc vs New Post Bacc

    Hey Guys! Over the past few months, I've made the decision to switch professions from film and TV over to medicine. I want to do a post bacc program with the hopes of getting into medical school after the post bacc. I was going to apply for schools in New York (I'm from CT) such as NYU, Hunter...
  23. N

    April 2017 MCAT -- Suggestions for students that cannot take Biochem college class?

    Hello, I have realized that Biochem is crucial to the new MCAT, and it consists of 30% of the questions in it, maybe even more. I cannot take the biochem class at my school, and I am taking the MCAT in april. SO i am stressing out right now. Could you please point me in the right direction...
  24. MemberBerry

    MSUCHM New curriculum

    Hey everyone (and hopefully Spartan MDs), I am wondering if any of you current M1s can comment on the new Shared Discovery Curriculum? I will be starting there next year and am looking for a first-hand viewpoint. Thanks a bunch and good luck with your studies!
  25. H

    How are schools handling old vs new MCAT?

    I got a 30 on the old mcat in July 2014. I recently took the July 2016 exam and got a 517. My question is how much weight if any are schools placing on the new mcat over the old? Will I be viewed as a 517 or as a ~513 (avg of 517 and 30)? I'm currently applying and want to know if it's worth my...
  26. R

    For Sale Dr. Collins 2016 Updated Version..New condition

    I am selling the 2016 DR. Collins Study guide, UPDATED VERSION. I have bought the 2016 Dr. Collins PCAT study guide because I wanted to retake the PCAT. Thankfully I don't have to anymore. The material is literally still new, not one single mark on them. Please feel free to message me with any...
  27. F

    New to Pre-Med, Low-GPA, Recent BS Biology, Help!

    Hi! Okay first off Im a recent first-generation graduate who has finally decided on going to medical school. My science GPA is quite low 2.57 and my overall GPA is a 2.97. I've looked at pre-reqs for schools and I have C+/-'s in 4 of the courses (genetics, ochem 1, bio 2, biochem) and the rest...
  28. beastfromtheeast

    MCAT Skills tested prep materials

    I am just getting my feet wet with my MCAT prep and going over the content outline and I noticed that the new MCAT apparently focuses on testing these four skills: 1. Knowledge of scientific concepts and principles 2 Scientific reasoning and problem solving 3. Reasoning about the design and...
  29. Alienman52

    New Osteopathic Schools not included on AACOMAS?

    Hi All, I just had a quick question. I am aware that there are a few new osteopathic schools opening in 2016-2017. My stats aren't stellar, so I want to target some of the newest schools. Are the schools included on the AACOMAS application service (when "selecting programs") the only schools...
  30. B

    Advice Needed-Unsure About Medicine

    Hi I could really use some advice from people who have either been in my shoes and gone to medical school or from those that have taken another path.I apologize for the length in advance and appreciate you taking the time to look at this post. I'm really really unsure about what I want to do...
  31. D

    NEW MCAT Physics portion

    Hey everyone, Need your advise as to how to go about learning physics for the new MCAT. I haven't taken a course in ages and I suck at physics in general. So far, I have EK supplemented with TBR. I feel like EK tells you necessary concepts but it doesn't give much content review. On the other...
  32. Mr.Bankole

    Freshmen Undergrad Student: I WANT TO START PREPPING FOR MCAT! pls help me SND

    Hello SND family, I just finished my first semester at UMD, College Park with a 3.35 GPA. I've applied for the SMDEP sites for this upcoming summer, and I'm CNA/GNA certified. I'm a 19 year old African American male with dreams of becoming a Physician one day. I want to get a head start on...
  33. mitl

    Difference between old vs new TBR (Bio and OChem)

    Hi All! I have been searching around but have not been able to figure out whether there is a significant difference between the old and new TBR bio and ochem books. I have the old ones and I am wondering buying the new books would be worth it. From the website it seems like the bio chapters...
  34. L

    Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Insurance and TPR tips

    Hi! I just started at a Walgreens and have been there for about a week and a half. It's very busy and I am new at everything. I want to know all the different types of insurance that can be entered, the only one I've come across enough times in the short time that I've been here is WISPA...