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  1. D

    NOVA MBS Post Bacc 2022-2023

    I noticed there isn’t a group for this next NSU MBS Post Bacc program cycle. Wanted to know who all is applying and hearing back. See what can be expected and how collective knowledge about specifics can help! Currently I applied March 22nd haven’t heard back yet Sci GPA: 3.2 Overall GPA 3.6...
  2. F

    Rutgers vs Nova Master of Biomedical Science

    Hello all! I just got accepted to the MBS program for Rutgers in NJ and for Nova Southeastern in FL for the winter 2021 semester. My stats are 3.1 cgpa, 2.4 sgpa, 497 mcat (126/123/124/134). I live in New York but due to corona virus I don’t think either school require relocating. Either way...
  3. R

    Barry Biomedical Science Master's vs NSU Biomedical Master's Post Bacc

    Hi everyone, I have been thinking of applying to a post bacc program and wanted to know if anyone can compare their knowledge/experience between the two programs? Nova guarantees an interview with their dental school if you do well but Barry has been around for much longer and seems to have a...
  4. dentafloss20

    NSU Master of Biomedical science 2020 Fall & Winter

    Anyone apply to the MBS program still waiting to hear back or accepted/rejected. I saw an old thread so decided to create a new one for 2020 here.
  5. N

    Help me Choose!! KCU vs. DMU vs. Nova

    Hi everyone! I am fortunate enough to have been accepted into KCU (main campus), Nova and DMU and am having trouble deciding which school to go to. I’m from Florida, and Nova would be a three hour drive from my family, so my heart is telling me to go to Nova, but the 2018-2019 class has a 91%...
  6. D

    NOVA Southeastern University DPT Summer 2019 Ft. Lauderdale

    Hi, Received my acceptance to the NSU DPT Summer 2019 class and was wondering if anyone else out there had as well. I have put in my intent letter but not the deposit due on Feb. 8th. Anyone else thinking of going there/visited the campus with some info they would like to share. Thanks
  7. A

    Low OAT/High GPA. What are my chances?

    Hi guys! I was wondering what are my chances of getting into a program if I have a 3.8 GPA overall/3.7 total science and OAT scores of 290 AA/ 280 TS. NSUCO is my top choice and once I sent my unofficial scores to them in August, they called me and said to retake my OAT and that they might...
  8. G

    Program-Specific Info / Q's NSU MOT Class of 2021

    Hey friends! I want to connect with others who accepted their seat for Nova’s MOT program starting this Summer.
  9. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS GRE CODE Question

    Does anyone know the GRE code to send scores to Nova Southeastern Ft. Lauderdale on OTCAS. It is not listed on their website.
  10. sweatytshirt

    Interview Coordination

    Anyone have an interview with Nova (DO), UIWSOM, or LECOM (Bradenton) and want to split a hotel or Air BnB?
  11. P


    Hey!. I am an undergrad student and my overall gpa is 3.40 and my science gpa is 3.20 and I want to apply for Nova Southeastern for the Pharm D prgram and they ask for a specific gpa of 2.0 science and math . I was wondering if its' math and biology together or they want 2.0 in math and 2.0 in...
  12. H

    Advice on Schools

    I was accepted to go to UF to finish my undergrad degree, and I was accepted to Nova Southeastern. I was also guarenteed admission at Nova's DO school. I will hold an associate degree after this semester, but I was still eligible to apply because I did it at the same time that I earned my high...
  13. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT schools

    Hi! I will soon be applying to OT schools and I wanted to gain any input from students who have previously been accepted to different OT programs in Florida like FIU, FGCU, USA, Nova, etc. and maybe any tips they can give me on what/what not to do? Or their current experience in any of these OT...
  14. dental0116

    Nova Dental School Apartment Search

    Hello everyone! I recently got accepted into Nova's dental program and I am really looking forward to attending this fall. I am currently on the hunt for an apartment complex to live in that is nearby the school. If anyone here is also a dental student at Nova could you please offer your 2 cents...
  15. dental0116

    Nova Dental School Apartment Search

    Hello everyone! I recently got accepted into Nova's dental program and I am really looking forward to attending this fall. I am currently on the hunt for an apartment complex to live in that is nearby the school. If anyone here is also a dental student at Nova could you please offer your 2 cents...
  16. S

    dual admission at nova southeastern interview

    Hey I am a canadian high school student applying for the dual admission dentistry program at nova. I was wondering a few things: 1. does everyone who gets accepted into the undergrad at nova, get an interview? and is the interview the final step or is it just taken in consideration? 2. what...
  17. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Is cost everything?

