orthodontic residency

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    Loans for Ortho Residency

    Hi all. I am starting an ortho residency in a few months and trying to figure out how to pay for tuition for the residency. What have people used in the past and which of these would you suggest? I have started looking into the Wells Fargo Medcap Loan but curious if there are similar loans out...
  2. O

    The reality of Ortho residencies?

    Could anyone give me some details on what their day to day is really like for an ortho residence (I know your experience is program specific, just want to get as many perspectives as possible)? What kind of cases do you see most often? What is the relationship like with your co-residents? What...
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    Hey tooth-lovers— I wanted your honest opinion on what dental specialty has the best lifestyle to income ratio out of ENDO, PEDO, ORTHO, and OMFS. This factors in income as a specialist, time with family during specialty training and after, and the foreseeable future of the program. So let’s...
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    Loan Advice - Orthodontics

    Hi. So - I love orthodontics and am committing to this no matter what. But I want help with the financial situation, because we aren't taught much of this in school. After dental school, I will be $400,000 in debt. With ortho residency, it will be $600,000. I know I should choose a cheap...
  5. C

    ortho: should I take the GRE now, before I start dental school?

    I'm interested in pursuing ortho, and after looking at some programs, it seems like the GRE is required by most. Would it be smart to take it now, before I start my first year of dental school? I heard in some of my interviews that they may be changing the GRE requirement to the ADAT instead, so...
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    Foreign dentist working in Florida

    Hi All. There is so many rules for each city for foreign dentist that I'am so confused. If I want to work in Florida, and I have a dental degree from a foreign country, but I did my residency in orthodontics in the US (no AEGD/GPR). Is there a possibility to work as a orthodontics, even in...
  7. N

    Internationals practicing in the US

    Hi all, I was wondering if after presenting both dental boards and finishing orthodontic residency I would be able to practice in the US? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Ortho Residency Chances as a Sub-Optimal Applicant

    First time poster here. Graduated with a DDS in 2017 and am currently serving in the military with 4 years of commitment. During school I didn't feel like I got enough exposure to pursue any specific residency but now that I've been practicing for about a year I'm interested in Ortho. My GPA is...
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    Ortho Program Interview Data

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    OMFS vs Ortho

    I am a third year DMD student. When I first came into dental school, I was really interested in OMFS, but then started to gear towards ortho. Mainly because of the patient population, cleaner oral cavity, easy lifestyle, fun treatment planning, and happy current orthodontists I talk to. But a...
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    International Dentist Orthodontics Residency in US?

    Hello! I'm an American medical student hopefully starting residency in internal medicine in July. I'm somewhat familiar with the process for international medical grads, but know nothing about dental. My fiancé graduated from dental school in Egypt and completed a dual orthodontics residency /...
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    Orthodontic Fellowships/Internships

    Hey all, I applied to orthodontics this year and unfortunately did not match. I am trying to figure out what I want to do next year. I am currently doing a GPR and could potentially be the chief next year. I am fully committed to becoming an orthodontist and want to make my application as...
  13. A

    UIC Orthodontics

    Hi! Any opinions on the UIC orthodontics residency program? Is it considered a strong clinical program?
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    Ortho Residency Programs by Surgical Experience

    Hello all, I am looking to attend an orthodontic residency program heavy in surgical orthodontics/interdisciplinary care. Top suggestions? Any resources available to compare programs side by side?? 2-3 orthognathic cases seems really slim for training purposes, anyone have more experience at...
  15. N

    Orthodontics Residency question

    Hi All, I am an international dentist that would like yo apply to Orthodontic Residency in a couple of years. I will like to know any suggestions about improving my CV to be accept. First, I don't have the best grades in dental school, in my country is until 20pts (A+) and I have 15.85 (I...
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    3.5 GPA and Ortho

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    Are there any Orthodontist PG on here??

    I want to ask you questions if you dont mind me PMing you.
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    Doubt regarding Ortho application?

    Hello, I'm a FTD who is about to finish a 2-year IDP program with a DDS degree from one of the schools here in US. So, if I plan to apply for Ortho residency programs do schools consider me as an International student or a regular student (since I would be getting a DDS)who needs visa...
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    DDS Residency Programs

  20. N

    Orthodontics program

    Hello! Hope everybody is good.. I have a question. I am an international dentist. I will present the boards (part 1 and 2), toefl and GRE (between this year and next year). Right now I am doing research at uconn health center, in cell biology department, probably I will have a project with a...
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    Ortho residency with surgical exposure

    Hello! Are there any specific orthodontic residency program that provide exposure to minor surgical procedures such as simple canine exposures, gingivectomies, frenectomies, etc? Thank you!
  22. T

    DO/DMD Question

    I am interested in pursuing the DO/DMD degree and wanted to see what your guys' opinions on this were. I was interested in specializing in oral surgery and either family medicine or orthopedic surgery but am unsure how that would work after I would graduate and if it is the best option. What do...
  23. F

    New Orthodontic Residency in Atlanta

    In case you have not heard, a new orthodontic residency starts in Atlanta this summer, 2016. Hearing very good things about state of the art equipment, clinic, and teaching facilities. Only American Board of Orthodontic, board certified instructors. Atlanta is a great city to live in. There...