  18. UNCafDDS

    DAT breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT) + chance me?

    Hey friends! So I took my DAT on 7/31/17 and here are my scores PAT: 22 QR: 22 RC: 19 Bio: 24 GC: 20 OC: 29 TS: 23 AA: 23 Overall, very happy with my scores! I prepared for 8 weeks, following Ari’s schedule. Additionally, I am a Bio major with minors in Chem and Art. I took a few...
  19. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's AP/IB Credit for Nova and FIU

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone applying for Nova and FIU's occupational therapy programs knows whether or not they accept IB/AP credit for some of their prerequisite courses. For FIU, it's not a huge deal if they don't because the only course I would need to take in place of the credit is...
  20. D

    Supplemental Application Error

  21. S

    Nova Southeastern's DO/DMD degree

    Hey All! I just learned about NOVA's DO/DMD degree. It basically takes six years to become both a dentist and a doctor (although you'll still need residency afterwards). It sounds interesting and really different to me, but why would someone want to go through this super rigorous program? Is...
  22. A

    Nova Southeastern vs Touro California

    I was officially accepted at Touro California and waitlisted at Nova Southeastern. I am considering sending a letter of intent to Nova in the coming days but would appreciate any insight into this decision. I am from California, but most of my connections do not live there anymore. The campus at...
  23. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's NOVA OTD

    Hey everyone! I had my personal video essay 2 weeks ago for NOVA's OTD program. They said I would hear back within 2 week and I still haven't heard anything. I was wondering if anyone has heard from Nova's OTD program yet? Or is attending?
  24. M

    PhD/PsyD Florida Tech Psy.D. Versus Nova Southeastern University Psy.D.

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and I honestly have never posted a thread in my life. I recently applied to both Nova and Florida Tech and so far got into Florida Tech. Nova takes a little longer to get back to people. I'm still in shock that I got into Florida Tech. If Nova were to take me and I...
  25. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's NOVA OTD

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering who has heard back from NOVA's OTD program? I sent in the supplemental app about 3 weeks ago and they called me the next day and said I would hear about an interview 2 weeks later. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Or have been accepted? Thanks!!
  26. O

    IU Optometry vs. NSU College of Optometry

    I've been accepted to IUSO and NSU optometry in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I am torn between the two schools. Due to scholarships they are exactly the same price for me, and I am from Canada so neither are in my hometown and I don't plan on practicing in either state. Any advice????
  27. O

    Thoughts on NOVA Southeastern University Optometry?

    Is NOVA southeastern university college of optometry a good school to go to? Will I be able to get a job as an optometrist after graduating from there, even though its a newer optometry school? I've been accepted to optometry schools that have been around longer and have a larger alumni...
  28. O

    Indiana University or NOVA for Optometry School?

    I've been accepted to IU and NOVA for optometry school next year and I am completely torn between the two and don't know which one to attend. I am Canadian so I will paying out of state tuition for both schools, and they are the same price for me due to scholarships. Any advice about which...
  29. S

    UDM vs. Nova

    So, I have been accepted to UDM in Detroit, MI and Nova Southeastern in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I am having trouble deciding which school to choose. I know a lot about the program at UDM but I cant seem to find any up to date information on Nova. All the detailed info that I find at here is from...
  30. J

    Seeking Graduate Level Mental Health Students for Case Conceptualization

    Hello members of SDN, My name is Jose Martinez and I am currently working on my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University in sunny South Florida. We are seeking individuals of at least 18 years of age to participate in our online study, "Case Conceptualization Among...
  31. C

    Chances of Dental School? Please read completely!

    Hi guys, So I'm currently in my senior year of undergrad and am planning on taking another year of classes to boost up my gpa. I will be taking my DAT fall of 2017 and taking classes through the summer up until I apply in June of 2018. I will be updating schools on my final grades if needed, as...
  32. F

    Dual Admission 7/8 Year Dental Program

    Hello all, I am an incoming senior right now, hoping to get into a 7 or 8 year dental program and I had a few questions about the likelihood of my acceptance. I have an SAT superscore of 2240 (CR: 670, Math 800, writing 770) and my GPA unweighted is a 3.4 and weighted is a 4.0. I know a lot...